My Wakaya Perfection Review – Scam or Legit?

My Wakaya Perfection Review – Scam or Legit?

If you are searching for a review that will help you understand how Wakaya perfection is operating, then this one is the one you need to read.

The company has gone through all of the evolution since it was launched and things keep changing. It claims to offer you a chance to make money selling the products it produces at a profit as well as get to make more money each month off of recruiting other folks into the business. On the hearing, it seems like a very reliable and effective company. But is it actually suck?

Allow my wakaya perfection review to reveal the truth.

Product Name: Wakaya PerfectionWakaya Perfection Review
Website Address:
Author: Todd Smith and David H. Gilmour
Price: Depends on your package
Rankings: 69 out of 100

Wakaya Perfection Review – Introduction:

Online marketers know how to sugar coat a business and make claims that are next to impossible to get the business they promote to sell.

In this case, you are going to find many people who are in the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry telling you that you can make thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars with them.

They will often mention everything you want to hear and give you persuading offers such as luxury trips and latest cars to inspire you to join.

But once you have joined them, the story changes and it is an endless struggle after that. Sure, there are programs that use this same strategy and pay well.

But the majority of them are not to be trusted since they are most often after your money. Be wary.

This short review will help you know if you are working with a genuine program or if it is just a sham.

What is Wakaya Perfection?

This is a flexible job opportunity that allows you to make money through reselling products produced by the company and referring other people to the company.

This company is based out of Archipelago, Fiji. And the brand name of the company, Wakaya, was taken from the name of the island there that stretches there to about 2,200 acres.

It was purchased by David Gilmour with the main aim of stabilizing the economy of people of fiji. The island was actually facing too much pressure in terms of natural resources as well as urbanization.

So David took up the responsibility of giving the land its own sustenance by producing products for the residents.

He later partnered with Todd Smith, a known figure in the MLM business industry to create jobs for the people there. Todd has been behind another system using the same tactics. It was called Youngevity.

It didn’t do quite well and there are actually law suits that have been keeping it busy on the court. The results are yet to announced, at the time I’m writing this post.

How Does it Work?

Initially, the company was not involved with MLM marketing strategy, so it was selling most of its products to people in many stores including Amazon.

But after the MLM was introduced, things had to change. Ideally, the products are sold to the residents as well as other people. You could also read my other MLM businesses like Perfectly PoshYounique and  Checkout 51.

The main ingredients that make the products are found on the island and this makes the first money making opportunity for them.

If you have seen their website, you must have seen their motto, getting, staying and being well. Well, they make this possible through a line of products they sell.

The products are in various categories including:

• Wellness
• Essential Oils
• Personal Care
• programs
• Bula Caps
• General

The products are mainly aimed at improving health in different ways like losing weight and fitness, boosting your libido, detoxification, immune system, digestive system and so much more.

Some of the products include salt and pepper alternatives, shampoo, clay powder, body soak, bath spa collection, sunscreen, Start Up Book, Sea Salt, Organic Fijian Turmeric, Carmel Popcorn, Grapeseed Carrier Essential oils, luvCaps and lots more.

The price of the products is different based on what they are and the ingredients used to make them. But on average, they range from $5 to $200.

You will now have to buy the products are at a lower price than they sell in the market and then give you the best price you should sell them at.

From there, you can decide to keep them for your own personal consumption or you can also sell to make a fair profit.

The other way you can earn money is through recruitment. This is where you will have to talk people into the system and have them buy products, to earn you a certain percentage commission.

Wakaya Perfection Compensation Plan:

This company will be paying you in various ways. There are a number of ways through which you can generate a commission in it. Click here to read compensation plan.

That main qualification for you to start earning is making a personal sales volume of 80 sales per month.

The abbreviation for personal sales volumes is marked as “PV”. This is basically the money you make for Wakaya when you sell their products to people who need them or buy them for your own personal use.

There is also “GV” which stands for group volume. It is the personal volume which has been made by someone you have recruited in your downline.

You will be ranked so as to receive money according to the payment plan. The ranks and their expectations within the program are as follows (in ascending order):

• Independent Business Ambassador – You only need to sign up as a recruiter.

• Coral Ambassador – You need to make and keep a PV of 80 sales each month and recruit two people who have qualified to get commissions.

• Jade Ambassador– You need to make a PV of 150 sales each month and recruit 2 people who should be in the coral ambassador rank. Your downline should have a GV of 1500.

• Sapphire Ambassador – You need to make a PV of 150 sales per month and have recruited 3 people in jade ambassador rank as well as have a GV of 5000.

• Ruby Ambassador – You have to make a monthly PV of 150 sales and have recruited 2 people in the sapphire ambassador rank with a GV of 15,000 in your down line.

• Emerald Ambassador – You require to have a PV of 150 each month, should have recruited 4 people in the sapphire ambassador rank and generate a GV of 50,000.

• Diamond Ambassador – You require to have a PV of 150 sales every month, make 7 recruitment into the sapphire ambassador rank and maintain a GV of 150,000.

• Blue Diamond Ambassador – You require to have a monthly PV of 150 sales, make 5 recruitments into the sapphire ambassador rank and 2 more into the diamond ambassador rank, and keep a GV of 500,000.

• Black Diamond Ambassador – You should have a monthly PV of 150 sales, make 3 recruitments into the sapphire rank and 4 into the diamond ambassador rank. Also, you need a GV of 1,500,000.

And this is how you much you will get when the people you recruit who are below you in the downline achieve the sales:

• Diamond Ambassador rank and above – $80
• Emerald Ambassador rank – $70
• Ruby Ambassador rank – $60
• Sapphire Ambassador rank – $40
• Jade Ambassador rank – $20
• Coral Ambassador rank – $10

You will also receive a $100 worth of fast start bonus if you will get one of your sponsored members getting the paradise pack which goes for $499.95.

There is also leadership commission, unlevel residual commission, and car fund bonuses.

Who is it for?

This program is best for those who feel they are good at recruiting as well as those who know how to make sales for organic products.

If you are sure there is a good salesman or woman in you, or you can get people to join the program, you should get into Wakaya.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The products are high quality.

• You get to have14 ways to leverage the system to generate revenue.

• There is clarity in the amount you are going to pay for the products you choose to go for.

• They have highlighted all the important things you need to be aware of in the program.

• The goals for making money are achievable and the payment plan is great.

• The company is genuine and has its operating base in Fiji.

• You have the option to either sell the products or use them since they are things we all need.

The Cons

• One of the founders is Todd Smith, who has been involved in law suits for his business practices, which he has used Wakaya.

• Some of the products are quite expensive. This is very common with many MLM programs.

• Although achievable, you have worked really hard if you want to start making decent commissions. You really got to put in a lot of effort.

Final Verdict:

In summary, I find the system good to work with although things are not as easy as they sound when you look at the compensation plan.

You may think getting to the black diamond ambassador rank is as quick as within a month or two, but rest assured you can even go up to a year without improving the rank.

Just like I told you, the strategies seem to be easy but walking the whole idea is where the real hassle is. But then, it is all worth it.

Final Verdict – Legit

Product Name: Wakaya Perfection
Website Address:
Author: Todd Smith and David H. Gilmour
Price: Depends on your package
Rankings: 69 out of 100

If you wanted something you could promote without the intensity of effort you are required in Wakaya Perfection, you might want to weigh the option of affiliate marketing.

It needs effort to but once you have gotten everything set up, you will be making money on a daily basis.

To do this properly and be successful, you should see how it is done with my #1 recommendation.