Work at Home Institute Review – The Scam Mystery Explained!

Business Name: Work at Home Institute ReviewWork at Home Institute Review
Owner: Bobby Robinson
Price: $97 or more + $49 down sell
Overall ranking: 10 out of 100
Recommendation: Keep off! Mere Scam!

Work at Home Institute Scam ReviewIntroduction:

You have probably heard of the new norm for scams, “Link Posting Jobs” which has now heated up. This system that was used decades ago has been found to house many scams which have been disappointed by the previous methods they were using like MLM marketing and affiliate marketing. Work at Home Institute too happens to use this very same method on their website. But is this program also a scam just like the rest? Is it legit but has its brand given a bad reputation because of its working method?

There’s only one way to identify the truth…

And that is reading my detailed review that was written after spending quite some time studying this program. I have talked about almost everything you are probably asking yourself concerning WAH right now and have even given photo proofs to prove. So be sure to read the thorough review and get to understand exactly how this link posting Institute is getting along and what it’s headed for.

More to that, if you were thinking about investing in it or have already done it, get to see why you will most definitely get shocked by knowing what is really happening there.

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What Exactly is Work at Home Institute?

This is an alleged institute that teaches people to make money online with the link posting tactic. It entirely set on helping big producing companies market their products through links to the actual products from their site. Ideally, you can relate this to affiliate marketing, which helps you get a certain percent cut on all the sales you make using links of the products in your site, although affiliate marketing is more competent.

Affiliate marketing sure is a way you can earn real money. If you are interested, learn more about affiliate marketing here.

Now back to WAH. It claims that it will help you make hundreds of dollars every day. Well, to start with, what you need to understand is that making money online requires time, effort and patience. There is not a single online money making a strategy that can help you make hundreds and thousands of dollars in a day especially if you are new in the online working industry.

Going by this principle, you can see that Work at Home Institute has gotten a bad start. It is misleading people into believing they can do it.

But let’s go on and see what more is there.

How Does Work at Home Institute Work? (As they claim)

If you have been in this link posting thing, you will have noticed that there is a striking resemblance between Work at Home Institute and Ultimate Home Profits. The design and the logo look pretty much alike not to mention it’s methods of operation. Firstly, you have to join for free by submitting your email address, zip code, and first name.

Why do they ask for a zip code? They ask for it so that they can look up how many opportunities are remaining in your area and seeing if you will be lucky enough to join their prestigious website, so to speak. But does it work that way in the real sense?

Nope! They do this just to blind people. The idea is, they make it appear as if they were doing what they are claiming but in the real sense, they want to instill a sense of trust and respect in them, which shouldn’t be the case. The common opportunities you will find remaining across different zip codes will always be one and two. Why? Because they want to show you that the website is fully packed, and people are making money for real and also, the chances are almost getting done. So what you will do, is to join very quick not to “miss the wonderful chance”….. To be scammed.

How they Work Indeed?

That is how they claim to be working, now let’s look at the way they are really working. Firstly, they ask for your email to be sending you promotional material, and certainly not to for the expected purposes. Secondly, when you join and are done with the registration, you will be taken to a page where Bobbie Robinson gives you stories of how people who were struggling have hiked their income with her website and lot of other irrelevant stuff.

She claims that you can be making $300 a day by posting five links a day with each link going at $20. Remember, it’s just for posting. This means if you can post just 50 links, you can make $1,000.

This is an outright lie as posting doesn’t guarantee a click through nor a sale. Furthermore, they don’t want you to do this because you can earn money, they are trying to bring you deep into their system so that they can then steal from you. They want you to believe in their system and buy it so that they can get from you the $97 they say you need to start working. Also, you will find many links to making the purchase on that page wanting to maximize the chances of you buying into it.

Training and Tools Overview:

After you have paid $97, you’ll have access to close to 20 videos that explains how affiliate marketing works, not the post linking, mark that. I told you it’s affiliate marketing, and post linking are quite similar, and it’s easy to have them deceive you if you don’t keep an open mind. The videos explain three major steps to doing affiliate marketing which is building a website, creating content and including the links in articles listings and directories.

They make affiliate marketing appear ridiculously easy that any newbie can perfect in a matter of days, and they know very well it doesn’t work that way. In the second step where you are to write content for your website and build up the design among other things, Bobby refers you to a certain guy that should do it for you at $200. (And remember they said it’s free). The catch doesn’t end there, in the last step, you will have to contact another certain guy who is to give you a private consultation.

The truth is, what the guy does is ask for your credit rating, and that’s it. He never provides you with advice or anything else. He’s just out to know how your financial situation is getting along so that they can hatch a plan to know how they will approach you and your cash.

The only tool there is there is a calculator that calculates how much you can earn based on the number of days you post links in a week, the number of links you post with each post paying you $20.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The value of the videos is somewhat creditworthy going by the fact that they highlight key aspects of affiliate marketing.

• They usually give back refunds when one asks for it. So if you had paid, you could rest assured that you are going to get the money, full amount, back untouched.

The Cons

• There is nothing free about the website. They have you join for free, but they know full well that you have opened a door to multiple payments for the website and its development and the upgrade fees needed to make any significant navigation on their site.

• They use all possible means to get their hands on your money. The number of links on the welcome page is close to ten, all of which point to the same thing, purchasing the product. They don’t have a gentle approach, and they just force their way into you.

• Their fees aren’t stable. Soon after you are taken to the welcome page, you will find the initial price $97. If you try to go to another page, they will try to bargain the price with you. They will make it $77 and try to show you they are giving you 120% or more discount for your own good. The bargaining continues and not unless you keep your stand persistently, they will bug you for quite a while.

• Their videos are limited. They don’t give all the details of how you will be making the whole thing work from scratch to your fist paycheck. They only provide overviews and then send you to other people who will ask for more money.

• All the affiliate programs you sign up for using the strategies they give you don’t work. You will get rejected by all of them because you don’t have a website and the cost of building one with their recommended method is hefty and crafty.

• They claim to have been featured in great TV networks like CNN, ABC, Fox News, USA Today and NBC. This is a white lie because if you take a time to go through YouTube videos of these networks, you are not going to find anyone that has featured them.

• The “Bobby Robinson” is unreachable. The owner, the real owner as well is very unreachable. No matter how much your try getting through to him or her through the provided means, it still is practically impossible.


Their support system is just terrible! It’s torn down. The support tickets they provide is as good as not having them. You try to send a support ticket, and it gets ignored. You try again, the same thing happens. This continues again and again. If you decide to call them, be ready to foot the charge with the standard rates and if you are from a far off country, you will definitely feel the pain.

Most of their provisions break down at night, the most unlikely time they would answer your ticket if they can be that kind to start responding to tickets.

The toggle box that is meant to get to Bobby herself doesn’t count that much. When you try to use it, you will be told that you can contact her at the moment, but she has a lot of competent workers who can help you, which doesn’t seem to be the case.


Their price doesn’t really measure up to its value. They are the kind that asks for more but gives less in return. $97, their initial price is not worth the value they give that are limited. More to that, they outsource some of the videos in their training, so they don’t really need much money for development and maintenance.

The fact that they try to bargain the price to have you pay something is something to be suspicious of. Why would they try to negotiate with you if they knew that they had quality content? Genuine sites that believe in their work give one option, take it or leave it. But this tries to settle for less than half of what they would want people to pay ($47).

Final Verdict:

With all the false claims and craftiness this website uses to get their way, I can say that it is just another scam like the distant relative of its, Ultimate Home Profits. It’s not worth spending a dollar thinking that you are going to get anything of substance from it. You will just get disappointed.

Final verdict – Scam!

Name: Work at Home
Overall ranking: 10 out of 100
Owner: Bobby Robinson
Price: $97 or more + $49 down sell
Recommendation: Keep off! Mere Scam!

Have you been using this product? Have some more insight to share with us? Please do use the comments section below and we will all be grateful.

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