User Testing Review – Is it a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

User Testing Review – Is it a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Business Name: User TestingUser Testing Review – Is it a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?
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User Testing Scam Review – Introduction:

I have always been eager to find opportunities that offer new ways of earning. From last few months, there are a lot of sites popping up that will allow to register and make money for testing out websites. User testing is also one of them, and this review will show you whether this is a right opportunity for you or not.

It is a method where companies test their website and their usability to know that whether it is user-friendly or not. The questions companies are looking:

  • How easy is it to access and read a site?
  • How difficult is it to navigate around and lost on the site?
  • E-commerce businesses that are product focused want to know how easy it is to search the products on the website.
  • Do colors and overall structure offer a pleasant feelings to the users?

Big companies invest a huge sum of money in getting visitors to their site. Either they are using paid methods like PPC or doing SEO, it cost you big time especially when you have large competitors. After doing such they simply could not afford to lose visitor just because of an unfriendly site.

One thing very clear about this method is that doing this type of work just rewards you some extra money only — which means that if you are thinking of a full time or long term business, then this is not for you.

Even one more thing, if you just having fun while doing this and money is not your primary aim then this is perfect opportunity to enjoy your hobby.

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Where to Start?

Registering with the site is free and after doing this, you need to undertake a test using an online screen recorder. This tool will be provided free of cost, and once you’re signed up, you’ll have access to it through their website. The screen recorder will record everything going on your desktop as you explore a site, including your mouse actions, the links you click, and so on.

I think now you are pretty clear about how this testing will help them properly understand what sections on their site need fixing and what areas are good to go. You need to move each part and speak about your constructive critic, and they can also hear your comments as you scan their site, so as you can assume this is a service that would be very valuable to a person building a new website.

UT site supports either a PC or Mac. If you are qualified for the test, you’ll also need a microphone to record your voice. Screen recording is one of the costly product, but you are provided for free.


How much can you earn?

At the start, you will most of the offers start from $3 to $10 for every website test you do. It will take your 15 to 202016-04-21_10-54-10 minutes to complete that test. Once you have completed the test, your payment will be in a pending status and after seven days it get released to your PayPal account.

As you get older with a four plus rating, you will also get $15 per test and even at a lesser time like 10 to 15 minutes. You hard work will eventually pay you off after some time and you will get increasing number of tests.

Things Should be Considered Before Joining this Site:

1). The first issue is you are not guaranteed to get daily tests, which is why I said above that this is just an extra money opportunity. I know how it would be a tense situation when you are looking two to three times a day and could not get any.

The most important thing that decides your eligibility is your demographics. If you are from the USA then most likely you get some daily. Sometimes you are happy after accessing your account but could not qualify for that particular test.

2). This is not something that can earn you a full-time income. Getting one or two test after two or three days would not let you rich and a replacement of your job. Even companies have strict criteria to approve any test and if they don’t agree with your test they can write a negative review which can spoil your whole profile.

3). Giving such test is an art and which cannot be fit for everyone. If you are good at this and confident in speaking on everything, then this can be an opportunity for you, but I know that very few people could be of such criteria.

It takes the time to get some perfection, and the thing is just keep talking about what you see and your thoughts on the website. It means you need some experience of using the site because if you don’t know anything then how would you be able to talk about such things.

4). You needed to be log in most of the time because companies had a budget and required only a few number of tests from the users and once it gets completed then the will not entertain anymore. To cater this problem, you need to log in most of the time and when you see any new test just do it immediately.

My Final Words:

User Testing is a legitimate way to earn money, and it helps both companies to get an objective viewpoint and helps users to make some money. I would recommend this business to those who are more passionate about doing such things rather than money. The reason is that it is not something that can help you to earn a full-time income.

I know some people are using this for making money to invest in some places and learn more about doing online business. If you are also among them and don’t have money, then you can use this opportunity to earn $50 to $100 per month.

What’s Next?

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