TranscribeMe Review – Is it Worth Your Time or a Scam?

Welcome to my TranscribeMe Review!

Have you ever wondered about the subtitles appearing below your favorite movies?

The accurate word to word textual representation of every dialogue that a user is experiencing visually is an example of a product (in this case, a movie) transcribed to textual representation in the form of subtitles.

I am a big fan of work from home opportunities, and recently I came across a site which is also very popular and it claims is to make money through transcription.

To be more clear, they claim to earn a minimum $20 per hour just by transcribing texts and even claims that some of their transcriptionists are earning around $250 per month.

So I decided to figure it out whether it is a scam or a legit opportunity.

So don’t worry!

Let’s first look at the summary about TranscribeMe.

TranscribeMe Review Summary

Product Name: Transcribe Me 

Founder: Not Available 

Product Type: Freelance – Transcribing

Price: Free

Best For: Everyone who is fluent in English and want to earn online.

TranscribeMe Review

Summary: TranscribeMe is a site where you join as a free member and after getting approval from the site you can start converting audio files into text to earn money.

Rating: 75/100

Verdict: Yes

What is TranscribeMe?

It is an online platform, having more than 30,000 transcriptionists around the world, in which you can make money by transcribing audios and videos.

In simple terms, it converts any kind of audio content into highly accurate text. Audio content is mostly in the form of clips which are usually 1 to 5 minutes long.

TranscribeMe Review

It can transcribe interviews, lectures, conference recordings, and YouTube videos into word-for-word perfect text.

For the people who want to transcribe their audios or videos for money......

It will meet your deadlines and respect your privacy, because they have thousands of crowd-sourced transcribers each processing a small segment of your file quickly, and most importantly, confidentially.

It offers the best prices and supports a large number of languages and accents. In Other Words, transcribeMe is a web-based provider that converts any kind of audio content into, especially accurate text. This can be done by huge number of freelancers who become their members and earn money.

This includes single and Multi-Speaker content material, and all predominant EU and Japanese languages are supported.

But my review relates to the people who want to earn money with this platform so from next lines read this with that prospective in mind.

How To Earn Money From TranscribeMe?

The first question that originates to mind when the idea of “Earning” is discussed and mentioned is the complexity level of the process from the time efforts are put in, to the time they are converted into actual money.

Thankfully, Transcribe me has a very straightforward process regarding how one can earn money through it.

Once you be a part of and get a membership, you could start working straight away.

While you log in you will see all the audio files to be had for transcription.

All you want to do is click on the files, which are typically around 30 seconds, listen and transcribe the audio.

Evaluation of your transcription after which publish. Your transcription may be accepted using a reviewer, and then you receive a commission for your transcription.

This company is searching out transcribers which convert the audio content material into text.

However, it does no longer end there.

TranscribeMe also offers professional development possibilities for humans which want to move up the career and get into better-paying positions.

After you develop your abilities, you could move into Quality Assurance (QA) department, first as an editor and review, then into Lead QA. From this part time and Full-Time positions, you have the opportunity to advance to project manager, recruiter or in customer support.

It's all depends on your effort and time you put in.

TranscribeMe Requirements:

You can join this site free of cost. It is available to every country where PayPal is supported.

Their Application Process is very simple. At first, you need to apply through the website. Complete out some personal information, and then you will be taken to an explanation video.

This video demonstrates the application process, how to operate the site, and how does this transcription process will work.

Next, you will have to pass an exam. That's not tough at all!

You will hear about 10 to 15 seconds of audio and will need to transcribe it. You have few minutes to perform this task and can listen to the audio file as much as needed.

After you’re done, submit, and if you are accurate enough, then you are expected to begin working immediately. In case you get to fail on the first try, you will be given a chance to take this test again after a period of 24 hours.

Other than this you need following things to become a good transcriptionist;

1) You will need a computer (there is no excuse) with a stable Internet connection.

2) Install Google Chrome Browser (before you fill out the application) 

3) You must have fluent English because almost all the files that are required to be transcribed are in English. It’s also an important advantage if you can type accurately and pretty fast.

How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?

You can earn $20 for one-hour audio, and average monthly earnings can be reached up to $250. Their minimum payout is $10.

Please remember that the "one-hour audio" is the size of the audio file that is required to be transcribed. It does take 3 to 4 hours to actually convert into text file depending on your skills, language proficiency, audio clarity and your listening skills.  

Sometimes you need to re-listen the audio file to proofread what you have written.

Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Legit System

It is one of the trusted freelance platforms where you only find transcription jobs and can easily deliver the work from home. You don't need to go to any office.

It is not something where you put a lot of effort and then came to know that your effort gets in vain. Earning $200 to $300 per month is not bad for most of the people. Even work at home moms can find this opportunity very lucrative. 

2. Short Audio Files

As most of the people are new in this industry so rather than throwing hourly files to them; they are provided with short files that usually last for 1 minute which can easily be converted.

Hence beginners find this very user-friendly and easy to work on.

3. Available Worldwide

The program uses PayPal as its payment method. So this program is available to every country where PayPal is supported.

PayPal is supported over the majority of the countries around the world.

4. Joining Process is Simple

I have seen many similar programs that make it tough to be part of them.

Transcribe Me offered this process at a very reasonable shape. Yes, you are tested through their exam, but that's very simple.

Its sole purpose is to test you whether it is what you understand.

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The Bad

1. Low Earning Potential

Earning 20$ per audio hour is less, but it depends on how fast you work.

Sometimes you cant find many jobs at a time. The more work you will do the more money you will earn but if you are a slow typist, it will be hard to get some good amount of earning, but you will get better.

2. Support at TranscribeMe Sucks

I have seen people are complaining about their support system. Even despite contacting several times they don't get any reply at all.

This is due to a large number of people are joining their system as a result of easy startup process and less number of support staff available.

Though this issue is not on a big level. 

3. Transcribing itself a Difficult Process

I’ve tried this for some of the videos, but it isn’t as easy as you might think.

You should be excellent in English, preferably from the English speaking countries, along with good listening skills.

I know this is not for everyone. 

4. Not Enough Work Available!

I am not sure about how this system works exactly, but the problem becomes evident after you work for Transcribe Me for sometime. This may be due to a greater number of people who are joining this site compare to the people who are looking for their jobs get done.

You should log in early in the day, and start work whatever you find in the member's area. Otherwise, you will site idle for rest of the day.

4. Quality Assurance Reviewers Are Unfair

This is also a very common complaint that many transcribers will encounter.

Obviously, there are times when it is difficult to understand what is spoken in the audio recordings clearly.

Though the transcriber may think to do a good job. But that's not always the case. QA department can reject your work.

Is TranscribeMe A Legit Or Scam?

It's a legit organization and there is no sign of scam.

If you have good grammar skills, then transcribe me is best for you. Some people think its too difficult to do with the first try but, nevertheless, with the passage of time you will get improve. 

There are many chances to improve earning and skills and you can look at many better option that can reward you greater than $20 per hour.

Sure, TranscribeMe is a hundred percent respectable organization and exceptionally well worth, for those who have above required skills and looking for earning money from home.

Final Verdict:

As stated, if you think it is your kind of a job then go and start it today. It will supplement your income but cannot be treated as a fulltime income.

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Freelance business don't give you control and rewards you expect. You are totally relying on the site management and if they decided to remove you as a member, for any reason, you will move to zero position.

That's why start a business in which you have control. 

Just click it and start this journey at your earliest. 

I hope you will like my TranscribeMe Review and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.


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