Ziggy Ads Review – Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Ziggy Ads
Website Address: www.ziggyads.com
Price: $20
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100 points

Ziggy Ads Scam Review – Introduction:

Ziggy Ads launched in July 2015 and there is no information about its site owner. When some company hide their owner’s identity then there is definitely some doubt on the owner’s intentions. There may be some bad history or future bad intentions.

Ziggy Ads is an advertising platform where you can promote your business by purchasing ad packs and earn revenue share from the site.

How to Earn Money from Ziggy Ads?

Revenue Share – Each Ziggy Ad pack cost is $20 and it contains 20 Ziggy ad positions on which you get revenue share after every 12 hours. Each member can purchase upto 400 packs but after every 12hrs it is 10 Ziggy Ad Packs that you can purchase.

Each $20 ad pack can return you $32 which means a return on investment of 160%. Each ad position in Ziggy Ad contains 1000 Banner Ad Credits and 1000 TextAd credits that you can use to promote your online program to our entire membership base. Each ad position in ad pack is released into profit sharing pool after every 12 hours for a period of 240 hours.

Your ad pack contain 20 ad positions and when each of your $1.00 Ad Positions cycles out, you earn $1.50 Per Ad Position. From this $1.50, $0.20 is automatically used to purchase a New Micro Ad Position for you that will pay you $0.30. This means you will be making ($1.30 + $0.30)*20 per Ad Positions = $32.00.

For Example:

Your $20.00 Ad Share Purchase Will Receive Earnings Every second until it earns a total $30.00

Your $2,000.00 Ad Share Purchase Will Receive Earnings Every second until it earns a total $3,000.00

Your $6,000.00 Ad Share Purchase Will Receive Earnings Every second until it earns $9,000.00

Your $20,000.00 Ad Share Purchase Will Receive Earnings Every second until it earns $30,000.00

Your will be earning a floating interest every single day until you get 150% of your purchases. In order to earn from revenue sharing, Ziggy Ads don’t require any surfing or any other activity.

You may be thinking another question that how long it take to reach this 160% ROI? Well there is no time limit mentioned in the site as it all depends on the sale of ad packs. Sales can only be increased if new members will coming regularly.

Referral Commission – You can make unlimited number of referrals and it requires no upgrades. Just get you link from the member’s area and use it to refer your friends and other people.

A total of 12% commission you can earn on your referral purchases from 3 levels. Level 1 pays you 6%, 4% on level 2 and 2% on your level 3 Ad Positions purchases by your referrals.

Ziggy Ads Pros vs. Cons:


  • You can earn some money if this system sustain for few years.
  • ZA don’t require any surfing or other activity in order to earn daily.
  • Three levels referral commission.
  • Withdrawal limit of only $5.
  • Multiple payment processors accepted.


  • Ziggy Ads is totally dependent on new members and if stops coming then the whole system halted. More than one month has over since its launched date but it has just 1700 members. This pertain to poor launching and advertising efforts.
  • Mostly sites similar to Ziggy Ads have a span period of few months and very rare to see such site complete its first year. It is better to avoid such type of sites as it contains a considerable amount of risk.
  • Their product are mostly not able to convert your priducts/services into sales because most of people join Ziggy Ads due to its earning potential.

Other Feature of Ziggy Ads:

Payment Processors – Ziggy Ads uses multiple payment processors like Solid Trust Pay, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw funds from their ZiggyAds account.

Withdrawal Limit – Ziggy Ads has a minimum withdrawal limit of $5 and you can withdraw as much as $500 in one day. It can takes around 24 hours that admin entertain your request.

Ad Packs or Ad Positions – Some may be thinking that whether they can purchase single ad position? No. You can only purchase Ziggy Ad Packs that provides you 20 Ad Positions. Each 1 Ad Position is released into the cycle line every 12 hours for 120 hours.

Is Ziggy Ads a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Ziggy Ads is not a scam but there is a great chance that it will convert to scam very soon if they don’t focus on advertising because they have very few members. It is better to stay away from this site as this can waste your hard earned money and precious time.

If you looking for a real online money making opportunity then Ziggy Ads is not the product for you. Please see my #1 recommended site that can help you to build your legit online business.