Work at Home Paycheck Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Work at Home PaycheckWork at Home Paycheck review
Website Address:
Price: $397 (see below for further detail)
Business Owner: Jessica Marshall
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100 points

Work at Home Paycheck Scam Review – Introduction:

Work at home paycheck was launched by Jessica Marshall. There are many similar programs online similar to this and claiming to make money online from home. Very rare you can find a program that is legit and guides to some great way to earning.

Work at home Paycheck also promises people that by posting links here and there on the internet you can earn up to $1000 per day. In the sales page you can see a video Jessica Marshall that are telling her story and how see became successful by posting links on the internet and you can also be successful by following her strategy.

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How to Earn Money from Work at Home Paycheck?

Whenever I tried to sign up Work at Home Paycheck site it says that registration is temporarily closed. Things like these can make you feel that site is legitimate and once you enter your phone number and email address then you get lot of spam calls and emails from advertisers.

You can use second link for registration if you were unsuccessful with the first one. Second link is ( How can this be possible for legit site that its one link is closed for registration and other is working?

After joining this site your task is to post links on different places on the internet and you are paid on the basis of number of links. There are even software you can use to post unlimited links on the internet. These links are basically of different companies and by promoting those links companies can increase their traffic and conversions. Companies pay people for promoting their links but this is based on old premise.

In member’s area you will find different stories of poor people who have gained financial freedom but do you think that by posting just links on the internet gives you such amount of money like $1000 per day.

Work at Home Paycheck Pros vs. Cons:


  • The system can be used to earn few bucks.
  • If you exit the site then you get a discount.


  • No free sign up available for people so that they can check the system prior to paying the fee.
  • You see all the site full of false promises like making $1000 per day with just posting links on the internet is not possible.
  • Posting links everywhere on the internet is just a spam and you get banned easily in different sites.
  • There are also other similar sites used by scammers to get hard earned money and all are related to posting links on the internet. They used fictitious characters to show images and names and it is also believe that Jessica Marshall is a fake name behind this program and there is sole purpose of this program is to scam people.
  • Very bad strategy for charging price. (for detail please see below)
  • Very high price for a product that offers nothing.
  • Community support is not available in Work at Home Paycheck.

Price of Work at Home Paycheck:

To register with Work at Home Paycheck first you have to pay $397. If you try to leave page by click back button of browser then this price is reduced much further. If you repeatedly click browser back button then you will see the price will eventually reduce to $47. What’s you feel if you pay $397 and after see other people join the similar site for $47?

Is Work at Home Paycheck a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

After considering above facts it is better to stay away from this site because site tend to present themselves very legit and uses fake images and stories. If you love legitimate business then why you are hiding yourself. It does raise serious doubts on the people intentions.

There are lot of flaws in the system as I discussed above and it is not possible to post links on internet and work for about 10 to 15 hours per week and earn $1000 per day. When you start your blog or site then it comes to know that it is not easy to earn money from a site. It takes lot of effort and consistent hard work then you will get the results.

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