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Triple Threat Marketing Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Triple Threat MarketingTriple Threat Marketing Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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Triple Threat Scam Review – Introduction:

Triple Threat is an advertising cum revenue sharing site and was launched in October 2015. Currently, it has over 4000 upgraded members, and this number is increasing very fast. Triple Threat business model is similar to other famous sites that are going well like HQ Rev Ad Share, My Paying Ads, and Start Rev Share.

There are three phases in the system, and you must invest money to earn. Your investment will be in ad packs that will mature after some time. Moreover, you would also get advertising credits for your investment that you can use to promote your own site.

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How to Earn Money from Triple Threat Marketing?

There are three phases included in the system;

Phase 1 – It is entirely related to subscription, and cost $10 per month. By paying monthly membership fee, you would get following benefits;

  1. Access to Facebook auto-poster which is a completely automated way to market on Facebook.
  2. Access to different PDF resources on various internet marketing topics that may improve your internet marketing knowledge.
  3. Ability to refer new members and earn a commission from their subscription.

You will get paid $5 from every monthly subscription that your affiliate pays. You only need two referrals to generate your monthly fee.

Let suppose you being a member wouldn’t pay the fee then you lose access to all referral commissions from every phase, as well as access to the auto-poster and digital products. You will also not have the ability to purchase Ad Packs in Phase 2 and Phase 3. However, any Ad Packs already bought in Phase’s 2 and three will still earn revenue until they mature.

Phase 2 – It is the phase where you can earn money using this system. You may be wondering how? Well, you need to purchase ad packs, and this allows you to participate in daily commission.

There are five tiers of Ad Packs and each one grow at different rates and expires by offering the different return on investment. First tier Adpack price starts at $3, and fifth tier ad pack price is $50. These ad packs allow you advertising credits which you can use to promote your own business.


Phase 3 – In this phase members are allowed to purchase Solo Ads for $25 each. These are ads that are sent to all of the Triple Threat members. This can be profitable as it would be forwarded to thousands of people who are interested in online marketing. Not only this, if a member has purchased Solo Ad then you also get rewarded for commission as an added bonus.

To ensure the stability of the system, members are only allowed to purchase three Solo Ads every six hours. This limit ensures that everyone those has purchased Solo Ads get a chance to be paid out commissions. Each Solo Ad deliver $50 commission to members and get expired. Management has set the 25% re-purchase rule to ensure sustainability, and it will be taken out of the payout to keep new Solo Ads coming into the system.

Things I Like about Triple Threat Marketing:

Earn Some Money

It is very easy to earn money as you don’t need to create your own website, do SEO, or list building which takes a lot of time and requires technical knowledge, but this is very simple. Just invest money and surf daily ads, you get daily commission.

You can increase commission by compounding your earnings. This can be done by not withdrawing your amount and purchasing ad pack as soon as your balance reaches its price limit. This is still a new program and going fast, so there is room for few more people to earn some bucks if this system survives for some more period.

PayPal Presence

Being PayPal as a payment processor definitely help business to gain more trust because it is not easy to get approval from PayPal. I hope this approval will continue in future because often PayPal freeze businesses accounts even after approval.

Things I Don’t Like about Triple Threat Marketing:

Monthly Fee

This is very strange because of paying $10 per month, but for what reason. The only access to some books that can easily be available online free. I think this fee make this system very pricey and after paying this, you must invest heavily to earn money.

If you invest $25 after this fee, then this wouldn’t help you to earn much rather your profit will be utilized for next month membership fee.

Unsustainable Business

This business is very similar to Ponzi model because it is all shuffling of investments from one person to another. This is the biggest issue and makes this system unsustainable. If members keep coming in then, Triple Threat will be alive but if it wouldn’t then you may lose your hard earned money.

If TT management is looking for some more earning sources, then this might help in future, but currently, it is all artificial techniques like auto repurchase, membership fee, and ad packs to ensure the stability of the system.

Is Triple Threat a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, it is a new program and is growing well. It may give you some instant profits, but if you are looking for long term opportunity, then Triple Threat is not the place to invest on. I have reviewed a lot of similar programs like HQ Rev Share, My Paying Ads, and Start Rev Share, but all have a similar business model. TT has made one more addition in the form of Solo ads. They are all risky programs and rewards you until growing fast.

The paying monthly fee wouldn’t be an easy option for most of the people for this product. My sincere advice is if you are looking for online earning then see my #1 recommendation.

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I hope you will like my review and if you have any question about triple threat then do ask in the comment section. I shall be very happy to help you out.