Traffic Powerline Review – A Powerful Lead or Scam?

Here is my detailed traffic powerline review. If you have been approached on Facebook or Twitter or your other favorite social media platforms and have had this product promoted to you, chances are that you have met with one of the company’s affiliates. Well, there is so much you need to know before you commit yourself to joining this program and investing your effort.

I have done a thorough research on this product to help you understand what the real gist of it really is.

So I would suggest that you take time and read through this review to get insight into this program and then take the next bold step of deciding if you will work with it or look for another program. My firm belief is that this unique review will serve your best interests and help you make a wise and informed decision on it.

So here we go…

Business Name: Traffic PowerlineTraffic Powerline Review
Website Address:
Owner: Pearse Donnelly via Mo Brabus Ltd (Allegedly)
Price: $54 minimum investment
Rankings: 38 out of 100

Verdict: This is not worth your money and effort.(Check my #1 recommendation)

Traffic Powerline – Introduction:

Well, in the past few years I have seen people get lured into different programs and gone with flow without realizing what they are actually committing themselves to. People have been approached by their friends, relatives and at times strangers in various ways like the social networks, emails, and by visiting various websites to join new and very strange online programs whose credibility has not yet been established. And this is the biggest mistake which people make and then get to suffer all their lives for it.

That is why I would like to appreciate the effort you have made to go and get more information about Traffic Power line before you join. And I believe that this will be the spirit as with any other product presented to you in the future. Now, I would like you to know something.

Many online scams that you most probably have conflicted with or are yet to, you are going to notice that they are in the multi level marketing niche. This is the most popular online sector that has been heavily populated by cheats and outright lies who are creating programs everyday.

They know that many people who want online jobs want to supplement their income so they will create a half baked product and then give a very enticing compensation plan that will make you almost jerk off your seat. And the way they explain it to you will sound very convincing and easy to get to, that you will join without thinking twice. And this is what I usually discourage my readers especially the newbies who are enthusiastic to act upon any opportunities that come their way.

Why do I do this? I will explain to you shortly. There are many reasons which I will be showing you practically with this program to help you understand why you need to be open minded. And without any more delays, let’s get into the program’s ideal situation to give you more insight.

What is Traffic Power line?

This is a program that presents itself as an opportunity for people to earn online by buying and profiting from ad packs. It was launched in July 4th this year but most of its personal details like where it is based and the owners are hidden. This is the first red flag which I talked about earlier in the intro.

Programs that are new and are not ready to reveal their basic personal information to the public are to be suspected and greatly avoided. This is because you don’t know the reason why they conceal this. They might have something very wicked lurking in the near future.

In the video presentation that was released, a guy, Pearse Donnelly, claims that the program is part of the Mo Brabus Limited. Now if you have not heard of his previous program, Mo Brabus, it launched early last year and was selling ad packs too. It was an ad credit company that had its affiliates make an investment of $5 and get a Return on Investment of $6, pretty cheap, right? I thought so too.

Donnelly was and I think still is the co-owner of that scam site. And if he appeared in Traffic Power line’s promotional video and talked about ad packs for the site which is the same line his product is operating with, then it means that chances are that he really owns the program too as he says.

How Does it Work?

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to check out the website and the site is pretty much empty. No content published and it’s more than a month now since it was launched. Only the promo videos are present. This is the other red flag you need to be careful with.

The site wants you to believe that it will be great and it will actually pay you. They even want people to register and give their credit card information without having given the proof that they are actually operating.

They want you to believe in stories and fiction and give out our hard earned money blindly. That’s a smart one!

Who is it For?

Basing my opinion of this site’s target audience on my reason, it will be best for affiliates because the company will want people to help them with marketing the site in different places. And these affiliates might actually be paid. Then, the other group of people who would fit best in this site are those who want to give their money freely in exchange for nothing but stories.

This site hasn’t even started operating yet so it wouldn’t be advisable to join with the promise that the first few people will be high up the pyramid when the compensation plan gets to work.

Let it start operating first and then join. You can climb up quickly if you understand it but don’t join in haste of quick money cause you will cry down the road.

What is Included In the Product?

What people are led to believe is that the company’s major products it will be dealing with are the “ad packs” or “Traffic packs” What this means is that affiliates will be buying the traffic packs and get to make their promotions with them for better conversions or keep them for sometime and them sell them at higher rates. These ad packs go for not less than $54. So if you are planning to become their affiliate, be ready to invest this.

Other than that, there is no other product or service that the site has shown to be promoting.

The Compensation Plan:

There is no compensation plan that has been revealed in Traffic Power line. So if I am going to work with Mo Brabus Limited’s plan I won’t be so far from the truth since Donnelly, the co-owner of that scam product is also the owner of this product and will most likely use the same strategy in this program too. So let’s catch a glimpse of how this compensation plan is set to work.

To start with, you can make a quick investment of $6 and get a Return on Investment of $18 provided you make the full investment within a timeframe of 24 hours, typically 1 day. Also, you could make an investment of $18 which would get you a wonderful ROI after 100 days.

But there is one thing you will want to keep in mind as you choose to work with any of these, and this is that 33% of all your returns must be returned to the program for you to get more returns. And I would like to think that this money is cut automatically before you are paid, which is bad as this is a way to keep you stuck in the program.

1. Traffic Power line Bonus

Here, the bonuses given here are from some of the investments the affiliates and the members make. And you could get upto $296 in just a single day!

2. Referral Commissions

When you bring a referral into the program, you are usually not paid until they get to buy a traffic pack themselves. When they do, you can get to earn $1.80 from each member that buys. And note that this commissions are only from referrals that have joined through you directly.

3. Leader Pool Bonus

This is yet another bonus that is paid to members in a different way. The money is usually gotten from some of the members’ investments. And the commissions are paid out in 4 ways as the people who are paid are given in 4 different levels. And these levels are:

• Blue Diamond – To get here, you should have gotten at least 12 referrals and have each referral to have gotten 2 referrals.

• Triple Diamond – To qualify you should have gotten at least 6 referrals who should also have gotten 2 referrals each.

• Double Diamond – To qualify you need to have gotten at least 4 recruits with each of them having recruited 2 recruits as well.

• Diamond – To receive the bonus here, you need to have gotten at least 2 recruits who are affiliates and who each should have recruited 2 other recruits.

Another thing that might happen is that they might say that no member can get to have more than 10% of all their funds in their online wallets.

4. ROI Booster Pack

Making purchases of the ROI Booster Pack will help other affiliates of Traffic Powerline have the complete ability to get as much commissions as $3,000 a month. Usually, the funds here are gotten from oversum accounts. The good thing with this pack is that you can buy upto 3 packs but you should have made 2 referrals for this to work.

And the 3 packs available for purchase are:

• Booster Pack 1 – This pack costs $360 and you should have invested 20 of your ad packs.

• Booster Pack 2 – This pack goes for $720 and you will have to make 40 of your ad packs an investment.

• Booster Pack 3 – This pack costs $1440 and you should put as investments 80 of your ad packs.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The idea of earning $3,000 a month online is great if it were to work exactly as explained.

The Con’s

• The company launched in July and it has been more than a month now yet the company has not started officially operation. Only promises and enticements are given which shows the owners of this program either aren’t serious about it or don’t believe it’s going to work.

• The fact that the site’s promo is done by Donnelly, a person who has lost much of the trust of thousands of people working online. It may be hard for this program to be a hit in away that people will get to earn money more than $100 a month, if any.

More will be said as soon as the site starts having some active participation by members and owners.

Final Verdict:

Well, you have seen the basic principle that the sites is working with. Now what you need to ask yourself is if you are willing to work with them. Are you ready to place your dreams on a loose string of an unworthy people’s promises and hopes? For me, this is not worth joining as it has not started functioning yet. And I would not dish a single dime out until I’ve seen it working and actually paying its members.

And if the present situation is anything to go by, it has no hope of getting into serious business anytime soon. That means you also shouldn’t release your money into the program any soon either. Keep the money for another program, like my favorite social entrepreneur program which I will be revealing at the end of the article.

Final Verdict – SCAM!

Name: Traffic Powerline
Owner: Pearse Donnelly via Mo Brabus Ltd (Allegedly)
Price: $54 minimum investment
Rankings: 38 out of 100

Any thoughts on my Traffic Powerline review or the program itself? Let us hear them now. Leave your opinions and suggestions on it below.

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