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I know you have a few questionnaires in your mind and I hope you will find the answers in this post.

I also hope you will find this post really useful and in the end, you will take action to start your online journey!

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My Background

My name is Khan and I started my make money online journey back in 2008.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride, I have tried many things throughout the years which included Pay to Click Sites (PTC), Get Paid to Sites (GPT), Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, blogging and many more that mostly turned out to be scams or closed their businesses.

I was involved in all those stuff till 2015, and after wasting many years and money, I came to know that these aren’t the things to be pursued.

Better Late Than Never…

I wanted the freedom to work from home and relieve the pressure of office work.

Also, I wanted a business model where I don’t have to deal with the challenges of the above business models rather it takes me towards a way where I start building a passive income stream.

Why I Created This Guide?

Then in May 2015, I finally found a proven system that showed me how to build an online business from home and satisfy all that I desired!

It was actually a training platform where I learned everything, and when applied correctly you can saw results like (some):


Believe me, when I started this system in 2015, I don’t know anything at all about it. But over the three years, I have learned so much on this training platform, and it’s been an unbelievable journey!

But one thing I want to make it clear, it wasn’t an easy journey, and I put a consistent effort to reach this level.

I owe all to this training platform that guided me everything from zero. No other system has helped me to get the same results.

This is the only reason behind my guide; I like to share what I found so you can establish the online business and live the lifestyle you want.

What I’m going to show you is all about building an online business that is sustainable for the long-term and will generate you a passive income for years to come.

Before I go into what this training program is, I will tell you how my online business works next.

It’s an interesting time to be in the online world!

Online Businesses Take Time, and Real Effort To Build

All scam products online play with the emotions that money can be made overnight or instantly on the internet without making much of an effort.

Everyone appears to make money in a rush and want that turnkey system that actually doesn’t exist.

Online business definitely has advantages over the offline business, but it doesn’t mean you could take it easy.

I will never say you that you can make thousands of dollars by doing little to no work at all.

Having a business means you have to do continuous work that could mean finding ways to target more people and increase your reach.

The truth is “As you sow, so shall you reap.” The more work you put here, the better the results and income you will enjoy in the future.

But today if you are willing to invest in your business, it will return to you in so many ways.


If you realize that this online business takes time and an unbroken effort to build, this could be the answer for you.

I love online business, and I hope you too!

I will also explain to you how to start it for FREE so keep reading!!

The Ultimate Way
To Make Money Online

Understanding The Process

There are many ways you can utilize to make money online, but the best way is to create a simple website (don’t freak out yet, bear with me, & just keep reading) about a subject or topic in which you are passionate about.

If you love swimming, you can choose swimming as a topic, or there are thousands of topics like climbing, pets, make money, security cameras, baseball, volleyball, health, and fitness, relationships, motivation, languages and many more.

In business term, it is called a niche.

Let’s suppose you have chosen a niche, “Fitness,” now you will write helpful content about “Fitness” that will get your website on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If people make searches on Google about fitness, they will see your website on Google and click on it.

Your visitors will see you have lots of useful info about how to be fit and healthy (say for example); your visitor will most likely value your advice and do whatever you have written on that content.

If you ask them to click on a link, then they will click it, and generally, the links will take them to sites like Amazon, Clickbank, and eBay and if they buy that product, you will make a commission!

This entire process is called affiliate marketing, and it is the most widely used business model on the internet to make money online.

It’s a proven system, and many successful internet marketers are using this method.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is the method of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products and services.

So you can go to marketplaces like Amazon and Clickbank and sign up with their affiliate programs and start promoting their products with the unique affiliate links they give you.

When people click on your unique affiliate links, it will take them to Amazon and Clickbank websites, and if they buy something, you will earn a commission!

Affiliate Marketing

There’s No Need To SELL In Affiliate Marketing

The above-described process, you never have to really “sell” any product or involve in face to face marketing.

You are getting visitors to your site because people are looking for a solution to their problem and you have mentioned the solution on your website. People are coming to you on their own, and you don’t involve in any form of selling or anything like this.

I hate selling and already wasted my time on MLM companies, so this business model is ideal for me because I can write about things I love to do and helping other people do the same.

So, the crux of the matter is helping others because this will build trust.

Once you build a brand by making authority in that niche, you will reap the benefits for the years to come. As people trust you and click on your associate/affiliate links and purchase your recommended products or services.

Even you can master this affiliate marketing business in no time!

Why This Method Works So Well?

Just imagine, there are over 4 billion users (and growing each year) searching on the web for answers 24/7, do you think more than one person is searching for let’s say how to get six pack abs.

So if you write one helpful article on your writing can help way hundreds or even thousands of people around the world!

What if you have tens or even hundreds of such posts that are each benefiting thousands of people?

Have You Seen The Income Potential?

The more valuable you are in your niche, the better you could achieve rank on search engines, the more visitors you will get; ultimately the more money you’ll make.

You can earn money over and over again from that single post you wrote, which then generates passive income for you because you’ll be earning on that one article for months and years to come!

So could you guess if you had a tens of these articles helping lots of people on the web, and earning over and over again?

That’s why having a website is so essential => People come to YOU.

If you don’t have a website, you will always be following the money. That’s where you fall into the hands of such scam products.

Don’t worry I will show you at the end how you can create your own such websites that help people and makes you money. 

This All Sounds Excellent But I Don’t Know Anything About Websites!!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

I understand you may know nothing about making websites, how to write useful content, or how to launch it on Google.

But, if you are ready to understand the idea of using affiliate marketing and assisting others by recommending products and services to them, that’s all you need to understand right now.

If you can understand how this of money making money process works, the rest can be easily learned, and I will explain to you how you can begin this new exciting adventure for FREE.

No Coding Knowledge To Learn

Literally, when I started, I didn’t know anything about website and wary of things like coding, programming, and other stuff.

Nowadays, building your website is truly simple and only take a few clicks, and within a few seconds, you can have your website launch on the internet!

If you don’t believe me, keep reading, and I will show you!

Just count the lucky stars that you have a shortcut these days to build your website with.

I hope this provides you a little sigh of relief as I have seen many newbies with zero knowledge of any of this stuff and still be able to build a highly successful online business!

Let’s Recap The Concept Of
Making Money Online


This is the niche I talked about earlier in my example of fitness.

You should be selecting something that you are really interested in and not what you think will earn you the most money.

This is really important because if you don’t pick a niche that you love or passionate about, you may soon lose interest in your business.

Every person has inherent liking for certain things, and you do all the time or something you really want to learn about.

With so many people online, millions of ideas will work for this business!


I know you may still have doubts about this part, but you don’t need to worry about as everything will be live in a click of a button.

I will show you the best and simple way to build your website, even for free!

There is No technical knowledge required, and you’ll have your website live and running in a matter of minutes, if not less.

You will be amazed what you can do and how much easier than you thought it would be.


Now that you have your website live with a few valuable articles, you will start getting traffic!

You will see how to get UNLIMITED FREE TRAFFIC to your website, and you won’t have to advertise your site if you don’t want to.

This will happen when your website gets ranking well on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As people see you on Google and other search engines, they will start clicking on your website to visit it.


All you have to do is recommend products manufactured by companies Amazon, Target, Walmart, Clickbank, Nike, Apple, Best Buy, eBay, etc.

The companies pay you when you give them sales and reward you for all your efforts.

When you bring people to your website, they will start clicking on your suggested products.

When they order, YOU MAKE MONEY!

“Can I Really Do This?”

Yes You Can!

If you can read this guide, you’ll be able to learn how to make this whole online business because the platform that I’m going to reveal you guide you step-by-step and teach you everything you need to know.

You don’t need to be an expert or professional writer; you just need to follow the training and take action accordingly.

The training is actually your blueprint to making money online. It will guide you everything you need to know as well as give you with tools that will help you do things easier.

Even people from all walks of life can do this! So, I know YOU can do this too!

How To Get Started?

Get Training

At the start of this guide, I told you I’d tried a few things when I started my journey. These include blogging and affiliate marketing as well. I don’t know how to do them correctly, but I was doing it on my own.

So, I ended up wasting my time and money.  

I was hearing and seeing that people are making money from this and I tried many things to get the same results.

But failed!

Since I was disappointed with the other online things I was doing, but I was hoping to find something that will support me build this affiliate marketing business right this time.

Finally Found It!

On May 2015, I was so happy to finally discover this incredible training program called Wealthy Affiliate.

I was so relieved that I felt like I discovered GOLD because I have tried so many things for so long… now I eventually found the training, business tools, and support I have been looking for to start my online journey right this time!

I knew getting the right training will guide me how to make my website right, how to write engaging content, how to get highly ranked on Google, and how to make money online finally!

Many platforms teach affiliate marketing in a wrong way; they always have you follow the money.

But at Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you how to do it the right way, and ultimately the money comes to you.

This is why creating a website is important and inevitable, and the training at Wealthy Affiliate will guide you how to get free targeted search traffic to your site which can easily be converted into money.

Finally, I got a business model that satisfied the three things which every people dream about:

  • Support

  • Work From Any Location

  • Passive Income

 Now, YOU get to start with the right training and support to build the online business. Also, they have so many resources which I have never seen on any other training programs.

Let me dive into further details now, and you can get started your journey for FREE so you can pursue along with what I explain below:

A Closer Look At Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate specializes in training and helping people on how to create an online business using affiliate marketing.

They take you from the very start of:  

  • Picking a niche

  • Building the website

  • Writing content

  • Getting traffic

  • Making money 

You will learn ALL of it in one place.

No more hunting around on your own and gathering pieces of the puzzles.

You will be learning what you need to in step by step manner. Everything on the program is organized and ordered so you can develop your business the correct way!

Here are some of the prominent features offered by this program:

  • Online Certification Courses (Training)

  • Affiliate Bootcamp (Training)

  • Keyword Research Tool

  • State of the Art Web Hosting

  • Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Lessons

  • Simple But Powerful Website Builder

  • Different Classrooms To Learn From

  • Weekly Live Webinars

  • Live Chat For Instant Support

  • Full Support System

I have just covered the main things, but there is really so much to talk about when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate.

It would be a great idea to create your free account now so that you can follow along the way I go over the main features of the training platform:

There is no time limit to keep your free account. You can have it as long as you wish because it’s not a free trial, it’s a Free Starter Membership which I will explain below in full detail.

For now, let’s first check out some of the awesome features at Wealthy Affiliate!

Step-By-Step Easy To Follow Lessons

The main training course at Wealthy Affiliate is the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which you can access by clicking on the “Training” link located on the left menu after you’ve signed in.

It’s absolutely easy to follow as concepts are explained in a style like the way I’ve been writing here and there will be videos in the lessons to show you how to do things as well.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This course has 5 Levels as seen in the image above and each level has 10 lessons.

In Getting Started Level 1, these are the first 10 lessons of the course that you will get FREE with your free account:

At the end of each lesson you’ll have a list of tasks to take action on so you are really building your online business alongside your learning.

On the right of each lesson, you will see a lesson tracker like the one seen on the right.

It keeps you organized and tracks where you are in each level and lesson.

On the top right of the tracker, it tells you what percentage you have completed which encourages you to keep going.

I always tell people not to skip any lessons because they are organized specifically to learn and do certain things on your website at a certain time.

So all you have to do is start at Level 1, Lesson 1 and continue through.

There is also a discussion area at the bottom of each lesson in case you have something to ask or something to say about what’s being taught.

It’s really the best training I’ve seen as it’s newbie user friendly!

Simple But Powerful Website Builder

Here it is, no more anxiety about building websites!

I’m going to show you how easy it is to create your first free website with the Website Builder at Wealthy Affiliate!

You will see how powerful this website builder is and yet very simple to use.

You just have to complete five simple steps:

  • STEP 1 – Select “On a free domain”

  • STEP 2 – Choose a domain name for your website

  • STEP 3 – Choose a website title

  • STEP 4 – Choose a website theme

  • STEP 5 – Click the “Click Here to Build This Site” button

To see how all these steps work and how you can create your free website under a minute, just take a look at this short video I’ve put together:

See, not that scary right? You can do this, so why don’t you give it a try now?

Start here and enter the name you want in your site’s URL address:

Highly Secured Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Your websites will be hosted on the latest web hosting technologies that are very secured and not like other cheap web hosts where sites can be easily under cyber attack.

Wealthy Affiliate‘s hosting platform is also highly optimized for WordPress which is the engine behind your blog websites.

You can trust that your sites will be automatically backed up, highly secured, and will have the best site speeds.

On the training platform, they also offer domain registration as well if you want to transfer your free site to your own custom domain.

Custom domains bought on the platform offer some extra features like SSL Certificates and Private Registration which are both usually extra costs somewhere else.

Custom domains are always an extra cost anywhere you go but you can buy yours somewhere else as well and still host it on Wealthy Affiliate’s powerful hosting platform.

Transferring your free website to your own domain is very simple on Wealthy Affiliate and it’s done in a matter of a few clicks.

More Ways To Learn

Besides the main Online Entrepreneur Certification course, there are actually even more ways to learn.

The platform offers another course called Affiliate Bootcamp that teaches you how to build a business around Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program.

Next, there are 13 Classrooms where you can learn more on specific topics.

Each classroom has detailed discussions happening and you can learn from what’s already there or ask questions in there to find more answers.

In addition, Wealthy Affiliate offers Weekly Live Training Webinars to learn latest topics in affiliate marketing or see live case studies being built right in front of your eyes!

These webinars are great because you can watch them over and over again since they have instant replays available within 24 hours after the sessions is complete.

There are currently more than 200 past webinars to learn from at your own pace.

I really love attending these live so that you can ask questions to Jay who hosts these webinars and interact with other members attending.


You will not run out of help on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is one of the biggest perks I didn’t even know about until I joined.

I couldn’t believe I had a huge community to lean on and even able to contact the owners for extra help!

There are so many ways to get help and ask questions, so you are never stuck for long.

There is Live Chat if you need that instant help, really, your answers are usually in under a few minutes!

Or you can post a “Ask A Question” to the community so you get multiple answers and various opinions.

Or you can post a blog post on the Wealthy Affiliate platform to ask a question to the community.

Below any lesson Level, there is a discussion area there too where you can ask questions.

One more place is Private Messaging to the owners or to a member for your questions.

If you have any technical questions about your website though, then you’ll have a 24/7 technical support team as well that responses very quickly.

To help you with your content, the training platform also provides a Keyword Research Tool to use as well as the lessons to explain how to use it correctly.

You’ll be able to write awesome content that will generate tons of free organic search traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing using the technique taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

This program has the most support and tools for your online business I’ve ever seen!

Membership Options

There are simply two membership options at Wealthy Affiliate and there are no other upsells that you see with so many other programs in this industry.

The two options are Starter (Free) and Premium; and you should definitely start with Starter since it’s free and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up.

I will explain both options in detail here so you can see what you get and all the info you need to know!

Free Starter Membership (Sign Up HERE)

With the Starter membership, you must know the following:

  • No Credit Card Needed At Signup

  • You Can Stay Free As Long As You Want

  • First 10 Lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification

  • First 10 Lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp courses

  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches/Mo.

  • 2 Free Websites

With all that you get with this Starter membership, this is way more than any other free training program can offer you!

Most training don’t even offer a free option to test out the platform first so this is really a great benefit of Wealthy Affiliate.

So create your free account and sign up now here:

Oh, one more thing, after you create your free account, you need to do two things:

  • Upload A Profile Picture
  • Enter a Short Profile Description

This introduces yourself to the Wealthy Affiliate community and other members will be able to get to know you better.

Premium Membership (Sign Up HERE)

I’ve been a Premium member since May 2015 and I can tell you that this membership is nothing but amazing!

The cost of this membership would only get you just the web hosting portion at other places but this membership not only get you state of the art web hosting but also full training of a proven path to making money online plus powerful business tools.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the Premium membership here:

  • Simple Website Builder

  • Hosting up to 25 Custom Domain Sites

  • Keyword Research Tool

  • SSL Certificates

  • Site Speed

  • Private Domain Registration

  • Highly Secured Web Hosting

  • FULL Access to Online Entrepreneur Certification

  • FULL Access to Affiliate Bootcamp courses

  • Private Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Weekly Live Training Webinars

  • Access to Site Comment V2

  • Images Library

I really hope I didn’t miss any big points of the Premium membership but basically you have FULL access to the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

I really love the way that Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t try to sell you anything else like so many internet marketers do, they just have the two membership options and that’s it.

There is such an advantage to being a Premium member and I know you will love all the lessons, resources, and business tools you’ll have at your fingertips!

Who Is The Premium Membership For?

For those who are serious about building an online business and want to make money online!

You will have full access to all the business tools and full training so you can get all the teachings you need to build the online business of your dreams!

The biggest bonus about being Premium is the support and the training you’ll get.

You’ll literally have experts at your fingertip to ask questions to.

You will have so much resources at your hand to learn and really build something that will be long lasting.

Having the Premium membership will exponentially increase your chance of making money because of all the training and resources you’ll have access to.

What’s The Cost?

The monthly cost is $49 but if you sign up with the button below, I can get you a 59% discount for your first month and you’ll pay only $19 for your first month.

If you go yearly like serious people do, you can save even more money. The annual membership is $359 which works out to nearly $30/month.

The only other cost to your business is if you want your website on a custom domain, which is recommended. For more info on this, see above section under Domain Registration.

Anyway, you don’t have to think about all this for now, you can start for free and that’s what I think you should concentrate on right now.

I will also send you the discount info after you have created your free account so you can wait till then to upgrade.

Get Started Today

It’s time! Take action and invest in your future now!

Get the training you need to build this online business successfully and not be lost on your own or get scammed again!

I will be on the inside to help you all well and will greet you when you sign up so you’ll be able to find me.

You can trust Wealthy Affiliate that’s been teaching people how to make money online since year 2005 and has over 1,400,000 members already signed up.

Here is a short checklist for you to get you started on building your online business:

  • Create Your Free Account by Clicking the Below Button

  • Upload a Picture for Your Profile

  • Write A Short Profile Description

  • Click “Training” On Left Menu To START!

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Before wrapping up this guide, I want to genuinely tell you why you should choose Wealthy Affiliate over other affiliate marketing training programs:

Reason #1 – They’ve Been Doing This Since Year 2005

I review numerous digital marketing products, and they don’t usually last long.

They are only in the business to make as much money as possible, so they don’t have any interest in helping people succeed.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle & Carson), are trusted and honest, have a motto of helping people who are on the platform.

They are very active in the community to answer questions so that the platform is running smoothly, and to ensure they congratulate those who’s achieved success.

Because of this personal touch, Wealthy Affiliate really stands out of the crowd and with over 1,400,000 people signed up, they must be doing something right.

The owners also recently won a case from a multi-level marketing company, MOBE and donating HALF of their lawsuit win to help the victims of that Company.

Reason #2 – The Training Platform Improves Every Year

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t like other training platforms where you found outdated and irrelevant stuff. They are always up-to-date and as per the industry’s standards to reflect any new changes that are happening in this field.

I’ve been their member since May 2015, and I’ve already seen some great changes over the years. Not only they are changing the old stuff, but they are also adding new features as well.

It’s really amazing I think!

Reason #3 – Their Training Simply Works

I have already shared some earning proofs which means if you are willing to work and put your consistent effort into your business, this training will work for you.

Now let’s look some more earning proofs from the members of the Wealthy Affiliate;

This guy has earned over $60,000 in year 2017 just from one website.

EddySalomon shared his success story with the WA community

Final Verdict+ Your Bonus…

I am here for YOU and message me anytime if you need any help.

I do check my profile and inbox messages on this platform several times a day, so I will always reply to you on a timely basis.

Don’t forget the BONUS you will get in the form of 59% Premium Discount once you set up your new free account!

Looking forward to work with you and helping you get started on creating your awesome online business!

Your Friend!


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