ZoomBucks Review 2021 – Does it Worth your Time?

Business Name: ZoomBucks

Website Address: www.zoombucks.com
Price: Free
Business Owner: Vikas Tailor
Overall Rank: 68 out of 100 points

ZoomBucks Scam Review – Introduction:

ZoomBucks was launched by Vikas Tailor back in 2010, based in Canada. Zoom Bucks works on the GPT (get paid to) model. It is very similar to famous online company Swagbucks. These types of companies have become very popular due to providing different rewards for free and don’t require much skill.

ZoomBucks offers different rewards to members based on performing different tasks like Offers, Search, Games, Shop, Surveys, Videos and Contests etc. You are rewarded points (called ZBucks) that you can convert into different rewards.

How to Earn With ZoomBucks?

Registration is free and easy by providing some personal details. Once you register then you can utilize all ways that are available in the member’s area to earn money. There are multiple ways you can use to earn with Zoom Bucks like:

Offers – This is one of the best ways to earn points (ZBucks) as some of the offers you can find for free. Usually, they have a trial period and after its expiration they will charge you. To be on the safe side, cancel your subscription before the expiration of the trial period. You should maintain a record for offers that you have completed.

Offers generally include to register for a certain site or other survey site, trial offers from different companies, paid offers and other such things. It generally requires your credit card and other personal information. Paid offers reward you more than free offers.

Surveys – It is also an easy way to earn ZBucks by answering advertiser’s questions. You can find a minimum of 5 surveys in the member’s area to increase points. You are eligible to earn 50 to 80 ZBucks for completing each survey.

Search – Search is a compulsory part of internet surfing and you can earn ZBucks by simply using their search engine. Use it naturally and more you search, more you will earn but don’t spam it. Each search will reward you about 2 to 12 ZBucks randomly.

Shop – Use ZoomBucks stores and purchase products online, you can earn some ZBucks. Generally this is in the form of some cash back. You may be thinking how this works? Actually what happened is, companies like ZoomBucks become an affiliate of such online stores and earn commission for referring new members to that approved store. Let’s suppose ZoomBucks earns 10% commission then it will share you around 5%, for example.

Video Rewards – Another very easy way to earn ZBucks through watching videos of big brands. Watch the video and find two codes hidden in the videos and enter them at the end of the video to redeem your ZBucks.

Refer – ZoomBucks rewards you 10% of all your referral ZBucks for the entire life. Just refer your friends, family, colleagues using your affiliate link and boost income. It is the best way to earn money on rewards websites without spending a lot of time completing trial offers.

Codes – Watch out for promo codes and earn ZBucks instantly, which are nothing but promotional codes that can be released on the Facebook, Twitter and email subscribers.

ZoomBucks Pros vs. Cons:


  • ZoomBucks is free to join and available to worldwide. Most of the similar sites are only available in The USA, UK, and Canada, but it is for worldwide members.
  • You can earn some money using this system. As I have seen that people are earning a regular income from SwagBucks and this site helps people to add some extra income.
  • Unlimited referrals you can make and increase your earning potential.
  • Payout limit of $5, which is very good for members to reach quickly.


  • Though ZoomBucks is available worldwide but offers and other earning potential are greater for people of The USA, UK, and Canada.
  • Though you can earn money, but it is only a few bucks per month. Earning $20 to $30 per month is not a big deal for most of the people.
  • Usually offers and paid surveys require your personal information like credit card that can be dangerous.
  • Strict procedures to check whether points earned are from any fraudulent activity. Some member’s are complaining their accounts were closed for no reason but use site search engine naturally and avoid spam.

How you Get Paid by ZoomBucks?

As I mentioned earlier that ZoomBucks rewards members in the form of points and points are named “ZBucks” in this site. Each point worth is equal to $0.01, so $5 equal to 500 points. There are different rewards offered by this site like Amazon gift cards, PayPal and lot of different major stores.

Most people redeem points to gift cards, but you can also redeem real products such as an iPad, Jewelry, and Musical Equipment.

The minimum price of Amazon gift cards start at $5 and move upward. It costs you exactly 500 points to get a $5 gift card. But in order to withdraw using PayPal, 650 points equal to $5. It takes 1 to 5 business days to deliver Gift Cards through email. If you select to get a physical product, it takes a bit longer usually 5 to 10 business days.

Is ZoomBucks a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Zoom Bucks is not a scam but a totally legit site and offers very easy to use earning opportunities. You don’t require any technical skills and just register your account and start earning points.

The more you log in to the site and do different tasks then more you will earn. The problem arises with such type of sites are that whether you are earning worth for your time or not. Spending 8 hours daily to the site and earn $50 per month is not the outcome that every sensible person requires when some other better opportunities available.

My recommendation to everyone is that it is a legit site and you can use it to add some extra money but if you are looking for full-time income then this is not for you.

What’s Next?

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