TweetDis WordPress Plugin Review – Get More Tweets and Traffic!

Product Name: Tweet DisTweetDis WordPress Plugin Review – Get More Tweets and Traffic
Website Address:
Product Price: $37 to $77
Product Owner: Blogger Jet
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100 points

TweetDis Review – Introduction:

With the emergence of social media, more and more people are using it for their business promotions. If you look at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular programs, then there are billions of people visiting such platforms.

In SEO, Google nowadays put more emphasis on social signals because in Google eyes if someone post is getting likes, shares, pins, tweets, Google Plus, comments and up votes then this is because of article quality that forces people to do all above.

Based on this concept a new plugin has been created that will help you to get more tweets from people. As a result, you get the social signals as well as broad your reach to more group of people.

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What is TweetDis?

It is a WordPress plugin that is created with the purpose of making people tweet your content. It is the best way to extend your reach and get a more targeted audience for your site. People are thinking of increasing their followers in social media sites, but they never thought that it don’t matter as long as your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers.

The best ways to get more share and tweets from your visitors and readers, here are few guidelines;

  • A Quote;
  • A Takeaway;
  • A Catchy phrase;
  • A Clever idea;
  • A Statistic;

According to one study, people love tweeting things that make them look good in the eyes of their followers. Let’s look at how this plugin looks like;


How Does this TweetDis Plugin Works?

Once you have purchased this plugin, then you will get access to the area where you can easily download it. Then move to your WordPress and go to plugins area to add this plugin from your computer.

After adding, install and activate it. Then it will be added to your WordPress dashboard. Click it and enter your license number to make it fully operational.

That’ it and you are ready to operate this plugin and start creating awesome tweetable quotes with the best click to tweet plugin.

Move to TweetDis tab and then setting, there are different templates available, and you may select anyone to make it default. Give a try to various templates and colors one by one to check which one best suit to your website.

The full purpose of this tool is to add TweetDis box to your content. Before doing this, there are few settings you will need to do which include;

  • choosing desired template as per your like
  • A catchy phrase
  • margin vertical and
  • font size

Once you have done this, choose the content that you want to be put in the box, click the tweetdis icon on your post editor and your highlighted text becomes tweetable.

This box looks clickable, and when someone move to this area then it will encourage visitors to tweet it, and once they do, then they get traffic from Twitter.

TweetDis Plugin Features:

Tweet Dis Box – It is an area that will be displayed on your site. It basically has four elements;

  • Design template (There are 11 templates available)
  • Call to action
  • Margin Vertical
  • Font Size

By providing such options, you have full control on this and customize it anytime to make it user-friendly.

Tweet Dis Hint – Using this feature, you can choose how you want the selected text to look like. There are variety of customizable options including:

  • Type – background, underline and highlight
  • Color – Choose the color that you love

Image – You can also make your images tweetable, and this is the area that can help you. Customizable options are:

Templates (availability of 6 different templates), Text, Button Size, Always Show, Hover Action, and Position.

Tweet – In this area, you have plenty of options to present your tweet when your readers Click to Tweet your content. Customizable options are:

  • Default Twitter account,
  • Recommend to follow,
  • URL shortener services–, Tiny URL, and Raw URL.


TweetDis Pros vs. Cons:


  • An excellent plugin that actually work and enhance your reach
  • Very simple to use and even a complete beginner can run it
  • Good box designs that can stand out and motivates people to tweet
  • Excellent support if you face any difficulty
  • Combines with and and it can automatically shorten links
  • Mobile friendly
  • Access to Lifetime free updates


  • Price is on a higher side especially if you want to use it for unlimited sites
  • Only a WordPress product

Why “Tweetables” Work So Well?

If you look at the research conducted by different people, then it comes to know that no correlation exists between social shares and people reading your article. It shows that a lot of people are tweeting your content without reading. Now the important question is, why they are doing this? Just because something has caught their eye.

Now let’s look at some of more reasons:

  • If you include some tweetable quotes in your post, this will provide visitors opportunity to share your content;
  • Since such quotes comprise of a clear call to action (like “tweet this”), they stand out to the visitors as compared to the social sharing buttons;
  • Motivating visitors to share a quote (not a post) capitalizes on many readers’ preferences for sharing ideas over personalities.
  • Tweetable quotes have self-contained value, readers are more persuaded to share them, even if they don’t have time to read the entire post.

TweetDis Price:

There are three types of licenses offered by this company;

Single Site License – It will cost you $37 one time, and you are allowed all its feature except that you can use it only one site.

Multi-Site License – It will cost you $47 one time, and you are allowed all its feature except that you can use it for five sites.

Developer’s Site – It will cost you $77 one time, and you are allowed all its feature and allowed to use it on unlimited sites.


Who is This Product for?

This is not for everyone because if you don’t have a site or not getting enough visitors, then I will not recommend this product to those people. Your prime focus is to put quality content on your site regularly and try to promote your site.

Once you have enough daily visitors, then this plugin will help you to increase your reach and get you more targeted visitors to your site.

My Conclusion:

In short, TweetDis is a great plugin to make your post more user-friendly. It will definitely decrease your bounce rate and hence help in SERP ranking. Moreover, Twitter, which is one of most widely used social media platform that has millions of daily visitors, you can use this to get targeted traffic to your site.

Let’s suppose if someone has thousands of follower and when he/she reach your site and tweet it then your post will reach to those thousands and this snowball effect will continue to come and you can imagine the potential of this marketplace.

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