Treasure Trooper Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Treasure Trooper Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: Treasure TrooperTreasure Trooper Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
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Price: Free to Join for Everyone
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Overall Rank: 68 out of 100 points

Treasure Trooper Scam Review – Introduction:

Treasure Trooper was launched in 2005 and has been around for more than 10 years. This site has paid over $6.5 million to its members. This site is very similar to other sites like CashCrate, Rewarding Ways etc.

Treasure Trooper is basically a GPT site where you get paid for completing surveys, offers and other micro tasks. The site is cartoony and lot of cartoon images there but all other features are similar to other GPT sites. Apart from this you can also earn from shopping online, contests, prizes and many more.

How to Earn Money from Treasure Trooper?

There are various methods in TT you can use to boost up your earnings including:

Cash Offers – There are different offers available in the cash offers tab and you can sort offers 2015-08-02_23-11-16based on different parameters like newest, most paying, lowest paying etc. Most of the offers pay you around $0.50 to $1 each. Instructions are written with the offers and you need to comply this in order to earn money. Once you complete the offer then click done button to receive credits.

Other than normal offers there are a few special offers in the offers section which pay Platinum Coins or Dragon Scales instead of cash. The Platinum Coins can be converted into valuable gift cards and electronics at the Trading Hut, while the Dragon Scales can be converted at Cogg’s Coop.

Cash Surveys – There are seven different surveys and you can take these surveys every day to earn more. You must qualify for the survey before you are allowed to actually complete survey. Good thing is that you can earn daily from $4.25 from those permanent surveys which can make your $127.50 paycheck.

If you don’t qualify for one of the surveys, then don’t lose heart but try again after exit. There is a great chance that you will be provided a new survey that, hopefully, you’ll qualify for.
Cash Tasks – There are different tasks in the cash tasks tab that you can complete to earn money. In start it may take more time but when you experience of different tasks then you can complete it very early.

Cash Search – Use Treasure Trooper Search engine and search your things in your normal daily routine manner then you are rewarded. It is better to make this a home page but don’t spam which means use excessive searches with only intent is to earn rewards. If you do that, then their system will detect you and stop you from receiving any prizes.

Cash Shopping – There are dozens of stores listed on the site and always check before purchasing that whether that store is listed or not. If the store is listed then purchase item using link from TT site as this will help you to certain percentage of cash back.

Treasure Trooper Pros vs. Cons:


  • Treasure Trooper is a free site to join for everyone and it us available to worldwide members.
  • There are lot of surveys and offers available in the member’s area that are daily available for members as this will help them to earn some extra money. With multiple income opportunities you can add your income potential to more.
  • TT has been around for more than 10 years and are paying to its members. This is very rare in the industry.


  • Offers require your personal information and even require your credit card information which can be very risky for you. I will not recommend you to provide any info related to credit card to anyone and if you want to provide then please be 100% sure about the creditability of that person.
  • Most of the offers and surveys are geo targeted and you can receive large of surveys and offers if you are from USA and very few or nothing if you are from Asian countries.
  • Daily surveys may require you to install software on your computer and this can be risky and some other members are complaining that other fixed surveys most show message that they are closed. It requires your lot of time and when you reach at the end and see this message then what will be your response. You can earn much more than this and even full time income using other online methods so why waste so much time for just $25 to $75 per month.
  • In some cases you are actually paying more to other sites in the form of signups than receiving money from Treasure Trooper. Because some have higher signup costs and others have recurring monthly subscription.
  • TT are paying in different forms and some are of cash or equivalent types and other are in the form of game elements.

Redemption Option:

In this site you are rewarded in different ways e.g. pearls, cash, coins, arrowheads etc and you can convert into different forms.


Is Treasure Trooper a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short Treasure Trooper is not a scam but a legit site that has been paying to its members for more than 10 years. This site also offer more earning opportunities and very few sites are offer as much. You can earn some extra money using this site but it is not for those who want to earn full time income.

Though some offers shown in the member’s area are look like high paying offers but they actually require you to sign up and pay certain amount which in some instances are more than the reward. Some of the offers and surveys will waste your time and end up showing the error that offer is closed.

If you spend daily hours and have good referrals then you can earn more but earning at most net income of $100 per month is not much for most of the people. If you are looking for some full time opportunity then do visit mu #1 recommended site.