Wordlinx Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Wordlinx
Website Address: www.wordlinx.com
Price: Free, Premium
Business Owner: Richard Sturdy
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100 points

Wordlinx Review – Introduction:

Wordlinx was one of the oldest site in the PTC industry and has been around more than 11 years. It was launched by Richard Sturdy back in October 2003. This site is a sister site of Rogue Media Limited which is a company registered in the U.K.

It is very rare in PTC industry that sites remain legit for 10 years and most of the sites become scam during their first year. It also has a very good reputation to paying its members timely.

Wordlinx is a pay-to-click (PTC) site where you can earn from different methods including watching ads, completing offers, getting referrals, completing small tasks. The other good part of this site is that it pay you referral income for 5 levels.

How to Earn Money from Wordlinx?

Browse Ads: In browse ads area you will find different ads that have different value. All you need to do is to click those ads and view for few seconds. After completion your account will be credited. Each ad has different worth. Some will give you $0.001 while other $0.01 per ad. You can refresh page regularly to see new ads.

Referral Commission: In order to enhance your earnings you must get direct referrals. In Wordlinx you can earn up to 5 levels from your referrals. It means if you refer A and that A refer B then you can earn some share from B as well. This is your second level and you can earn up to 5 levels. In order to earn from your referrals you must click one ad per week.

Tasks: You can earn here for completing different offers and micro tasks. It is always advisable to avoid completing offers that demand credit card details. If you are from USA and other western countries then you can find more tasks than other countries.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Wordlinx is a well-established site and has been paying its members since 2003. Moreover, it is also own by company Rogue Media Limited which is a registered company in the U.K.
  • Your withdrawal request are processed instantly. Most of the sites takes days and some even week so this is also another great advantage of using this site and you don’t need to check your account every day to see if you have received your payment.
  • You can refer as many people as possible and there is no limit. Well this is a great option for those people who can get lot of referrals as this will enable them to earn extra money. Apart from this there is also a 5 level referral commission from your down line.
  • This site is a buxenger supported site that helps you to work on multiple PTC sites and monitor them on one screen.
  • You can only earn when advertiser spend money so it is not a Ponzi, HYIP or MLM company.


  • Most of the ads are geo targeted and if you are not from USA, UK and Canada then you will get less ads. Also ads are regularly added throughout the day so it becomes very difficult for busy person to login account after some time again and again.
  • Minimum cashout is very high as compared to PTC industry. If you have no referrals then this may take your months even more than half year to reach this limit. In order to overcome this you need to get referrals.
  • As compared to other popular sites Wordlinx has very few income streams for members. While others have even more then 13 revenue streams.
  • This site have added another feature known as Pre-View Adverts in which members are forced to view these ads before they can view paid ads. These ads are shown to only free members and if you wish to get rid of this then you can exchange points weekly in the store.
  • They have made lot of changes during the last few months and changes also takes place without any announcement. It only become evident when member suffer from this and inquire in the forums.
  • There is also a cash limit on daily basis. If it is reached then you cannot withdraw on that day. Try again tomorrow.

Types of Membership:


  • Free
  • Pre-view adverts.
  • 1-2 points per task.
  • 5 level referral signup bonus $0.001.
  • 2% per referral click and per referral sale.
  • $0.2 for referral upgrades (5 level)


  • $17 per annum or $79 for lifetime.
  • No Pre-view adverts.
  • 1-10 points per task.
  • 5 level referral signup bonus $0.005.
  • 10% per referral click and per referral sale.
  • $1 for referral upgrades (5 level)


  • $25 per month or $99 per annum.
  • No Pre-view adverts.
  • 1-20 points per task.
  • 5 level referral signup bonus $0.01.
  • 20% per referral click and per referral sale.
  • $2 for referral upgrades (5 level)

How to Earn Points?

You can earn points by clicking on the links at the end of the newsletter emails. You can redeemed points in the Wordlinx store or use it in traffic exchange platform. Now the points can be swapped for removing pre-views (cost 50 points per week) or for Verified Trial upgrade (cost 200 points for one week upgrade).


Wordlinx is an established site and has been paying its members since 2003. Till date it has paid every single member. You can try it for free and check it whether it will work for you or not.

I only recommend this site to those people which can make big direct referrals otherwise this site is not for them. Don’t waste your time and money and start some other genuine business online. I will recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to earn money online by creating your own online business. This system is also more than 10 years old with lot of members that are very successful.

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  • Updated September 14, 2016
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