TrafficNCash Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Business Name: TrafficNCash
Website Address:
Price: $50
Business Owner: Not Available
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100 points

TrafficNCash Scam Review – Introduction:

Traffic N Cash was launched on October 10, 2015 and it is very similar to other advertising sites that offers various advertising services that you can use to promote traffic to your site and also you can join their revenue sharing platform.

This site is available worldwide and everyone can join as a free member. It uses Solid Trust Pay, Payza and PayPal. Minimum withdrawal limit is $30 and you can withdraw as much as $250 per day.

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How to Earn Money from TrafficNCash?

Revenue Share – Each ad pack cost is $25 and it will return you $30. It means your return on investment is 130%. In order to earn daily share you must surf 6 daily ads. Company share profit after every 30 minutes. When a share has received its full cash return i.e. $30 then it matures and will receive no more profit-share. For each $25 ad pack, members will receive 50 banner credits. These credits allowing members to place 468×60 banner in traffic exchange network.

Each member can purchase as much as 1600 ad packs. To maintain long term sustainability, 50% of Ad packs earnings is placed into a repurchase account. This 50% repurchase amount can only be used to purchase more Ad Packs or ad credits.

Daily earning limit is not guaranteed and it depends on the sales of Ad Packs to current and new members. If there is no sales in a day, then there will no profit-share, regardless if a member has completed their daily surf requirements.

Another thing should remember is that in order to purchase these ad packs you must upgrade your membership i.e. by paying $25 per month. This is very strange because it requires large sum of money like first pay $25 in the form of monthly membership and then purchase ad packs.

Referral Commission – TrafficNCash offer all members 10% referral commission on every purchase made by your direct referral but this relates to only first level. The 10% referral commission is distributed as 50 percent cash balance and 50 % re-purchase balance.

Moreover, you’ll also earn 40% commission that is equal to $10 ($25*40%) from personal referred affiliates that have upgraded their account. If you can personally referred 10 paid members. That’s mean you’ll earn 10×$10 = $100 each month.

Things I Like about TrafficNCash:

Various Advertising Products

  1. Business Directory Listing – Each Ad Pack purchase will give you 50 credits and you can use these credits to list your business in their daily surf page. The listing are showed in rotation with all other listings.
  2. Login Ads – If you like such advertisement then purchase full page Login Ads as all members must view these Login Ads for about 5 seconds every time they enter their member’s area.
  3. Banner Ads – TrafficNCash offer rotating banner ad packages in 3 different sizes and these banners are displayed on all pages of website.

Apart from above TrafficNCash offers text ads, PTC advertisements and PPC adverting. In PPC advertising advertisers pay the publisher (website owner) when the ad is clicked.

Things I Don’t Like about TrafficNCash:

A Costly Package

In order to earn from basic advertising unit known as Ad Pack member must upgrade his/her account and this up gradation cost is $25 per month. I don’t understand the purpose of this cost because what benefits will member receive after paying this? This doesn’t stop here because you must buy Ad Packs in order to earn daily revenue share. Each Ad Pack cost is $25 and in order to earn some reasonable daily earnings, you must invest around $500 initially. This will allow you to purchase 20 Ad Packs.

Let’s suppose daily earning rate is one percent then your share will become $5 per day. It takes you around 3 months to recover your investment, which u think is very risky for such type of business.

An Unsustainable Business Model

Daily earning is not guaranteed as it all depends on the number of sale of Ad Packs but remember if you earn daily nothing so what the purpose of their sustainability is. The thing is you should earn money when the system is live but using these type of business model your daily earning is very volatile, may be not in the short term but if you look in the long term then this is obvious.

Suddenly your share starts to decline and ultimately site closes and you lose all of your investments. TrafficNCash also using 50% repurchasing rule in order to sustain the system in the long term but honestly such type of artificial procedures will not continue a site more than few months.

Owners Identity Hidden

There is no information available who own this TrafficNCash. It may signal some doubts over admin and indicate some owner’s bad history or false future intentions. If a site contains such type of personal touch then it increase the integrity of admin as well as confidence of the investors.

Is TrafficNCash a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, TrafficNCash is a new program that uses the same revenue sharing concept that other similar sites are using except the addition of monthly $25 per month fee. Moreover, the Ad Packs offered by this system are also of higher value compared to other sites. I never recommend this site because of its unknown admin and due to its sustainability issue.

I already provided reviews on different revenue sharing sites but all of them are using very similar business model. I have wasted lot of money and time on such sites and my advice to everyone is to avoid such business model.

What Next?

My suggestion to everyone is to join my #1 recommended site that I have been using for earning money. It uses business model known as affiliate marketing which is my favorite business model.

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