Traffic Swarm Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Product Name: Traffic SwarmTraffic Swarm Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: Free + Premium
Owner: Steve Little
Overall Rank: 55 out of 100 points

Traffic Swarm Scam Review – Introduction:

Traffic Swarm was launched by Steve Little back in 2004. This site has over 1,500,000 members and very rare to see site that is online for more than 10 years.

Traffic Swarm is one of the most popular traffic exchange online program where you can become member for free and add your site. View other member’s sites to earn credits and use those credits to promote your own site to other members.

What is Included in Member’s Area?

Surf – The prime purpose of this site is to drive traffic to your site and you can do so by earning credits. How to earn credits? You can earn credits by going to “Surf” tab, where there are different ads available. Click on ads one by one and view ads for few seconds then you will be awarded credits. After this you can use these credits to promote your own site.

My Offers – Traffic Swarm offers other earning opportunities as well like get paid to promote (you can earn money by completing cost per action (CPA) offers and you can earn money for an action not only for sales), Money making guides, Get Paid to Promote TrafficSwarm, Make Money with PIPS, Get Paid to Complete Surveys.

Training – Traffic Swarm also has training module where you can learn how the system works and how to achieve maximum benefits. Training modules includes two categories: Basic (Introduction, Make Ads, View Ads, and Credits), Going Farther (Ad Writing Help, How to Optimize Results)

Tools – There are different tools available and some are for free members and others for pro. Website hosting is available to only pro members. As a free member you are allowed to submit one site to search engine while you can submit unlimited sites as a pro member. As a free member you can build one site using their website builder while build unlimited sites if you are a pro member.

Social Media Services – If you need real Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google+ followers and YouTube likes and views then traffic swarm also provides you this facility e.g. if you need 400 Facebook likes then it costs you $34.95 and if you need 3000 twitter followers then it costs you $49.95.


How to Earn Credits?

Main task in traffic swarm is to increase credits and there are many ways to get credits like:

Surf ads in the surf tab and earn 1 to 2 credits per ad view. You can also earn bonus credits after 100, 200 and 250 clicks and bonus can be 10 to 1000 credits.

Complete offers and earn credits. All you need is to view the instructions and act upon otherwise you will not be rewarded. Traffic Swarm is regularly updating its site with new offers, so check site regularly. If you are free member then you can earn 2000 credits for completing an offer and if you are pro then you will earn 2500 credits. Credits will be rewarded after admin verification.

Purchase credits is another option you can avail and it is best for those who don’t have time to surf and just need swarm to traffic to your site. There are different options available like:

Traffic Swarm Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Traffic Swarm is free to join for everyone and available to worldwide members.
  2. This is a fast and easy way to bring traffic to your site.
  3. Very old site that has been online since 2004.


  1. Traffic you get using traffic swarm is very poor because it is irrelevant and not targeted to your site. Only targeted traffic will convert to leads, signups and help to purchase products and services. It means you are paying high or working very hard in traffic swarm to get credits and as a result not getting relevant traffic and it is better to work on your site itself and get organic traffic that convert.
  2. Traffic you will receive from traffic swarm can actually damage your site. If a visitor stay on your site for 20 seconds and left away without doing anything on your site then search engines will begin to think that your site lack engaging content and moreover it can also increase your bounce rate. This results in your organic traffic will drop. If you have just squeeze page with an email opt in then there is no problem with this page because there is no organic traffic either.

Traffic Swarm Membership Levels:


  • I ad will be listed in traffic swarm directory
  • 1 website submission to search engines
  • Access to free website builder
  • Create 10 traffic swarm ads
  • 2 credits earned per surf 


  • 5000 free monthly credits
  • Unlimited ads will be listed in traffic swarm directory
  • Unlimited websites submission to search engines
  • Access to free website builder
  • Free web hosting
  • Create unlimited traffic swarm ads
  • 4 credits earned per surf
  • Earn cash for referring others
  • Select both day and time to show your ads

Pro Membership Cost:


Is Traffic Swarm a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Traffic swarm is definitely not a scam as it has been around for more than 10 years and are paying to its members. It is also a good product as it can direct you lot of traffic for you but the traffic you will get us of low quality and very difficult to get positive return on investment.

If you are promoting just squeeze page for the purpose of getting leads then this method can be adopted but if you have more professional site then it is best to avoid such type of traffic generating techniques. You should focus on traffic that are getting from search engines because it is most likely convert and has a very good return on investment.

What Next?

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