Zap Surveys Review 2021 – Is it a Safe App or Scam?

Welcome to my Zap Surveys review 2021!

Zap Surveys claims that you can earn $6 for the first survey and good amount for the later surveys. All you need is to give your opinions in the form of questionnaires.

Is it really that easy? Is ZapSurveys app worth your time? And most importantly, is it a safe to use or a scam?

That’s all I will be covering in this Zap Surveys review. So let’s start;

Zap Surveys Review 2021 Summary!

Product Name: Zap Surveys

Founder: Apps that Pay, LLC

Product Type: Rewards Site 

Price: Free

Best For: Survey Lovers

Zap Surveys Review

Summary: Zap Surveys is an app that pays its member's for giving their opinions and performing other tasks. The app is available both IOS and Android mobile devices.

Rating: 71/100

Verdict: Yes

What is Zap Surveys App?

Zap Surveys is an app that is available both on Android and IOS operating systems. Unlike many other survey sites, this site doesn’t have a separate website.

It is owned by Company “Apps that Pay, LLC” that also owns many other survey sites.

Zap Surveys provides you rewards for giving your opinions. This app guarantees that as soon as you download this app, you will get access to $6 survey.

This is a profile based survey and when you complete those, the money will be credited.

Don’t expect too much from this app; it will only provide you with extra money that can never replace your 9 to 5 job.

However, if you are looking for an opportunity to earn big, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone.

How to Make Money from Zap Surveys?

There are only one main way you can use to earn money from Zap Surveys. Though there are 5 other options but they are not as good as first one is;

1). Paid Surveys

Zap Surveys provides you many surveys that could earn you $0.30 to $20 per survey.

The surveys are offered from three different portals known as Tap Research, Peanut Labs & SaySo, which are also used by some of the other popular survey sites, i.e., Clixsense and PrizeRebel.

Survey sites reward you different bonuses for joining as a member. 

I know Swagbucks is currently offering a $5 as a signup bonus, while Rewards Buck $1. If we look at Zap surveys, it is offering a $6 value surveys for the first time when you joined it along with referral code that will reward you $0.75.

The first survey is simple to complete and only have eight questionnaires. You could easily finish in 2 to 3 minutes

You need to enter your demographic information (age, sex, income, etc.) to both of portals Peanut labs and SaySo.

Based on this information, ZapSurveys will send you surveys. The information will help them which survey is best suited for you.

Don’t expect too much from other surveys that you will take after your first. They will take your much time while rewarding you very few.

You can see that how long a survey will be and how much its worth is.

2. Location Rewards

Zap Surveys app is partnered with some of the leading stores around the world, and if you decide to let them know your location when you’re near those approved stores, you can get notifications.

If you open the notification, you will earn $0.25. The names of some of these stores are Target, Walmart, and McDonald’s.

3. Share on Social Media

If you share Zap Surveys app on Facebook and Twitter, you will earn extra $0.50 for each platform.

Please don’t expect to get every time you share on those platforms because it is for the first time only.

4. Earn More Through Dailies

Zap Surveys has 2 daily ways you can earn more. They have a daily login bonus that pays a few cents per day and pays you $0.75 if you log in for 45 days straight.

They also have a daily drawing that usually pays out $7 to $10 and does not cost anything to enter.

5. Referral Code Bonus

Zap Surveys shares referral code with the members and if someone uses this code after joining it will earn him/her a $0.75 commission.

6. Refer Friends

Zap Surveys also offers referral commission. Though it is not as good as many other survey sites, still if you refer people to this site you will earn $0.15 for each referral.

That’s nothing in my opinion.

How Do You Get Paid?

The site pays you in the form of cash, unlike most other survey sites that pay in the form of points.

They have both PayPal and Gift Cards options to cash out your money. For PayPal, you must have $25 into your account, while Gift Cards may be found for a value of $5.

It will also cut your 10% earning and donates it to various charity organizations.

However, there is not any detail information available that how much they have currently donated and what their names are.

Zap Surveys Complaints:

1). Limited Ways to Earn

They only have one main way to earn, i.e., getting paid for taking surveys

Though they have other options too as I have stated above, don’t expect too much from them and they are also one-time income.

See other popular survey sites; they offer to search on the web, getting paid to watch videos, watching ads, playing games and many more.

Moreover, your location also depends on how many surveys you will get. If you belong to US, Canada, and Uk, you could expect far more surveys that if you belong to other countries.

2). High PayPal Payout

Though it is good to see the site has PayPal as a payout option, but its reach is quite high, i.e., $25. Its take you a while to reach this level.

You could earn $6 for the first survey, $0.75 for referral code and $1 for sharing this app on social platforms.

Still, it would become $7.75; you need further $17.25 to reach your first payout.

You need more time for the second withdrawals as you will not get $6 survey and so on.

3). Bugs in App

Users are complaining a lot of bugs in the app. When you go to take a survey, it puts you in a loop. Furthermore, some of the surveys will give you a 500 error code and not allow you to take the survey.

Their technical team should take this seriously as it could hurting their reputation down.

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Is Zap Surveys a Scam or Legit?

It is a legit survey app, and you can use it to earn a side income. Don’t expect too much from this as it will not earn you big.

On the whole taking surveys is a legitimate way to make side income each month but they cannot be used as a fulltime income from home.

I suggest you leave all other sites and join my #1 recommendation that is Wealthy Affiliate. This is the site I am using since 2015 and making earning from affiliate marketing.

If you put the same effort into affiliate marketing that you put in Zap Surveys, you can expect a far better reward.

I hope you will like my Zap Surveys review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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