How to Flip a Website Online at a Decent Profit?

We all know that there are a ton of listings on Flippa every day, and that web sites are selling for big money and for several multiples of their actual earnings, but we never really had a clear vision on what type of web sites are selling best.

Flippa just released their new website version which is packed with some of the greatest information around, and best of all, it’s is really simple to use.

Before jumping right into my strategy, let’s point out some of the most interesting facts that Flippa has offered to us.

Which Niches Sell for the Most Money?

Sports, Health and Automotive is where the money is at! While affiliate marketing websites are selling like hot cakes on Flippa.

These all websites usually sell for the highest premium at 10x to 50x (times) of their monthly earnings.

This all depends on range of different factors:

  • Website age
  • DA, PA, TF, CF
  • History of Earnings
  • Niche
  • Revenue Model
  • SEO type
  • Etc...

What is the Best Source of Revenue for a Website?

When it comes to monetizing a website, most people prefer “Advertising” as the model of choice, then followed by affiliate marketing, subscription based platforms, then straight eCommerce sites.

Now eCommerce sites are gaining much more attention than any other business model out there. Thanks to shopify and other related sites who have made all this proess really simple. 

Best Business Model for a Website? Go with Flippa!

I have found that every time I flip a website on Flippa I have to be willing to get nothing out of my website.  I have to be willing to give up all my hard work and let someone steal my website for $1.  

This isn’t a hard thing to do.  I will teach you how to get the most bang for your buck when selling your website online in the following paragraphs.

Start your auction with “no reserve” is the key to getting the fair market value out of your website.  By starting your website at no reserve you eliminate the barrier between you and your future buyer.  

Now they can purchase your website for $1 and they don’t have to worry about bidding and not being past the reserve.  

Doing this will cause many more people to bid on your website. This will cause more people to see your listing because it will go onto the most active list on Flippa.  

This will cause 100x more people to look at your website.

The psychology behind winning is something that many people have studied for years. Basically if you have 10 people bidding on something a person is 10x more likely to bid more than he would have normally for the fact that he wants to win the others. 

Also, the perceived value in the product is much more than he normally would think because now people are bidding on a product that he or she wants.  

By starting an auction at no reserve many more people will bid on this. It will trigger in people that many others like them have been bidding on this website.  They will want it even more then before.

Other Sites Apart From Flippa

There are a lot of places where you can sell your business online. If you have a more stable business that are earning thousands of dollars then go with the empire flippers. This is also one of the trusted platforms out there and most of the times offers you access to some great buyers. 

With respect to countries specific platforms, Business Sales Australia is also one of the best platform for businesses operating in Australia. 

In short, selling your business online is a one way to earn quick money and invest into more feasible projects. There is no shortage of platforms out there. Just choose the one that fit your needs. 

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