World Gold Coin Review – Scam or Legit?

World Gold Coin Review – Scam or Legit?

Business Name: World Gold CoinWorld Gold Coin review
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$50 to $15000
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World Gold Coin Scam Review – Introduction:

New companies are launching every day, and the issue is more than 90% are pure crap. This has become a huge industry and if you ever have heard about WSO products they are usually offered at less than $10 but I have not found a single product that provides great value to the customers.

World Gold Coin was started in the year of April 2016. There is no information who owns this site, and all such information is set to private so that people don’t know the person who is operating this site. I think this is the major drawback of sites that hide their identity and as per my suggestion:

“World Gold Coin being an MLM company is not willingly disclosing about who is running or owns this site, think long and hard about joining and handing over any money.”

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What is World Gold Coin?

When I have checked its incorporation documents, then it is registered in Hong Kong as a limited liability company. I know it’s hard to verify such claims and most of such players uses such unregulated places where they can easily try to fool people.

World Gold Coin prime focus is on the development of new crypto mining algorithms, construction of powerful mining farms and trading activity on electronic exchanges. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it, and it is not printed money.

You can become an investor in World Gold Coin by paying through bitcoins that you can purchase from Your profit will start accrue to your account from Monday to Friday.

World Gold Coin don’t offer any real product for that investment. As a member, your primary task is to recruit new people to the system and earn different rewards and commissions.

Compensation Plan:

The World Gold Coin requires the investment between $50 to $15,000.

A passive return is paid out on investments, with World Gold Coin affiliates also paid to recruit new affiliates.

Passive Income

World Gold Coin pay a passive two years return on the following investment amounts:

  • $50 investment = $0.22 daily profit ($160.60 after two years)
  • $200 investment = $1.11 daily profit ($803 after two years)
  • $1000 investment = $5.55 daily profit ($4015 after two years)
  • $7000 investment = $27.50 daily profit ($20,076 after two years)
  • $10,000 investment = $44 daily profit ($32,210 after two years)
  • $15,000 investment = $54.80 daily profit ($40,004 after two years)

World Gold compensation plan

Direct Referral Commissions

When you recruit someone, you get paid commissions on how much they had invested once they signed up.

The commission structure is as follows:

  • $10 membership = 5% direct referral commission
  • $50 membership = 6% direct referral commission
  • $200 membership = 7% direct referral commission
  • $1000 membership = 8% direct referral commission
  • $7000 membership = 9% direct referral commission
  • $10,000 membership = 10% direct referral commission
  • $15,000 membership = 11% direct referral commission

Matching Income

World Gold Coin pays matching commission through a binary compensation plan. One should have TWO affiliates to qualify to get paid. Also, you get paid on the weaker leg, and powerleg carry forward.

The essence of matching bonus is that you also get paid to people who are in your downline but not recruited by you personally.

This is what that looks like including the daily binary caps:

  • $10 membership = 6% income = $10 daily cap limit
  • $50 membership = 7% income = $50 daily cap limit
  • $200 membership = 8% income = $200 daily cap limit
  • $1000 membership = 9% income = $1000 daily cap limit
  • $7000 membership = 10% income = $7000 daily cap limit
  • $10,000 membership = 11% income = $10,000 daily cap limit
  • $15,000 membership = 12% income = $15,000 daily cap limit


Binary Income

There is also a UNILEVEL payout that is how it works.

YOU: Placed at the top
Level 1:  Your personally sponsored members
Level 2:  Your level 1’s personally sponsored members
Level 3:  Your level 2’s personally sponsored members

And so on…

There is no border on how many people you can enroll. World Gold Coin caps this compensation plan at six levels and pays 2%.

The number of levels you will be compensated will depend on what membership level you paid for…

  • $50 membership = level 1 x 2%
  • $200 membership = level 1 + 2 x 2%
  • $1000 membership = level 1 + 2+ 3 x 2%
  • $7000 membership = levels 1 + 2+ 3 + 4 x 2%
  • $10,000 membership = levels 1 + 2+ 3 + 4 + 5 x 2%
  • $15,000 membership = levels 1 + 2+ 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 x 2%

Principal Back

If a World Gold Coin affiliate personally sponsored seven affiliates who invest at the similar level they did, the company pays the recruiting affiliate back the originally amount they invested.

Final Verdict:

In short, no real product determines how they generate money and pay to their members apart from recruiting new people. Money generated via cryptocurrency mining, as claim in FAQ, is yet to be proved.

What would happen is similar to Ponzi scheme, with newly invested funds used to pay off existing investors. The two-year return on investment period is set for a particular purpose, and this is the time that an average Ponzi scheme takes before it gets to lose it.

Why you go to such a site that don’t disclose the real identity of its owners and requires heavy investment from people. If you are looking for a legitimate income opportunity, then see my best place that is helping me to earn a full-time income from home.

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