Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review – Naidy Phoon Scam or Legit? (2021)

Welcome to my Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review!

Naidy Phoon Ultimate Traffic Monster (UTM) 3.0 claims that using their Marketing Machines you can siphon unlimited traffic from the biggest websites on the internet and turn $1 into $3.50 over and over again.

Though the claim looks very excited to me, so I decided to look into the UTM to see whether it has the potential to do it or it is a typical scam.

In this review, I will see that whether it is really that easy for Ultimate Traffic Monster to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is Ultimate Traffic Monster a scam or legit?

Product Name: Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0

Founder: Naidy Phoon

Product Type: CPA Marketing Using PPV Traffic Method 

Price: $997

Best For: Medium and Advanced Marketers

Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 Review

Summary: Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 was launched in November 2018, and it is a product of Naidy Phoon. Previous two versions of his product gained good popularity and had able to sell over 20,000 copies worldwide. The third version is even a better product than the previous two.

The product includes everything you need to know about setting up your funnel and then using different traffic generation strategies which can bring you great results if you applied them correctly.

Rating: 95/100

Verdict: Yes

  What is Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 (UTM)? 

Ultimate Traffic Monster (UTM) is a product created by a digital marketer, Naidy Phoon. This is currently the third version of this product, and the launch is due to massive demand from the people.

He has sold over 20,000 copies of older versions and helped many people to build and grow their online businesses.

The FIRST VERSION of this product focused entirely on “Reddit Mastery, ” which means you were shown how to get unlimited traffic from Reddit.

The SECOND VERSION is a guide on how to drive traffic from Bing and Facebook to earn income.

The THIRD VERSION goes one step further, and it guides you an idea on how to invest $1 and convert it into $4.50 again and again.

You will learn each and everything about setting up a funnel (like how to select an offer, create a landing page, setting up autoresponder) and driving traffic through Pay Per View (PPV) networks.

So, unlike previous versions where his focus was only to attract a large audience to your site, the third version is more of a complete training on CPA/Affiliate marketing.

Traffic is the lifeblood of a website, and without it, you cannot earn even a single penny. There are different ways you can use to drive traffic to your site, and some methods are free, while others are paid.

UTM focuses more on paid traffic methods as you can control it and scale it up very easily. 

Who is Naidy Phoon?

Naidy Phoon is a young entrepreneur behind the UTM. He has already won many contests against industry leaders, and I have seen his name on many programs leaderboards.

Naidy Phoon

Naidy Phoon

He is also known as one of the pioneers in Reddit and Pinterest traffic generation (before marketers even knew about them).

Not only he is using online space, but also he has built many physical businesses in the skin care, weight loss, bodybuilding spaces.

Recently, I have seen his interview where he has shown how has published a mobile game that garnered over 500,000 downloads.

Though he launched many products in the past but he is mostly known for this UTM product.

His other products are (most are closed):

  • The Ultimate IM Vault
  • Ultimate Tube Monster Unlimited License
  • CPA Monster 2.0
  • FB Traffic Ricochet Premium Package

 Inside the Ultimate Traffic Monster 3?

Previous versions were more of ebooks but the third version is a video series on how to set up things properly. 

1. Training 

Let’s look at a few of the training content that is included in UTM 3.0:

  • How to choose the high converting offer?

  • How to use the  “The Magic Duo” concept to guarantee a positive ROI with paid traffic? 

  • How to properly set up campaigns to ensure profitability from day one?

  • A great tool that shows thousands of laser-targeted keywords to use in your campaigns. 

  • How to set up high converting landing pages? (40%-65% conversion rate hacks) 

  • How to open up traffic network to reveal keywords that give you $0.01 visitors?

  • How to set up your conversion tracking properly to identify profitable keywords and websites?

  • How to use the 80/20 rule to create “golden campaigns” that give you returns of 450% or more?

  • How to remove “dead” keywords out of the campaigns?

  • How to build an “invisible Magic List” of 100,000 or more people in a single day?

2. Done for You

  1. Custom Done for You Campaigns – Everything researched and created from scratch including landing pages, email swipes, keyword research – all according to the offer.
  2. Risk-free Lead Generation – UTM 3 provides the option to generate leads and sales WITHOUT creating any campaign, optimizing it, and any risk. You have the option to purchase leads at a fixed rate, i.e., $1.50 per lead which is significantly lower than the industry average. Unlike other services like SOLO ADS these are high-quality leads that aren’t bombarded every day with affiliate offers, and the leads are UNIQUE – meaning they aren’t shared.

  Pay Per View (PPV) Traffic Source:

So, what’s different in this version from the previous. As you have seen above that the previous versions used Reddit, Bing, and Facebook as a traffic source.

But now it is Pay Per View Traffic, also known as PPV traffic.

It means you pay a small amount for every view of your advertisement. There is no need to create an ad here. The advertisement means your landing page.

In traditional PPC model when someone saw your ad and click it, then that person will reach your advertised URL. However, with PPV: the user will view your site directly after they type a particular keyword or access a specific site in the navigation bar of their web browser.

It is also called INTERRUPTION MARKETING because people are interrupted to pay attention to particular things like pop up or under.

Your fitness page will pop up when someone types a specific keyword (like how to lose weight fast): so, this traffic is also very targeted.

Unlike other advertisement platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook where you have to spend $1 to $2 for just one click: here you can get one view for just one cent or two.

So you are getting targeted traffic at very cheap rates. The most popular platforms which provide PPV traffic are:

  • Propel Media
  • RTXPlatform
  •  SelfAdvertiser
  • Mediatraffic
  • ZeroPark
  • LeadBolt

  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Useful Information

There are tons of useful information you can get inside the member’s area. It is a complete guide on how to set up your sales funnel and then send it traffic using PPV. 

Traffic through search engines and social media has been around for many years, and most of the people are using Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but very few people know about promoting affiliate offers through Pay Per View traffic.

Naidy course is great for people who want to learn about this strategy as it contains information for both beginners and advanced marketers.

2. Legit Business Model

Ultimate Traffic Monster is promoting legit business models, i.e., CPA Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

I also use this business model to make money. It is a beginner’s friendly model, and you don’t need to create your own product.

There are tons of platform like Clickbank, Maxbounty, Commission Junction, Shareasale and many more where you can find quality products and promote it.

You can start with a low upfront cost and scale your business very easily. 

3. You Can Scale it Up Easily

The only way you can scale your business up is by having a Consistent Flow of Traffic to your Business.

Big businesses who are getting thousands of visitors every day from Google have already ranked hundreds of their keywords on Google. They have been many years in this business and gained authority over time.

But those businesses who have just started their journey, it gets tough for them – first to get that traffic and then maintain it.

So, to get the immediate results they only have the option of using Paid Traffic Methods.

Paid methods need a good budget to start, but if you have it, you have full control over this. All you need is to get a positive return on investment (ROI), and you are ready to scale this up.

4. Low-Cost Traffic Source

As discussed above about the PPV method, it’s going to be a game changer. You generally failed on Google Ads and Bing Ads due to high competition and ads “Quality Score” issue.

PPV traffic source is one of the most underutilized traffic sources out there. It has a lot of potentials, and you can make your campaigns very successful due to targeted traffic and due to the low cost.

5. Naidy Shows Rather than Tell

Naidy training is excellent because he has shown us how to do it step by step rather than just telling. Please remember there is a large difference between telling and showing.

Most people, especially beginners understand well when you show them the case study, i.e., which platform to use for PPV traffic, how to select bids, how to be profitable and many more.

Also, the product is in video format so most people would love it.

The Bad

1. Not a Complete Beginners Product

I prefer to use this strategy once you complete your foundation level.

Because it is necessary to learn how to build a website, write quality content and then other basic SEO to drive visitors to your site.

It is implied that if you write quality content regularly, free traffic from Google starts to come in and your conversions started to rise.

But if you didn’t know all this and started with paid traffic methods, at first, you may not understand what is going on, and on the other hand, there is a risk of losing your initial investment.

Though the training includes basic stuff, still it is my personal preference to learn that info first and then all this process makes sense to you.

If you want to know how to learn all this, I suggest you see my #1 recommended site where I have also started my internet marketing journey.

2. It Takes Time to Perfect

It is not necessary that this strategy works all the time. You have to work hard to get good results.

I have seen people leave traffic method just after running campaigns for a few days. This is the biggest mistake in paid advertising.

Once you have set up all those things and tracking them properly, you can view all of your stats. This helps you identify negative keywords and positive keywords.

Negative are those who are wiping out your budget and positive are those who are giving you a positive return on investment. So, you can easily delete negative keywords and focus on the positive ones.

So, it’s all about running those ads and get enough data to make the right decisions. 

3. It Costs You Money

As the most of UTM 3 focus is on paid advertising, therefore you need a budget as well. Different platforms require different deposit amounts to start.

So, in my opinion, you should have at least $100 to start in some of the platforms.

Moreover, you should also invest in different tools like tracking, landing pages, and VPS hosting. So, dear if you don’t have a budget to spend on those tools this product isn’t for you.

  Is Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 a Scam or Legit?

In short, Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0 is an excellent product that is worth $997.

If you have used Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads many times in the past, UTM will learn you a new way of getting traffic to your funnel, and it is good for traffic diversity.

Naidy being an expert marketer knows everything about how to make your journey successful using PPV traffic.

This traffic source really gives you cheap traffic that not only is targeted but also gives you a better return on investment.

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