Worldwinner Review 2021 – Is GSN Cash Games Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Worldwionner review 2021!

You have heard of the WorldWinner program through some of skilled ‘gaming’ friends, or on social, right? And now you want to know if you can make few hundreds or thousand dollars with it? 

The creators of this gaming system promise to give you a gaming experience where you get paid for showing your expertise in the games provided by the system. And you are told you can win up to $500,000 worth of cash prizes for just participating in what you love and are best at.

You can play with international players and see how skilled you are in your thing as well as get rewarded for it. This seems like a very good place to get paid for playing games throughout the day.

And it does sound kind of interesting. But before you jump into it, do you really think they deliver every one of the promises they make about this gaming system?

My worldwinner review will help you discover the whole truth about this game and you can discover;

  • Is Worldwinner Legit?

  • Can you make money with it?

Product Name: WorldWinner
Website Address:
Owner: Liberty Media
Price: Free
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Worldwinner Review

  What is Worldwinner?

This is an online gaming system that allows you to win cash prizes by playing games with other people in various categories.

You get to choose the game you want to play from a number of categories which are very popular and interesting.

What is Worldwinner

The company is an affiliate of the Game Show Network (GSN), and they get to earn commission with the activities within the system. GSN’s reputation remains as far fairness goes.

So you shouldn’t worry about playing with a person who is more skilled than you and have you lose almost all games. Here, you are matched with someone who has the same skills as yourself to give you the chance to prove yourself.  

To get into a bit of the company’s history, the system was created by three guys Alex Boom, Daniil Utin and Alex Ganelis in 1999 and launched it on the 17th of August in 2000.

It was accessible to people from different countries including the United States. Although, not all states were allowed because of the laws of gaming that govern each estate.

The list of states that couldn’t access it was Maryland, Arizona, Vermont, Delaware, Lowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, Connecticut and Florida.

The most loved games then were Jigsaw Genius, Solitaire Rush, Pencil Wars, Maze Runner and Crossword Challenge.

What made this company grow in popularity and trust was teaming with the other authoritative gaming companies in the industries like Shockwave, EA, PAX TV, Yahoo, iWon, WildTangent, Pogo and a whole lot more.

The company was then sold to Fun Technologies, and SkillJam was merged into it. Later on, Fun Technologies was bought by Liberty Media, and the “Fun” name died down.

They are daily distributing over $250,000 on 100,000 tournaments. 

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  How Does It Work?

 Well, this is very simple. You just have to get to the system and pick the game you want to play. You will be playing with an opponent who has the same skills and abilities as you.

Upon making your pick, you will be taken to a page that shows it together with the rules of the game. You can decide to take on the game immediately or take a few trials to help your prepare for the challenge ahead of you.

Once you are ready, you just start. Although you won’t see your opponent live, the person who wins will be determined by the highest points scored.

If you were playing a tournament, you would be taken to the next level after you complete the first one successfully. 

As a newly registered player, by default, you would only see the free tournament offering on the tournament listings page. 

Free Tournament

To access the Cash tournaments you’ll have to upgrade your account by depositing cash into your account. 

Let’s look at the steps at how do cash tournaments work:

  • Make a deposit – You are not bound to pay any future subscription fees.

  • Pick up a tournament – You can choose from head-to-head or multiplayer, difficult or easy, and a variety of entry fees.

  • Compete on a level playing field – Play opponents of similar skill. Same game setup.

  • Play Compete with your opponent and we’ll let you know the result.

  • Withdraw your winningsYou can withdraw with preferred payment method. Over $2 billion prized out to date!

  What Is Included In The Program?

Well, there at some things included in WorldWinner. To start with, let’s take a look at the games you will find.

There are many of them and have been well categorized to get you easily getting into the one you want. And the categories of games are:

What Is Included In Worldwinner

• Card Games – You get to play online card games like Royal Flush, Solitaire Rush, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell, Catch 21, hearts, spades and Golf Solitaire.

• Sports Games – You don’t get many sorts games. The only available one is 9-Ball Pool.

• Game Show Games – The games you play online on television are Deal or No Deal? Jeopardy and The Price isRight and Family Feud.

• Strategy Games – These are going to put your mental abilities to the test. And the list of games you get includes Skillgammon, Dynomite, Plants vs. Zombies, Tile City, Cubis, Zen Gems, Mystery P.I. , Monopoly Downtown, Paint Buckets, and Mahjongg Dimensions.

• Arcade Games – If you are a guy who loves the games that were played in the old times, this one is for you. The games include Black Werx, Zuma, Clue Mystery Watch, Big Money, Breakout, Bejeweled 2, Luxor, Diner Dash, Bejeweled Twist, Twist Bounce Shot, Chuzzle and Swap it!

• Featured Games – These are the most loved games of all others. And the games you here are Scrabble Cubes, Bejeweled 2, Catch 21, Wheel of Fortune, Dynomite, Mahjongg’s Dimensions, Solitaire Rush and Big Money.

• Word Games – This comprises of puzzles and word games that come fairly in handy too. The games you get are Trivial Pursuit Turbo, Bookworm, Word Mojo, Hangmania and Scrabble Cubes.

  The Referral Program:

You are also rewarded for your friends over to come and play games, especially the cash games. But the thing is, you won’t be given the rewards in the form of cash, you are gifted with tokens.

Well, you can turn these into prizes, but it would have been much better if you got prizes instead. Anyways, that is how it is. And here is the breakdown of how you will receive the tokens:

  • If a friend accepts your invitation and joins you get 100 tokens
  • If your friend decides to deposit some money and play a cash game, you get 5,000 tokens
  • If your friend decides to deposit and play a hundred games, you get 15,000 tokens.

  Who Is It For?

This system is for all game lovers. If you feel you are a master in any of the games, you can put your skills to the test by having an opponent to challenge yourself with.

If you are looking for a better way to make money with no hard work at all, this is it. Here you are paid to play games, although you only make pocket money, not a reliable full-time income.

  Pros & Cons:

The Good

• The navigation is super easy. You get a sitemap showing you around and taking you the exact place you want to play a game you love.

• You get a wide variety of games in different categories. This means that you can never get bored playing. It would take you weeks, and at times months, to play all the games.

• This is a great way to make money. You don’t have to labor away in the fields of you think you have got what it takes to become a champion and make good revenue everyday.

• You get your payments using various platforms like PayPal, check and prepaid credit card. Most people use PayPal since it is the fastest.

• You can earn tokens and get rewards with them for inviting your friends. This means, to a certain extent, it counts to bring your friends on board.

• This company doesn’t come out as a make money quick system that works with a chance. They reward your effort and skills. You get what you deserve.

• The system has worked within the expected standards and has been termed legal by the State of California. You don’t have to fear of playing illegal games that may in a way cost you.

The Bad

• You cannot make a living with this system. If you decide to play, you are either going to win or lose. It’s better if you get a real job that assures you of payment every month.

• Many people have complained about depositing money to the system to start playing and then have gotten their accounts banned, claiming they played unfairly.

• There are a few places in the United States that it has been prohibited. If you the in these areas, you don’t even get to play the free version of the games. But you can join a program called Swagbucks to bypass this hurdle.


Q1. Does GSN Pay Real Money?

Yes, you can earn real money from GSN by participating in different cash tournaments. But you cannot participate in these tournaments unless you upgrade your account using a Credit/Debit card or PayPal account. These  funds can be used to pay entry fees into different  cash tournaments.


Q2. Which App Gives You Real Money?

These are 5 Games and That Pay Real Money in 2021!


Q3. Is GSN Cash Games legit?

GSN cash games is a legit platform where you can participate cash tournaments and earn money. There are hundreds of most popular games available and you can compete in your favorite games to win real money. 


  Is Worldwinner Legit?

Well, the program is great, if you are a huge gaming enthusiast. You are getting almost all of the good games under the same roof.

Also, if you have thought you are a great player on a certain game, you may want to confirm that by taking on challenges with other people who think the same for themselves.

This is something that can pay you well if you win almost all challenges.

What I didn’t like about the system is the fact you will receive tokens for referring people who get into the system to pay real money to play. This is a bit unfair.

Worldwinner Review Final Summary!

Final Verdict – Legit
Product Name: WorldWinner
Website Address:
Owner: Liberty Media, initially from Alex Boom, Daniil Utin and Alex Ganelis
Price: Free
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Have you played any of WorldWinner’s games? How interesting were they? Are they something you can actually recommend your friends to come and try out? Have you gotten any tokens yet? Have you won any of the cash prizes? Let us know how you are fairing with the program, below.

Want a program that will help you make money? Want a system that is going to help you set up an online business and help you make a consistent stream of income for yourself? You can do this and play the games as well. Still interested? Then take the plunge on my #1 recommendation.

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