Tube Mastermind Review – It it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Tube MastermindTube Mastermind Review – It it a Scam or Legit?
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Product Price: $47/month
Product Owner: Spencer Mitchell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 points

Tube Mastermind Review – Introduction:

YouTube is the third most-visited site in the world after Google and Facebook. There are billions of views this site receive daily. Some people are using it for fun and others have utilized its potential to create their full-time earnings.

Different products train you through the process of building your business using YouTube, but very few of them provides quality stuff. Tube Mastermind is also one of them and has been around since May 2015. It is a new product but has lot of useful information including;

  • How to create a proper YouTube channel?
  • How to create engaging videos?
  • How to increase views and subscribers?
  • How to generate regular income through your channel?


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What is Included in the Tube Mastermind?

Niche Discovery – This is the first and critical step. TM guides you all through hidden niches to build your YouTube channel. The good thing is you are motivated to choose something in which you are interested. Another important thing you would learn about the importance of low competition niches that are the immediate source of making money online.

Video Creation – Video creation is the core step in this model because videos are your promotional material and watching this someone may get motivated and purchase any product. This module is all about guiding video creation with little budget and getting ideas for your channel.

Channel Branding – This module is all about creating your own YouTube channel to look professional. Another important thing is how to brand your channel to stand out among other people. This is vital because there is too much competition out there and everyone is providing the same set of services then you cannot get the maximum results.

Publishing – This is all training about publishing your video after fully optimizing it. I have seen a lot of people can create good videos, but they don’t know the art of getting rank on YouTube because they don’t know the art of optimizing videos. This includes setting up tags, title, description, annotations and other promotional strategies.

Promotional Strategies – This is where you get to promote your videos and get more views and subscribers. Without this, you would not be able to get any money at all. Moreover, you will also learn how to use YouTube ads to get cheap but targeted traffic.

Monetization – This is the most exciting part, and you will learn about how to monetize your channel using different options. Moreover, there is a detailed guide about how to earn $1 from one subscriber per month. If you have 5000 subscribers, then you can make $5000 per month.

Things I Liked:

Excellent Training

There are tons of useful information about building your entire business from YouTube. It includes all from starting your niche discovery and passion sustainability, to video creation, channel set up, branding and video publishing, optimization and promotion alongside monetization of your channel. The training is step by step with great video and audio quality.

Legit Business Model

I like to work on YouTube because of its potential. If you have not moved to this platform, then this is the right time. Why I am saying this;

  • Over one billion people are its visitors
  • Second largest search engine after Google
  • People love to see videos rather than going to written text
  • People are earning five to six figure earnings from YouTube

Things I Didn’t Like:


I generally hate upsells because sellers usually hide such things, and once you pay for the front end product they will disclose it you for an additional fee. There are two upsells included in this product;

Authority Siphon – The price of this package is $127, and the purpose of this is to boost your average per sale. It guides you how to siphon off targeted traffic from YouTube and use this traffic to promote affiliate offers, CPA, build email lists and more.

Moreover, you will also get access to webinar replay and graphic design for your channel. Overall the stuff looks good, but it is too pricey.

Branding package – It cost you $67, and Spencer shares you with different strategies to promote your brand and get best results.

Tube Mastermind Price:

If you look at the price it is pretty reasonable. It starts with $197, then discounted to $97 and now available at $47/month. Monthly membership fee is on a higher side, but it is optional, with a downsell option of $1.

You may cancel membership by paying a one-time fee but if you want additional training, up to date strategies, alongside monthly webinars, one on one support and a community built around succeeding on YouTube then you should pay its monthly membership fee of $47 per month.


Free Bonuses:

  1. Outsourcer’s Guide to Video – To move your business to the next level, outsourcing is critical. This bonus has some great guidelines.
  2. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ Module – A simple strategy to reach six figure earning from YouTube Channel, which you can just copy and mold to your own channel.
  3. Eye Catching Channel Art – Using this you can select, edit and use channel art to make your channel look engaging and professional. It will save your time and money.
  4. On The Go Audio Training – This is simply an audio training of all six modules that are available in the member’s area. You can simply download it and use it.

My Final Words:

Tube Mastermind has hours of training videos, several case studies, and evidence, access to customizable graphics, lesson resources, audio recordings of every lesson, monthly coaching webinars, and great support system.

Believe me, if you start to work on YouTube now, then this is the right time because a lot of people are coming in and looking for opportunities. Still there is a lot of potential in this market.

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What Next?

The above business model is perfect to work on. The model on which I am working and earning money is known as affiliate marketing. If you also want to understand how this work and from where you can learn then see my #1 recommendation.

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