Where to sell pokemon cards? Top 3 Places

You’ve been collecting Pokemon cards for years now and have amassed quite the collection. As much as you love Pikachu and the gang, it’s time to sell some of your most valuable cards and make a pretty penny. But where exactly should you sell them to get the best price? There are a few options for selling Pokemon cards, whether you want to go the online route or sell locally in person. Each has its pros and cons, so you’ll want to weigh them carefully based on how much effort you want to put in and how quickly you want to sell. No need to use your Master Ball just yet—we’ve caught all the details you need to determine where you can sell your Pokemon cards for the highest price possible.

Online Marketplaces for Selling Pokemon Cards

Where to sell pokemon cards

Selling your Pokemon cards online is probably your best bet to get the most money for your collection. Here are some of the top marketplaces where you’ll have the biggest audience of buyers:

1. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces with over 180 million active buyers. You’ll have a huge pool of Pokemon fans and collectors browsing listings here. Create an account, take photos of your cards, set a competitive price based on the condition and rarity, and you’ll likely get multiple bidders. With eBay’s seller protection and secure payment options, you can feel confident completing transactions.

2. TCGplayer

TCGplayer specializes in trading card games, so Pokemon fans know this is the place to buy and sell. You’ll reach targeted buyers looking for deals on rare, mint condition and first edition cards. TCGplayer only charges a small commission on sales, so you keep more of the profits. They handle the shipping for you too, making it an easy process.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Don’t overlook the Facebook Marketplace. Join some Pokemon buy/sell groups and post your listing there. You’ll tap into your local network of collectors who may be willing to meet in person to check out your cards. Just be sure to take proper safety precautions when meeting strangers from the internet.

Selling Pokemon cards yourself does require some effort taking photos, writing listings, answering questions, and shipping items. But by using trusted online marketplaces, you’ll get the best return on your collection and maybe even make some new friends in the Pokemon community along the way!

Brick-and-Mortar Stores That Buy Pokemon Cards

Brick-and-mortar stores are a great option if you want to sell your Pokemon cards for cash right away. Many hobby shops, gaming stores, and even some pawn shops buy used Pokemon cards. Here are some of the best places to check out:

Local Card and Hobby Shops

Local card and hobby shops are a go-to for many collectors looking to sell Pokemon cards. These stores specialize in trading card games so they’re always looking to buy collections to resell to other players and collectors. Do some Googling to find shops in your area, give them a call to see if they buy used Pokemon cards, and check their buy prices. You may be able to negotiate a better deal in person.

Vintage Stock

Vintage Stock is a popular chain that buys used movies, music, games, and of course, trading cards. They have over 60 locations across the U.S., so there may be one near you. Vintage Stock buys collections of Pokemon cards for competitive prices, especially if you have vintage, rare, or first edition cards in mint condition. They’re a convenient option if you want to avoid the hassle of selling online.

Local Pawn Shops

Believe it or not, many pawn shops buy and sell trading card collections, including Pokemon cards. Pawn shops need inventory to resell, so they’re often willing to buy used cards, especially if you have a large collection of rare, vintage or first edition cards in great condition. Shop around at a few pawn shops in your area to compare buy offers and get the best price for your collection. With some negotiating, you may be surprised at the deals you can find.

Tips for Getting the Best Price for Your Cards

To get the most money for your Pokémon cards, here are some tips:

Check the Condition

The condition of your cards is one of the biggest factors that determines their value. Cards in mint or near mint condition will sell for the highest prices. Look for any signs of wear like scratches, dents, or fading and consider getting rare or valuable cards graded to authenticate their condition. Even minor imperfections can significantly impact the price.

Know What You Have

Do some research to identify rare, special, and first edition cards. These are highly sought after by collectors and can sell for a lot. Some of the most valuable cards include rare, holographic, shiny or special cards, especially those from the earliest sets. First edition base set cards are also in high demand. Check sites like TCGPlayer, eBay, and Price Charting to see the potential value of what you have.

Sell to the Right Buyers

The venue you choose to sell your cards will determine what types of buyers you reach. Some options:

•Local card shops or comics stores – Easy but may offer lower prices. They need to resell at a profit.

•eBay or other auction sites – Reach many potential buyers but fees reduce your profit. Best for high-value cards.

•Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist – Avoid fees but may deal with lowball offers and no-shows. Meet in a public place.

• Online collectibles marketplaces like TCGPlayer or StockX – Built-in audience of serious buyers and sellers. Fees are a percentage of the sale price.

• Collectors on forums or Discord – Find dedicated buyers but more work to arrange sales and payments. Be cautious of scams.

• Conventions or trade shows – Large audience of enthusiasts. Can get the best prices if you find the right buyer at the right time. Requires paying for a booth or table.

With the huge popularity of Pokémon, there are lots of options for selling your cards. Do your homework, get the best price possible, and you’ll be catching big profits in no time!

Grading and Authenticating Valuable Cards

So you think you may have some valuable Pokémon cards worth selling? Before putting them up for auction, you’ll want to consider having them professionally graded and authenticated. This adds credibility and can significantly increase their resale value.

Grading Services

The two most well-known card grading services are PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) and Beckett Grading Services (BGS). They will inspect your cards for centering, corners, edges, surface, and authenticity. Based on their analysis, your cards will receive a grade from 1 to 10 (10 being gem mint condition). Highly sought-after, first edition holographic cards in mint condition are especially valuable.

Grading and authentication typically costs between $10 to $50 per card, depending on the service level. While it’s an investment up front, graded collectibles frequently sell for 20-50% more. Serious buyers will pay premium prices for independently verified, high-grade cards.

Where to Sell Graded Cards

Some of the top places to sell your authenticated Pokémon cards include:

•eBay – The world’s largest auction and shopping website. Graded, vintage cards routinely sell for $100s to $1000s of dollars here.

•TrollandToad – A major hub for buying and selling collectible cards, comics, and board games. They buy and sell PSA and BGS graded cards.

•COMC (Check Out My Collectibles) – A consignment platform where you can have your graded cards listed for sale. They handle the listing, shipping, and payment processing for a small commission.

•Local Collector Shows – Check sites like ShowCalendar.com for events in your area. Dealers and attendees at these shows may be interested in buying high-value, graded cards. You’ll have to handle negotiations and payments yourself, however.

•Private Buyers – You may find private buyers on sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or collector forums. Be very cautious if selling this way and only accept secure payment methods. Meet in a public place if meeting in person.

Selling your graded Pokémon cards, whether online, at live events, or to private buyers, does come with risks of low offers or non-payment. But by having them professionally authenticated, you’ve increased the likelihood of finding serious buyers and getting the best possible price for your valuable collectibles.

Safely Packaging and Shipping Your Cards

When selling your Pokemon cards, proper packaging and shipping is essential to getting the best price and keeping your cards in great condition.

Safely Packaging Your Cards

To safely package your cards, you’ll want to use protective sleeves, toploaders, and team bags. Double sleeve each holographic or rare card by placing it in a soft sleeve and then a rigid toploader. For less rare cards, a single soft sleeve will do. Then bundle several cards of the same rarity or type in resealable team bags. Make sure all sleeves and toploaders are acid-free and archival safe.

Choosing a Shipping Method

For shipping, I’d suggest USPS First Class Package Service with tracking for most small to mid-size lots of cards. It’s affordable, provides coverage up to $50, and will get your cards to the buyer within 2-3 business days. For larger, higher-value collections or individual rare, vintage cards, I recommend USPS Registered Mail with return receipt. It provides insurance up to $25,000 and requires a signature upon delivery.

Packaging for Shipping

Place your sleeved and bagged cards in a sturdy cardboard box with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or cardboard dividers to prevent shifting during transit. Tape the box securely shut, then clearly address it to the buyer. Include the tracking number on the label. For Registered Mail shipments, you’ll need to take the box to your local post office for registration and insurance. They will have you fill out some additional paperwork for the service.

Following these best practices for safely packaging and shipping your Pokemon cards will give you peace of mind that your collection or individual rare cards will arrive securely in the hands of the buyer. And for buyers, they’ll appreciate receiving cards that have been properly cared for, which may even increase your chances of a good review and repeat customers.


So there you have it, the top places to sell your Pokemon cards and get the best prices for your rare, vintage collection. Whether you go the online route with eBay, TCGPlayer, or Viridian Forest, or try your local game store, comic shop or convention, you’ve got solid options to turn those cards into cash. The key is doing your research, checking recent sale prices, and making sure your cards are in the best condition possible. Price them right, take high quality photos, and be willing to negotiate to get the most you can. Selling a collection you’ve had for years can be bittersweet, but with the prices some of the rare, first edition holos are going for these days, you might be able to fund your next hobby or take a nice vacation. The nostalgia will live on in memories and maybe a few choice cards you just can’t part with! Whatever you decide, good luck and happy selling!