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Vindale Research Review – Is it Legit Or Scam Survey Site?

Making money from survey sites are one of the conventional methods that people used. There are hundreds of sites available, but the issue is not all of them are legit. So the best thing is before joining any survey site, please search the Google for their reviews.

So, today I have picked to write a review on Vindale Research Company which is also very popular survey site. So without further delay let’s start this review;

Vindale Research review 

Website: www.vindale.comVindale Research review
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Method: PayPal or check
Cost to join: Free
Verdict: Legit

What is Vindale Research?

Vindale research is a well-known survey company and registers people so that they can earn. It does not work like rest of the regular survey sites work. Your earnings will depend on the number of surveys you complete and the amount of each survey which will be paid.

It works with a clear and responsive set of mind. This domain is about 12 years older and is one of the oldest and widely reputed survey sites. Its servers are based and are operated from the United States of America. It has its head office located in New York. Nathanael Ehrich has owned this company.

We know that many of the survey sites operate from Eastern Europe site and they are a scam site, they do not work on a legitimate basis. But repute gained by Vindale research is worthwhile. This site is not, after all, requires your credit card details and your personal data. It only demands on-time completion of tasks.

Its sign up process is extremely easy. To become a member of this site, you only have to mention your email address, or you can sign up on this site by using your Facebook account.

This point is mention on their website that they give real money to their members either by PayPal or through check. This site and their assigned tasks are simple to use. This site creates a win-win situation for its members. One thing I like to mention is that it is not a site that can earn you a fulltime income. For that purpose please see my #1 recommendation. Though it will be side income for your routine expenditures. 

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The survey normally relates to every popular industry especially sports, home improvement, apps and health and beauty.

How To Make Money With Vindale Research?

There are numerous ways you can use to make money from Vindale Research. Let’s discuss one by one;

1. Online Surveys

It is by filling online surveys that you can make money by using this site. If you are taking their surveys assignments, then you can earn about $1 to $5. It is their regular surveys which are assigned to the members. You will be completing these short answer questionnaires. There is no need to enter credit card details while filling these surveys and to get your payment.

2. Product Evaluations

Then you can also earn from this site by carrying out evaluation assignments. In this category, you will be given a product, or it can be a service, then you will be asked to evaluate that product or service.

3. Reward Mail

It is through their reward mail that you can earn money from this Vindale research site. When users will be opening up the advertisements, and when they will be interacting with these ads that have been sent via email then cash will come and transferred to your account. For each of the reward mail, you can earn about $0.10

4. Vindale Videos

It is with the help of Vindale videos that you can earn and get money from this site as well. By watching these videos, you can be earning up to $0.25. You have to watch these videos online. These are short duration videos, and it is easier for the users to watch these videos.

5. Referral Program

It is by using their referral category that you can easily earn maximum cash. By referring every single person, you will be given $5.

6. Submitting A Payment Photo

If you are going to share your payment proof by attaching a photo, then 5 dollars will be added to your account.

This site also offers other plenty of ways to earn money in the form of cash deals and contests.

Good Things About the Company:

Talking about the good and positive sides of Vindale research, they are many in number!

  • Like rest of the sites, this website also offers many benefits to its users. Though it does not offer gift cards and points to its members, it offers real cash to its users. You only have to fill the surveys, and then you will be paid with real cash. This is a simple and a straightforward method which is opted by this site.
  • This site basically allows its users to process and get their payments without facing any trouble. You can either use a traditional check method or select a PayPal method to get your cash.
  • This site offers high rates to its members. Their per survey completion rate is quite high. Their product review rate is up to 75 dollars. Note that the more complex survey you will be completed, more and higher you will be paid.

Vindale Research Complaints:

There are certain cons which this online income earning site is packed with!

  1. Most of the users have this complaint that this site lets you earn money slowly. Like if you have expected that you will be earning huge amount of money, but in reality, this site comes with a slow earning process. Though this site looks much simpler to use and operate, at the same time, it makes difficult for you to become a member of it because it is packed with tough eligibility criteria.
  2. At times, their surveys come out to be quite lengthy and also time-consuming. And this increases the frustration of users. Like if you are spending 2 to 3 hours on a single survey and in return, you only get 2 dollars, so that is a frustrating and irritating moment for that user. This is a big complaint which most of the users have brought into the light.
  3. This site is not available for worldwide users and members. One can only work on this site if you belong to the region of United States, Australia, and Great Britain. If you do not fall in these demographic regions, then you cannot use this site.
  4. Another common complaint which is highlighted by the users of this Vindale research site, it is that whenever they ask for the payment, this site close and shut down their accounts.
  5. Only people from the United States can avail this site product offers as well as coupons. If you want to utilize its coupon offers and you are not in the USA, then you cannot become the legal user of these coupons.

Is it Worth Your Time?

So do you want to work on this Vindale research site? Here we have evaluated this site more and more and in-detail manner. Most of the people, they have asked this question that whether this site is worthy to be used or not! It is on the different websites and varied sources that this site has been moderately reviewed.

Some of the users have given it an average rating. Some of them have given it four stars out of 5 stars. Then at Consumer affair site, this site got an aggregate score of 2 out of 5. Users have complained that they spend a lot of time on a single survey and then they are told that they are not eligible for this survey.

This is the frustrating thing which makes users not to work on this site. It is due to time consumption factor that people do not consider this Vindale research site at all worthy enough.

If you want to work on this site, then it is your will, but you need to know that this site offers quite less as compared to the time spends by the users. Spending 1 hour will only give you 2 dollars. That is why people do not consider and mark this site worthy of them.

This Vindale research site, it has its own popularity scale. People enjoy themselves while working over here. No doubt that this site experiences a significant amount of traffic on it. This site has been ranked among top 7000 most and excessively visited websites. It is the popular site in the USA and also in Canada. That is why you can work on this money making site without facing any fear.

It was in 2017 that this site was ranked and included among top 32000 websites on a worldwide level. The valid sources give this ranking, and you can rely on them. It is on the recent basis that this Vindale research site was ranked and too included among the top and best 28000 most visited sites.

Is Vindale Research A Legitimate or Scam?

Now we are going to give you our final verdict that whether this Vindale research site is a legitimate site or whether it is a scam. Here are the concluding points from our end. Almost all of the things and all of the aspects look good on this site.

The only thing that troubles most of the users that this site has received average rating most of the time. That is why many of the users, they are reluctant and feel hesitation to work on this site. Its aggregate rating is average in its terms.

But at the same time, Vindale research has enjoyed lots of positive and success stories related to it as well. Its users share many of the happy and success stories. It is because of these success stories that these complaints are outnumbered now.

This site has less online reviews and online feedback shared by people. That is why people show less trust on this site. But one can praise this site too because users will not face any problem once their earnings reach 50 dollars amount. This site is working on its payment procedures and making it more quick and fast. Most of the users have found this platform and site more easy to use and comfortable as compared to other platforms.

Though Vindale research site is online money making site, this site will not give you full fledge guarantee that you will be able to earn huge cash.

So if you ask us that whether it is a yes or if it is a no to work on this site, then our verdict will be a balanced one. Because this site has officially claimed that it has paid to more than and over 5 million dollars amount to its users. You can get an idea from the success stories of this site. You can trust on this site for once, and then you can wisely decide that whether Vindale research site is workable for you or not.

We recommend you that you should try to work on this site for one time. And the rest of all, you can take the final decision. If you think that this site work on slow and lethargic medium and its tasks are time-consuming, then you can leave this site. On the whole, we have given our balanced review and feedback regarding this site. You can take a single chance and try it that whether working on this site suits you or not.

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