Walter Green’s Free Money System Review – Big Scam?

Walter Green’s Free Money System Review – Big Scam?

Business Name: Free Money SystemWalter Green’s Free Money System Review – Big Scam?
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Product Price:
Free to signup, $250+
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Walter Green
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Trading binary options
Not Recommended

Walter Green’s Free Money System Review: Introduction:

Another binary system that came across and heard a huge buzz about this product. The system was developed by Walter green that promises people to get rich overnight. The landing page is full of hype and shady practices to show people how to become a millionaire in just two to three months.

This is the most popular way of motivating people to join and right from the start I am pretty sure that you cannot get rich overnight. Please leave such slogans whenever you came across and lived in reality. Another gray area about such sites is that they try to portray the importance of their system by showing limited seats available.

If you visit their site sometime in future, then this spot can never get fulfill. If a site is cheating people on the sign-up process so imagine what they are going to do once you register with them. I know Forex trading is a huge market, but the thing is you cannot right every time as conveyed by such software. More than 90% people lose their money in this market.

There are many tools have been developed that send signals to the investors to buy or sell any particular currency. If you know more about their reality then visit Fast Cash Biz, MoneyBot, Copy Trade Profit, Euro Millionaire System, The Timing System, and Profit Maximizer.

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Who is Walter Green?

I visited this site and got some of the info about Walter Green. Walter Green used to be a lawyer but fell on difficult 2016-04-19_10-42-52times. One day he gets a call from a cousin that was using binary trading, and he guides all the stuff in just five months, and he put $250 into it. This was the life-changing opportunity for him, and soon he saw the money rise in his account till he was a millionaire in just three months.

He then realized that now it is time to share his work with other people and then he started working on the FMS. In his sights, people all deserve this kind of a chance in life.

To be honest, very few people in the world who are earning millions of dollars per month and share their knowledge with the other people. Let’s suppose if Walter is one of them but it is not necessary that you will also get rich by following his strategies because the market is very volatile and it could not be easy to predict it well.

Main Idea behind Walter Green’s Free Money System:

The system allows access to the software that automates the whole process and allows you to make money on complete autopilot. It will predict whether the price of the stock will tend to rise or fall in the future. Based on this information, investors invest their money and see what will happen in the future.

When you are in the process of signing up with this System, you are instructed to choose between one of 3 brokers: maxptions, titantrade or masteroption. If you invest through these brokers, they pay a considerable amount of commission to the person who brought those people to the system.

This is not a one-time commission, and whenever you trade, FMS will earn a commission. This is how they generate what is likely to be a substantial and ongoing income from everyone that joins.

Does a Software Works all for You?

Please don’t suppose that I am against making money through Binary options trading. It is a legit way to make your full time earning, and I know people who are earning such income. The thing is many people have stepped in this field and try to do false marketing practices and target mostly beginners.

The market is so volatile that it is not the software’s who can analyze data and most of them used historical information and based on this send buy or sell signals. I believe that future information is more relevant than historical information and predicting such information can never be a role of software.


FMS also provides access to experts’ advice which I think is more useful than any tool but once you get to know the price of such advice you will never think of that program.

Theoretically, you can make some bucks, but before you accomplish such a decent success, you need to read a lot of material to obtain enough knowledge, see a lot of training tutorials and then practice, try and fail till you learn how to trade binary options.

Only a few out of thousands of people involved in this kind of business achieve true success. However the majority are losers, and this is a reality.

Your entire business is going to be based on prediction which implies that you must be aware of all methods going on the market, have some fundamental knowledge of economics, finance, and politics.

Your business predicts how currency pair will move, rise or fall. Even expert traders lose thousands of dollars, not to mention beginners with zero experience and limited knowledge. If you want to jump into this, then get the information first and then trade.

To trade successfully in this business, you need to analyze the market, read tons of economics and financial journals to understand the market. To trade successfully, you must do a plenty of studies which takes time and effort. It’s not just about clicking software buttons.

What is the Price of the FMS?

There are diverse packages that you can choose and higher the package the higher the chance to make more money. Let’s look at the following packages:

  • Mini – $250 – $499
  • Standard – $500 – $999
  • Executive – $1000 – $4.999
  • Gold – $5000 – $9.999
  • Platinum – $10.000+

Are you willing to take risk $10,000 in FMS? Apart from this, you need to invest with the broker for trading purpose. I know every sensible person don’t want to risk such type of money on this venture.

I have also worked on the binary option and one thing I have learned that never greed in this business because your account could get empty anytime.

Things that Should be Considered before Joining this Program:

1). I don’t think that anyone earning millions of dollars would like to share his/her strategy to the people. Believe me; I know people who are earning a few dollars hide their methods ad don’t like to public such things.

Let’s suppose Walter is not among them and have a great human behavior then still the way he is using his affiliate links without affiliate disclosure has never been a good way to earn money.

2). The name of the system is “Free Money System”. Is the system is free? No way. There is nothing in the world that is free. Most scammers do such type of tactic, and they promote the system as a free, but once people get enrolled in the system, they have to face serious upsells. The thing that is free is just to sign up with the system.

3). If you move to the landing page, then there is a lot of hype. A free system made nearly $2 million in just 90 days. Would you believe this? I know any sensible person wouldn’t even look at a second time.


4). If Walter has such a human that believe in helping people so why he has just offers limited seats to the people. I know this is fraud, but there is a question in my mind that why the seats never get fulfilled.

Another thing is why the system is too much cost that is tough to access for average people. He is a millionaire, why not offered such system for free or at a very small fee.

5). As soon as I tried to add my email address and get myself enrolled in the system, I faced an information box that requires me to add my credit card to get access to the system. I know how risky it is to provide you credit card info to such platforms. In recent years, you have heard increasing number of credit card frauds. I will never provide such info to them, and I hope you are also among them to care your hard earned money.

Final words:

I never recommend any program to my viewers that have a lot of suspicious things. You can work on binary options but once you have an expert and have a lot of market knowledge. I still believe that before doing this you should be careful about your budget. I know no one in the world can predict with 100% accuracy about market trend.

Even a highly professional person that have a huge experience in the market can never get positive trade more than 75%. So imagine if you are not an expert, how much risk you are taking in this field.

You should also know about as SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) guidelines before going to invest such type of programs. They have received a lot of complaints regularly on such programs. Let’s suppose you have invested on such sites and it get closed by such authorities then it could be another tension for you.


What’s Next?

I am not going to reveal you anything that makes you million in 90 days. I know it could not be possible. You could see my #1 recommendation that has been around for years, and you can check easily all across the web about its credibility.

I can assure you if you work hard on this business then it can help you to build a successful online business for you. I cannot take you time as it all depends on your effort but after one year you will achieve great success.

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