Video Traffic Academy 2.0 Review – Video Marketing Made Easy

Video Traffic Academy 2.0 Review – Video Marketing Made Easy

Business Name: Video Traffic Academy
Website Address:
Price: $97
Product Owner: James Wedmore
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100 points

Video Traffic Academy Review – Introduction:

James Wedmore launched this Video Traffic Academy course and it is one of best solution for those people who are looking for moving their business to the next level by using YouTube videos. YouTube is the world 3rd largest site in terms of traffic after Google and Facebook.

If you are missing this platform then do remember you can easily beat by your competitors because trend of watching videos is going bigger and bigger and most of the people are very visuals in nature and they love watching videos.

If you have not use videos and YouTube in the past then this is the right time to start and Video Traffic Academy is the best platform to start with. With this platform you will learn each and every step from creating your videos and optimize it on YouTube so that you will get best results.

What is Included in the Course?

The whole course is divided into 5 modules that will cover each and everything that you need as a beginner to start with;

Module 1: Video Traffic 101

This is a four videos course that will cover up all the basics of researching proper market and keyword research. This is extremely important because if you are wasting your time on highly competitive markets or on such terms where there are no buyers then these are of no use.

Module 2: Developing your Strategy

This is second module that comprise of six videos. Once you have a good strategy then you will be able to get rapid results with YouTube. The core of training revolved around four essential pillars of YouTube, how to easily convert your niched into authority using videos, when to post, videos that work and landing pages.

Module 3: Creating Killer Videos

This is a five parts video course that focus most of how to create perfect videos, tools that help you to create videos quickly, getting same results without showing your face on videos, how to outsource this video creation process for pennies in order to grow tour business extremely fast.

Module 4: Video Optimization

This is the part where most of the people struggle because they know how to create videos but they find it extremely difficult to optimize it to see good results. James put more emphasis on this part by creating a ten steps to video optimization.

This will cover all optimization training including channel optimization, ranking factors, video optimization checklist, channel example, uploading example, time stamping, annotations, call to action overlay, YouTube enhancements, how to edit existing videos.

Module 5: Advanced Video Traffic Strategies

Once you have published your video then it’s time to promote your videos to get the most. It is a five step video series that guide you each and every step that you need to increase your video views for years to come.

I have seen people struggled to get views consistently but this is the perfect training to learn how to get good views and increase your channel subscribers.

Things I Liked:

Excellent Training

To be honest, there are tons of useful information you can find in the member’s area. James cover each and everything that a beginner need to be successful and by purchasing this I can easily say that you don’t need to invest in other platform in order to learn more tips and tricks.

The founder of this course James is a very well-known video marketer that really does know what he is talking about. I have seen lot of people on the web that are very successful by using this course. You can also find different people on forums, YouTube and your surroundings to know the value of this course.

YouTube – The video Giant

The course also become more legit because it is talking about a platform that is the world’s 3rd largest traffic platform, 1st video traffic platform, 2nd best search engine and many more. You can imagine there are billions of daily views that are receiving this YouTube.

I have seen people wasting their time by just surfing and browsing useless tasks but if you have a business then you can use it for your business to easily move it to the next level by putting extra effort regularly.

Reasonable Price

With such high quality information and training I can easily say that this product is available at a very reasonable price of $97 one time. After paying this amount you would get access to life time access to member’s area and future updates.

With spending only $97 you are building an online business that will reward you in future from years to come. This is true that the results are not instant but if you work hard consistently then soon you will be seeing results.

Training for Everyone

People are always thinking that they know nothing about this field so after investing such amount whether they would be able to understand this video marketing techniques or not. I can easily say that this course is best designed for everyone, whether you are beginner or at more advanced level.


Despite the quality of training, I always believe that as a beginner you need help because somewhere you may stuck and if you have proper support system then you can easily get out of this place. Luckily there is a reasonable good support system offered by James.

You may contact support staff through support tab or there is a community where you may participate and share your thoughts or ask your queries from the community.

Things I Don’t Liked:

My Friend it requires Hard Word

By reading above or watching sales page you may be thinking that it is just two plus two business then you are on the wrong side. Because there are lot of top marketer are known using this platform for their business and competition is getting tougher and tougher.

You can only succeed once you are committed to your work and put persistent effort. You cannot be successful by just uploading one video and banking cash rather you need to create regular videos and a time will come when you have numerous videos and you are getting consistent conversions and sales.

My Final Words:

Video Traffic Academy is for everyone who wants to move business to the next level. The training is greatly designed for everyone (beginner or professional) and it includes training from basic to intermediate and most advanced strategies. Moreover. James has incorporated various case studies that will also help you to learn things quickly.

In past, people generally go for creating website for affiliate marketing but with the advent of videos portal it becomes easier and easier to create your eye-catching videos about a product and promote it via affiliate link by mentioning it in the description area.

I generally using websites plus videos marketing and if you are also looking for learning how to create your own website and then build your online business then see my #1 recommendation also.