World Ventures Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

World Ventures Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: World Ventures
Website Address:
Business Owner: Wayne Nugent, Mike Azcue and Sean Wilson
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

World Ventures Scam Review – Introduction:

World Ventures was formed by Wayne Nugent, Mike Azcue and Sean Wilson back in 2005. It is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company and works in travel niche. They offer different travel packages to members and there is always a debate that whether these packages are comparable with other famous companies are not.

The members of the company are increasing day by day and now it has crossed over 125,000. Many companies have entered in travel niche and quit after sometime but it is getting stronger and stronger and expanded over 20 countries.

World Ventures Product Overview:

If you look at the World Ventures then it is called DreamTrips. There are two membership levels included in DreamTrips; Gold and Platinum. The purpose of this product is to facilitate members who want a great vacation on any budget and it provides access to hundreds of unforgettable trips with travel extras—saving you time and avoiding stresses.

Being large and financially sound company, World Ventures purchases vacation trips in bulk at a discount and then makes them available to their members at a cheap price.

Let’s look at each membership level;

DreamTrips Gold

  • Upfront payment of $199.99 and then $54.99 per month membership fee.
  • Access to voluntary tours, discounts on airfare, DreamTrips extras, DreamTrips rewards program and dining and entertainment discount.
  • Exclusive travel deals throughout the year.
  • Insurance of flight accident.

DreamTrips Platinum

With platinum you would be entitle all the Gold benefits plus;

  • Upfront payment of $299.99 and then $99.99 per month membership fee.
  • Fifty percent discount on the room upgrade cost for available room types.
  • Apply 20% more DreamTrips points per reward DreamTrips.
  • Additional discounts, activities and services.

The Business Opportunity:

World Ventures also offers the opportunity to people to earn money and this can be done by recruiting new people to the company. This is how any other MLM company works and it is also not much different from other companies.

It offers members to a binary compensation plan and through this plan thet are allowed to direct commissions, residual income and various bonuses and travel and training incentives as their success with World Ventures grows.

Things I Like about World Ventures:

Old Company with Some Good Opportunity

World Venture has been around for more than 10 years and are going stronger and stronger. It offers great opportunity to members so that they can get best deals and packages. Not only you get good packages but also opportunity to earn online by recruiting other people to the company.

I know this may be tough for most of the people but if you have a confidence and are not shy then you can avail this opportunity and check whether this may work for you or not. Though their membership fee are quite high but you will get benefits more than you are paying.

Things I Don’t Like about World Ventures

Other Better Deals Available

This is the most important problem with this site because there are other sites available that offers much better deals. You should also remember that travel packages that you would access to do not include fair price.

Recruiting is Not Easy

If you looking for earning opportunity then this definitely offers you but you have to recruit new people to the site. In reality this is not easy and this is the reason most people are unsuccessful with the MLM business model.

You will be taught initially that by getting some referrals initially your membership fee is free but after doing lot of effort you would come to know that it is most difficult task to perform.

Is World Ventures a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, World Ventures is not a scam but a totally legit company that has been providing good services to its members. It has been around from years and has a vast network of members.

If you are looking this is an earning opportunity then I believe that this is not the right place to work on because it uses MLM business model and I have seen that more than 95% people would not able to earn money form MLM business model.

The reason is very obvious because it is not as per people nature. If someone is shy and ask him/her to tell other people about something is not an easy task for him/her. Moreover, paying such a high monthly fee is not an easy investment for most of the people.

What Next?

My sincere advice to everyone is to start affiliate marketing which has a far greater success rate than any other business model and it also cost you less. If you want to know how to earn from affiliate marketing then see my #1 recommendation.


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