Two Gym And Sports Gear Starter Businesses For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

Pair a fitness and sports apparel business with your fitness fetish, and convert your passion into your business. These two  gym and sports gear stores are for sale under $500, get these starter websites for sale on the Shopify exchangemarketplace.

Two Gym And Sports Gear Starter Websites for Sale

Fitness and a love of sports go together, and these two shops sell sports gear - men’s and women’s fitness apparels and accessories. These stores were set up recently and have just begun to gain attention, they have not recorded huge sales. However, they have well-designed storefronts and good product selections on offer.

These two starter websites for sale are listed for under $500, so they are very affordable. Get them and customize them according to your own vision, focus on adding more products and on marketing, take these businesses forward, build on the solid base already in place.

  1. The Sports Gear

The Sports Gear

The Sports Gear was built to sell fitness and sports apparel and accessories. The business, according to Google Analytics, has made its presence felt in more than 26 countries around the world, quite an achievement for a shop setup just some months back. Shopify ranks this store among the top 22% for most visited stores among all the online stores launched in the same week.

Time to Spend: Around 40 hours per week

This sports apparel business is up for sale because the owner has a tech business to focus on, offering software and web development and graphics design services. His skills have been put to good use here, as the website has an attractive and simple interface which is easy to navigate, and he has also designed the nifty logo for the site.

The shop sells men's and women's sports tops, pants, jumpsuits, sports shoes, and accessories like gym towels, and gym bags and gloves. The business has a network of suppliers across the globe, so international delivery is made easy.

The seller has created business profiles for this shop on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and has generated traffic and sales through Facebook Ads.

The new owner will get the Shop, Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, Social Media Accounts with a total of 736 followers, Product Photos, and Personal Support from the seller after sales.

The new owner gets the shop with the product catalog and all marketing tools in place including an email template and autoresponder for mailing campaigns. The buyer will just have to use these and the social media to promote the shop, and infuse their own ideas into the business gradually.

  2. It’s Flexing Time

It’s Flexing Time

It’s Flexing Time was designed by a person who wanted to combine two interests in a commercial venture -  a passion for fitness and an interest in web design.

In the process, the store owner gained new insights into many subjects like setting up an ecommerce business, web design, sourcing products, marketing etc. The store sells high-quality fitness apparel for both women and men, and in different categories, different sizes.

Time to Spend: Around 60 hours per week

The current owner built the entire store, selecting and customising a good theme, spending more than a 1000 hours in website design, product sourcing, organising the products into various categories, and in creating and building a social media presence for the business.

The store is well designed and attractive, it is easy to design seasonal promotions for the products offered. The business has good engagement with followers on Instagram.

Focusing on fitness apparels like Tops and Tees, Compression Shirts and Pants, Shorts, Sports Bras, and accessories like Gym Bags and Dumbbells, this shop can be a full-fledged fitness gear store.  

The business is being sold due to time constraints as commitments to other ventures have limited the time the owner can devote to this site.

The buyer gets the shop, Domain, Logo and Branding Assets, Physical Inventory, Product Photos, Social Media Accounts with followers, and an Email List of 20 subscribers.

The seller will also provide Personal Support after-sales. The suggestion to the buyer is to transition from dropshipping to sourcing products directly from independent sellers and investing  time, effort, and money in social media and online marketing.

Go to Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace to look at the sales listings for these Gym and Sports Gear starter websites for sale. For an investment under $500, you will get a well designed and functioning web store with product listings, and many marketing and branding assets.

It helps you dive into marketing and adding new products, cutting the time needed to design the store and create a social media presence. Shopify Exchange Marketplace is a good place to find many such stores for sale. Shopify Exchange also helps to make the transition a smooth process with a good support team and facilities like escrow services.


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