Most Common YouTube Myths Exposed!

In this post we will look at two most important YouTube myths that are in the mind of beginners and further identify how you can be successful on YouTube by focusing on reality, not popular assumptions.

The Myth That YouTube Is Only for Entertainment

Yes, entertainment is a very big part of YouTube. But this must be seen in proper perspective:

According to YouTube’s own figures, YouTube has more financial information seekers than entertainment buffs.

Three times as many "how-to" searches are entered on YouTube than searches for music videos.

Correctly targeted and set up, information, how-to and other videos for any niche or interest group will find their audience on YouTube, and because of it, also on Google (yes, Google not only loves YouTube, it owns it).

The Myth of the Professionally Produced YouTube Video

You must know this thing:  You don’t need a professionally crafted video to gain views on YouTube or any other platform.

Simple, homemade videos, slide show videos, whiteboard animation videos are often more persuasive than glossy Hollywood imitations. But what is really important is to stand out from the crowd.

Given the rapidly growing popularity of YouTube platform, successful ‘homemade videos' certainly does not mean that;

  • these videos should be of poor quality
  • they don’t need at least a concept or an outline script, and 
  • these videos aren't thorough.

Of course, they need these things. But from a technical point of view, things could not be easier and cheaper. And this trend will continue.

We’ve already seen over the years that barriers to entry to the online video market are so low that they virtually disappear. Everyone can join this market without having any issue.

Total associated costs amount to nothing more than your monthly internet connection or your mobile. No more need of these costly DSLR cameras. Of course, you can take advantage of them once you have a big YouTube channel.

I know majority of successful youtubers only started with their  smart phone cameras and some very basic video editing software. And believe me it will definitely do a more than adequate job.

Technically, using these things is nothing more than a push button operation. There is also plenty of these software that will help create videos of all types.

One site that I recommend for my viewers is You can use this tool for online video maker, online video editor, intro maker, promo videos, slideshow videos and explainer videos and corporate videos.

I know it is a big challenge for beginners to create videos for business, but this tool let you create such videos in no time. 

All you need is the minimum know how to learn the art of standing out from the crowd of millions of mediocre or poor videos.

This know-how is easy to come by. If you have the time, give YouTube a go as a search engine.

Apart from this you can also use platforms like Fiverr to sell services like:

  • corporate promo videos
  • small business promo videos
  • promotional videos for business

for earning handsome money.

It is also important to learn how to promote your YouTube videos to increase your business exposure. I recommend free YouTube promotion methods for beginners. 

At the end I say that use YouTube platform to start your journey. Don't pay much of your attention on these myths. You will start learning new things with the passage of time.


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