Unison Wealth Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Unison Wealth
Website Address: www.unisonwealth.com
Price: Free + Upgrade
Business Owner: Not Known
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

Unison Wealth Scam Review – Introduction:

Unison Wealth was launched in November 2014. This program has grown well and still lot of people are joining this program. This site has nearly 6000 members and it has paid over $185,000 to its members.

It is basically an advertising platform where members can promote their affiliate links, products and services to other members. It is not an investment opportunity rather an advertising platform where you can promote your business to visitors coming to this site.

In reality it is a forced matrix site with lot of innovative things and require you to invest money and wait for the new members to join, to make a profit.

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How to Earn Money from Unison Wealth?

Matrix Earnings – After joining, member need to deposit $55 in his account. $5 for payment of registration fee and $50 for each subscription (in order to join compensation plan for earning money). $50 subscription last for 50 days and after 15 days you need to pay this again in order to join the compensation plan. You can maximum buy 20 subscriptions.

Once you buy subscription, then $45 will transfer to cash wallet to subscription wallet and this is 15 days advance subscription and it pay daily $3. $3 goes to sponsor as upfront referral commission and $2 to accelerator pool.

There are five levels, from level A to E in compensation plan. Each subs entitle you to earn from each 5 levels. Once you purchase a subscription then you are placed in the level A 2×1. It means if there are two new members join after you then they are put under you. This will entitle you $1.50 and move to next level b. This is how forced matrix members work.

Referral Commission – Sponsor earn from three different ways from their referrals. They will earn upfront referral commission, when referrals position cycle then sponsor earn matching bonus and earn more from super sponsor.

Accelerator Pool – A separate pool is created and is used to cycle the positions timely. It helps that cycling position does not slow down and increase its speed. It ensures system longevity and helps the system so that it don’t only depend on new purchases. Accelerator pool take the following funds

  • $5 Upgrade admin fee
  • $2 On Purchase of each Sub
  • As per the Payouts on New Levels’ cycling
  • On Cycling of All OLD Levels

In simple terms Accelerator pools create new positions is level A to speed up the cycling.

Matrix Rotator – In order to benefit the latest members Matrix Rotator has been designed. A fund percentage has allocated in the matrix rotator from accelerator pool which will be used from time to time to reward those who particularly join in the end.

Unison Wealth Pros vs. Cons:


  • In other programs where the concept of Daily Subs used, Members lose their accounts if they were not able to pay for their Subscription on time. But here no account will get terminated for non-payment of Subscription and all positions in your account will continue to earn for you only.
  • Unison Wealth has tried new concepts in its program in order to speed up the cycler position. But only the time will tell that whether they are successful or not.
  • It uses multiple payment options like Payza, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin, Okpay, Perfect Money and Egopay.


  • There are lot of programs similar to this in the past has scammed so many people and this also like similar to them and there is a high probability that you end up losing.
  • This is a type of system where those who join first are able to earn money and those who join lately will see their positions cycles slowly and ultimately time comes where no position cycles because of no new members join. As these type of system totally dependent on new members. They all tried new innovative methods but all were just wasted due to structure of those programs. This system also created an accelerated pool to speed up the process but it seems that it will also not work in the long run.
  • It requires investment but with nothing product. So why not invest where you get decent product and helps you to fulfill your dreams. You income is totally depend on cycles and you don’t know where you are and when it will cycle. It is better to promote genuine product using our #1 recommended system Wealthy Affiliate.

Is Unison Wealth a Scam Or Legitimate? My Conclusion:

Unison Wealth has been around since 2014 and are paying to its members so it cannot be a scam. But we have seen other similar programs in the past that was shut down and run away with member’s money. Members are increasing day by day but it cannot be guaranteed that hoe long this will happen because a stage come when people feel that it is now difficult to cycle then people stop joining this system and whole system will collapse.

My main issue with such type of system is the sustainability. There is also a news that this site is own by the same person who own banner brokers that shut down in the past and if the admin is same so how people can trust them.

It is highly advisable to invest money to only those programs that have a highly solid foundation and that are generating revenue through legal means.

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Please share your thoughts about Unison Wealth here if you are currently a member and if you are not a member than please leave here any question in your mind as I am very happy to help you.

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