Ultimate Traffic Monster Scam Review – A Worthy Investment

Ultimate Traffic Monster Scam Review – A Worthy Investment

Business Name: Ultimate Traffic Monster
Website Address: www.ultimatetrafficmonster.com
Price: $9.95 + Upsells
Business Owner: Naidy Phoon
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100 points

Ultimate Traffic Monster Scam Review – Introduction:

Traffic is lifeblood of a website and without it you cannot earn even a single penny. There are different ways you can use to direct traffic to your site and some methods are free, while others are paid.

Ultimate Traffic Monster is a product launched by Naidy Phoon and this product guides you how to attract large number of visitors to your site. You may be thinking which method is used by Naidy Phoon in his training as there are various methods like SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Forums etc. Well it is not one of them instead he guides you a new method in which you can use Reddit.

What is Included in the Ultimate Traffic Monster?

It is an eBook that guides you how to drive huge free traffic using Reddit to your site. As per Naidy, you can make up to $610 per day by doing just 17 minutes work. Reddit is a social media site like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but has some different concept. If you know Reddit strategy then you can get large number of traffic to your site.

This eBook is about 60 page long and guides you from basic to advance. All you need to share something attracting to the viewers, so when people view it then most of them definitely like it and once your post attract good number of upwards then your post will be show on Reddit main page. This is the place most people are looking for and you will get large number of visitors.

Things I Like about Ultimate Traffic Monster

Useful Information

Ultimate Traffic Monster is promoting a very legit method that can help you to get large number of visitors. Traffic through social media has been around for many years and most of the people are using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but very few people know other methods like Reddit.

Naidy pdf guide is great for people who want to learn about this strategy as it contains information for both beginners and advanced workers. You will learn how to create account, site info and how to find and post content. Guide is about 60 pages long so you can easily sum up in few hours.

He also focus more on quality rather than quantity because if you go otherwise then other Redditors will not even read your information.

Legit Business Model

Reddit has been around for years and in past few years it has grown very fast. I personally dislike Reddit due to its poor structure or style but this can send massive traffic to your site. A large number of people from USA used this platform and I checked its Alexa stats, it really surprised me. Its global rank is 32 and it is number 10 in USA.

You can see the potential of this platform and many internet marketers are using this method and getting some good results.

Things I Don’t Like about Ultimate Traffic Monster

Not a Complete Beginners Product

I prefer to use this strategy once you complete your foundation level. Because it is necessary to learn how to build website, it’s SEO (basic), write quality content and then other methods to drive visitors to your site. It is implied that if you write quality content regularly then traffic start to come and it’s increased naturally.

But if you want to get quick results then you can used such strategy but in order to get results from this you must know above mentioned things. Because how’s your landing or squeeze page, your content and website design all contribute to your profitable operations. If your site lacks above all then you can think yourself how much loss you have to bear, not only currently but also in future.

Good but Not Ideal Strategy

It is not necessary that this strategy works all the time and you have to work hard in order to get good results. I have seen people using Imgur images but couldn’t able to get results and some people are using group efforts like if you vote up to my image then I will return you too. This is also not the ideal way to approach.

Moreover, Reddit site has strict rules and regulations, if you violate then your account will be banned like many people join this platform for spamming and don’t interact with the community or they share their posts in wrong sub-Reddit. It is better to first increase your link karma and when it reaches to 300 then share your links.

Sometime traffic you will receive is not targeted and instead of benefitting you, it may harm your site like it can increase your bounce rate and search engine treats this negatively. Prime mission of Google is to deliver useful information to user and when Google know this that people are leaving without interacting this site then it can de-rank your site.

Best traffic you get, that are very nearly to convert are through search engine and using commercial keywords. It is better to rank on those keywords using SEO and get conversions regularly.

Some Missing Marks in the Training

Naidy training is good but I called it excellent if it show us something. Please remember there is a large difference between tell and show. Most people, especially beginners understand well when you show them the case study i.e. how you write article and get thousands of visitors and earn dollars rather than do it in that way.

This product may even be better if contains few video tutorials because most people like products and training in the form of video tutorials.

Is Ultimate Traffic Monster a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Ultimate Traffic Monster is a decent product that is worth $10. You will learn some new way to get traffic to your site using Reddit and it can help you to diversify traffic sources. But remember you should know the basics well before applying this method.

This is just a traffic getting eBook but if you want to learn how to build you online business that guides you every aspect of this then see my #1 recommendation.

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