10 Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home

Have you been in search of the virtual assistant jobs?

Virtual assistant jobs are getting more popular nowadays. It allows you to work at your comfort without coming to the office, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month.

Before going into further detail, let's first look at;

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from home and provides assistance to clients.

Being a virtual assistant, you will basically do any and everything from data entry to human resource assistance, social media management, SEO services, real estate, and telemarketing. Basically, anything that your clients want to be done!

By becoming a virtual assistant, you can do a ton of excellent office work and also the social media type tasks in the best comfort of your own home and on your schedule!

Alternatively, you can explore for more Virtual Assistant jobs online using many trusted platforms.

There are tons of jobs you may find related to your skills.

It is somehow being taken as the cheaper to pay someone to do a specific task from their home besides making an effort to set up an office for them and pay them a salary and benefits. 

What Functions Do Virtual Assistants Do?

They are primarily involved in performing the tasks of research, writing, graphic design, editing, as well as accounting, web design, customer service, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, medical billing, payroll, human resources assistance and more. 

If any company or the blogger do not have the time to perform all such functions, then they do get hired out a virtual assistant.

You can think about to make handsome money with the virtual assistant job. I have categorize those jobs into two categories;

1. Basic Jobs

You would be able to earn $10+ per hour in which you can do the tasks like scheduling posts, data entry and approving blog comments. 

These jobs can be done by anyone even without any background knowledge related to the job.

2. Specialized Jobs

Only people with such specialized knowledge can perform them.

For specialized skills, you may be able to earn $30 to $100 per hour. White hat link building, content writing, and many more jobs fall under this category. 

Even some content writers are charging $150+ per 1000 words post. I don't thing so they spend more than 2 hours on this job​.

Let's Look at My List of Top 10 Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home:

Virtual Assistant Jobs

1. Freelancer

Freelancer has been all the time taken to be known as one of the biggest freelance job portals. You will be getting the chance to find numerous people on the look for Virtual Assistants.

All you need to sign up for an account, and you could apply for VA jobs through their job listing. So register yourself and browse and ask for the VA jobs over their portal.

They have over 29 million skilled freelancers ready to do any type of stuff.

They have different job categories, i.e., data entry, logo design, graphic designing, internet marketing, social media marketing, content writing, MS excel, Photoshop and many more. There are tons of job available, and you can find based on your skills.

2. Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom as it is all evident from the name would help out the moms to find legitimate work from home jobs along with the flexibility they need.

Sign up on their website, and you can navigate it to find the right client. All jobs or projects have varied rates of payment by the individual company or client.

In short, you are a virtual assistant.

The most prominent jobs you can find here are; looking for research, writing, graphic design, editing, as well as accounting, web design, customer service, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, medical billing, payroll, human resources assistance and more.

Hence you will get paid with a decent amount for those skills.

I have seen that most of the moms are getting good results with this site. Some have found permanent jobs, and some are getting regular jobs over there.

The site doesn't make a cut from your earnings, but they do have a small fee of $29.95 per quarter.

I have also written a post for work at home moms to find legit opportunities online

3. Guru

Guru has always come around to be one of the personal favorites for its systematic approach.

You can visit Guru.com and sign up for finding VA jobs all using through their network. Guru is a top destination for the sake of the employers, and you could see a lot of VA jobs over their category of job boards.

You can work in your own way either by;

  • Pay by milestones
  • Pay by Tasks
  • Pay by the Hour
  • Pay Using Recurring Payments

4. UPWork

Upwork has been mentioned to be known as the most popular freelance job website. It formerly known as elance.

You can make your way to this website and sign up for an account, and you can immediately browse all through heaps of VA jobs. 

It would be granting you with best of the opportunities to move into the functions of performing tasks of research, writing, graphic design, editing, as well as accounting, web design, customer service, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, medical billing, payroll, human resources assistance and more.

Go and try it now!

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one such site that has got the great recognition in just the small period. It is for sure taken the marketplace for work that they claim as “human intelligence task.” 

The Amazon Mechanical Turk would bring about the options of the VA tasks like cleaning data, as well as collecting phone numbers and website information, categorize lists, finding Google keywords, create and moderating content, getting relevant feedback and much more on their network.

You can read in depth Amazon Mechanical Turk review here. 

6. Virtual Office Temps

This site is taken to be one of the best in the virtual office temps! Its joining cost is completely free. By visiting, you will be having full access to legitimate virtual assistant jobs.

You can often work with a remote contractor and are ready to pay a reasonable rate to do so. Most common jobs you may find are data entry specialist, medical transcriptionist, reservation agents and virtual research assistant.

7. Join a Facebook Group for Virtual Assistants

It would be such a tricky source to carry out with, but at the end of the day, it would be bringing fantastic results.

They do have the pricing that generally fair, and you can learn a lot in the groups.

Many Groups not just offer the place for the blog assistants but also bloggers looking to hire too.

You can carry out to ask within your own network of virtual assistants if they know of any groups or are thinking about to form one as well.

Want to Earn a Fulltime Income From Home?

My suggestion is to start your own business rather than work for others. It gives you more control and ownership and more easily you can scale it up.

For that purpose i always recommend beginners to see my #1 opportunity.

8. Telecommute Job Boards

They are marked to be one of the high job boards online that specialize in listing remote positions. This is named to be favorites for those looking for virtual assistant work.

You will be finding the job boards for writers and designers.

But it is little more difficult when looking for legitimate virtual assistant jobs from the side of the home. 

It is for the reason that this work from home career encompasses so many tasks as there can be some high places to find new clients.

9. FlexJobs

Flex Jobs is one of the best job boards in favor of the telecommuters. 

It has the paid membership, but they perform the task to do the comprehensive research for you. It is all featuring only legitimate virtual jobs in over 50 categories.

Many positions belong to the well-known companies. It is affordable with the cost of around $14.95 per month.

10. VAnetworking’s VAinsider Club

On the last, you can meet the clients as a virtual assistant all through the job board at VAnetworking.

As a VAinsider, you will be able to get the complete access to Monthly Group Coaching, Monthly Webinar Training, as well as Monthly MotiVAtor, Private Brainstorming Network, and The Vault.

It would be adding on with the Business Templates, Seminar Archives, System Sheets, ebooks and so as the Bonus Resources.

With the passage of time, the demand and popularity of the virtual assistant jobs are getting high. It has driven the young generation to search for the new platforms that are equitable and satisfactory much in looking for the best opportunities for the virtual assistant jobs.

Final Verdict:

It was the complete set of the discussion about the top 10 virtual assistant jobs platforms to choose it right now!

Well, there are so many more platforms that are taken into account to pick with the best one. You need to make sure that the platform which you are selecting it has to be legitimate and should be granting you with the best options for choosing virtual assistant jobs according to your skills and competent level.

We are sure that in this regard, this blog post would have stood out to be much informative and helpful to you. So visit these online boards one by one and get closer to the best of the virtual assistant jobs for yourself.

All the Best!

I hope you will like my post "10 Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home" and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.

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