Tube Profit Secrets Scam Review – A Quality Product

Tube Profit Secrets Scam Review – A Quality Product

Business Name: Tube Profit Secrets
Website Address:
Price: $17
Business Owner: James Knight
Overall Rank: 78 out of 100 points

Tube Profit Secrets Scam Review – Introduction:

Tube Profit Secrets was launched by James Knight and he is the owner of many other products like Easy Tube Profits and CPA Mobile Hack etc.

You have heard that some people are making a regular income using YouTube. James Knight platform is based on similar concept and you get lot of useful information on how to make money from YouTube videos. You will learn how to create a channel, make videos, optimize videos and earn money from it using different methods.

What is Included in the Tube Profit Secrets?

This is a 7 steps training course which consists of 51 training modules:

Step 1: Discover the Most Profitable Niches

Niche is a group of people that are looking for same solution. You can think that a group of people are facing some common problem and you are one of them to providing solution to their problems. Of course, if so many other people are suggesting solution to these group of people then this niche may not be profitable. To find a niche is easy, but to find whether it is profitable or not is a difficult task.

You cannot earn money if you cannot find something profitable to promote. This training module guides you about how to find profitable niches using James different methods and strategies he uses in the past.

Step 2: Easy Viral Video Creation

In order to earn from YouTube, you must know how to create a video. In this module James guide you all about this and how to make them viral. As per him, if you learn this then you can do in any niche. After following this you would be able to learn a technique for massive video creation.

Step 3: Kick Start Your Videos on YouTube

All other parts from earning YouTube are easy but in order to get views for your videos are the most difficult task. If you don’t do it perfectly then there will be no views. No views means no earning. I remember myself when I was also engaged in this business model then I rarely get 5 to 10 daily views and in spite of daily video creation I was not able to earn much.

This module guides you all about how to increase your views. This can be done by selecting right keywords that YouTube will love this.

Step 4: Compel an Action and Beat your Competition

There are two main things you must do to earn money from YouTube i.e. get your videos seen and get the link in video description get clicked. In order to do this you must do some onsite and offsite adjustments. You can see some practical case studies that works and that not, and also why so that you may learn from the mistakes.

Step 5: Build a Massive List

Once traffic attract to your videos then why let them go free? Build a list that can generate money for years. This is the module that guides all this and moreover, you will learn how to build squeeze page that can be used to gather email addresses even without creating a website.

Step 6: Video Curation

In order to earn money, you need videos that convert. James show you some new methods that gurus are using and this makes it easy for you to create videos without doing any real work. There are some legal methods that can boost this up and you don’t worry because all these will be disclosed here.

Step 7: Live Webinars

These are live webinars that you can access as a premium member and are based on latest trends in this technology. Most webinars are in the form of questions and answers and you can easily make notes.

Things I Like About Tube Profit Secrets

Lot of Useful Information

It’s true that Tube Profit Secrets contains lot of useful information on this product and also it is in-depth. Very rare to see some product providing such type of training of YouTube. I have buy training from one person at $20 but it is just scratch on the surface but here I seen that there are even more things that I even didn’t hear.

In members area there are 5 modules and total 51 videos and each module has about 10 videos. You can now imagine how much information you will learn if you have such type of product. The training covers everything from creating YouTube videos, channel creation, niche selection, keyword research, proper tagging, monetization etc.

A Profitable Business Model

I am very careful in business model selection because I have worked a lot on different business models but very rare are profitable. YouTube is one of those in which you can make good amount of money. It may not be quick but if work hard persistently then you may earn income for long period of time.

You just cannot rely on one video then sit and wait, because it can work only if you give it regular time in the form of uploading videos.

Easy to Use Member’s Area

If you login to the site then there you will see member’s area which is very friendly to the users. Trainings is divided into 5 modules and each module has about 10 videos each. You can easily navigate in the site and can help you easily absorb this useful information. It is important because if you are looking for some haphazard information then it is difficult to assimilate.

Other than this, this site also has great video and audio quality that can ease up the all process for you. A person guides you about video creation but didn’t know much about this can be very conflicting and it is difficult to build trust on such type of person but James know this art very well.

Reasonable Price

As I mentioned earlier that this is a very useful product and contains tons of information. The best part of this product is that it is available in very low cost of $17. If this product cost is very high then the product may not be useful. Moreover, it has no upsells which is very rare in the industry.

Things I Don’t Like About Tube Profit Secrets

YouTube Partner’s Program is Only Available in Few Countries

Though this is not the product fault but the business model it is promoting is only available in few countries. If you buy this product and then come to know that it is not available in your country then it is a waste.

No Support

There is no forum or community support available in Tube Profit Secrets. You have to rely on your own skills. Every beginner needs help, how much great training will be and in the event of no support you will have to rely on your own search skills on the search engine.

Is Tube Profit Secrets a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, Tube Profit Secrets is an excellent product from James and you really love this model then this is the best place to start with. It is available at a very affordable price and if you work hard then it can give you results for the long time. But truly, it can take time and there is no quick way to gain success.

There are few cons that I mentioned above and you need to consider that before buying this product. It is still possible that some of the techniques that James is showing, may not work in future like keyword stuffing because Google is regularly updating its algorithm.

If you are still looking for best business model then in my opinion Affiliate Marketing is the best one to start and if you want to take a start on this then see my #1 recommendation.


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