Vortex Profits Review – Bitcoin mining Scam?

Vortex Profits is getting very popular and I have seen a lot of people investing heavily in this site. Now I decided to take a look at this site and guide my visitors whether it is a good site to invest or not.

Without any further delay let’s start my Vortex Profits review.

What is Vortex Profits?

From the website, it is shown that it is an Ireland based company incorporated in September 2017. The CEO of the company is Mr. Griffin Wrights. There is some general information about him but I couldn’t find any personal details about him especially from social media accounts to check his profile. This raises doubt about the Company and the person I am talking about.

If someone is running a site and claims it a genuine business then why he needs to hide his identity. That’s my biggest concern! Making such incorporation documents is not such a big deal.

I have also reviewed many similar companies in the past where they use fake names to portray visitors as a legitimate person but after all those sits have been closed within few months.

What Does Vortex Profits Offers?

It is an investment site where you simply invest your money and the company will return you profit on your investment. The company claims to have good experts in Bitcoin mining and gold and oil trading where they generate massive profits and share with its members.

Well, this seems to be very pleasant but honestly speaking it is not that simple. In the past, I have been part of many such sites and they all had claimed in the same way but the truth is they used new members’ investment to pay the old ones.

As long as new members were bringing the investment the companies were operating fine but every Ponzi scheme have to face the other side and as a result, the owner runs out of all the money of the members.

This is not a story at all. I have faced this personally number of times.

If Vortex Profits is not one among them then they need to be very open and should get a personal touch with the investors. I know currently the company is paying what it is claiming but for how long. This is the main question.

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The Vortex Profits Compensation Plan:

Investment Plan

There are three plans and the company promises with the following ROI.

  • Bitcoin Plan – Investment ranges from $25 to $999 and receive a 2.5% daily ROI
  • Gold Plan – Investment ranges from $1000 to $9999 and receive a 2.5% to 3.5% daily ROI
  • Oil Plan – Investment ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 and receive a 3.5% to 4.5% daily ROI

If you can recruit people to the system then you will also get a commission of two tiers.

Vortex Profits Review

Let’s look at the example to understand its compensation plan fully.

Suppose you have invested in the Oil plan with a hefty sum of 10,000$ then you will be receiving daily income as an ROI. The percentage may vary from 3.5% to 4.5%. If the trading value of oil is stable then your ROI is 4% if it’s value is hiked then you will get 4.5% of your investments as daily returns and if it’s value drop’s then you will get 3.5% as you daily returns.

I think you get the idea and will understand the rest of the plans.

Binary Plan

This is old network marketing concept where you need to recruit people. In this plan, if you recruit two people they will be placed under you. One on the right side and the other on the left side.

If each left and right one recruit two more people under them and so on, then your network grows. The company follows 1:1 plan and it’s up to you how much people you can refer.

Affiliates are paid a percentage of matched funds, based on which investment plan they are using. Each category affiliates are paid 10% but for;

  • Bitcoin Plan – They are capped at $1500 a day
  • Gold Plan – They are capped at $5000 day
  • Oil Plan – They are capped at $7500 a day

Matched volume has been paid out on it is flushed and unmatched volume on the stronger binary side is carried over.

Direct Commission

If you are good at recruiting people then for every recruit person you will earn a 5% commission on every package purchased by that person. You can recruit unlimited people and increase your earning manifold. Additionally, you will also be earning 1% direct commission on your affiliates.

Career Progression Plan

This is performance-based compensation where it is offered to top recruiters. Get the desired number of recruiters and achieve certain rewards. Let’s look at this;

  • Recruit 50 direct people and receive an additional 1% referral commission
  • Recruit 100 direct people and receive an additional 2% referral commission and promotional images pack.
  • Recruit 300 direct people and receive an additional 3% referral commission
  • Recruit 500 direct people and receive an additional 5% referral commission and become the agent of the company.
  • Recruit 750 direct people and receive an additional 6% referral commission and promotional videos pack.
  • Recruit 1000 direct people and receive an additional 7% referral commission and becomes the authorized company franchise.

Bitcoin mining Scam

Bad Things About This Company:

The Company is very new so at this stage, it is difficult to list down all the negatives. But let’s look at the few very obvious ones;

1). Let’s take the Company Oil plan where it is offering 4% (on average) return to its investors on daily basis. This becomes 1460% annually without compounding.

How is this can be possible?

If you look at the real world where secured investment plans will only offer you 15% to 20% per year so how they could make such a big promise.

I know cryptocurrency market is very volatile where Bitcoin can take a bigger jump but on the other side, it could also fall at a faster pace.

Making such big promises cannot be made by any legitimate business.

2). The company only claims about the investment in the Bitcoin mining, Gold, and Oil trading but it provides no evidence of any such activities or any other source of external revenue being used to pay the members.

For those obvious reasons, it is fairly easy to say that the company is using new members’ investments to pay the old ones.

Once there arises an imbalance between these two’s then the company will face the cash flow problems and ultimately will close out its business.

3). I have gone through there deposit systems but I couldn’t find PayPal. The reason is PayPal doesn’t work with Ponzi schemes and also has a lot of buyer protection mechanism. 

I generally trust a site more if it accepts PayPal. Otherwise just leave it.

Is Vortex Profits a Scam or Legit?

To be fair, I cannot trust such systems as I have suffered many times in the past. For this company, there are obvious dark signals which I have mentioned above that need to be considered before investing any sum of money.

Let’s suppose if you invested a hefty sum in the Oil plan and the next day the owner run out of money then who’s responsible. That’s why I always suggest you stay away from such fake promises.

There is no such thing as getting rich schemes in the real life. It is all shown by fake people to attract as much as simple people to them. If you are serious about building a genuine business from home then I am showing you my best choice. Believe me, it’s not a turnkey system or gets rich scheme.

All you need hard work but it really pays off at the end.

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