Traffic Network Club Review – Legit or an Obvious Scam?

From all the fuss going on about this product, I decided to delve deeper into its systems to know the ideal gist of it. So this unique traffic network club review is going to reveal to you plainly whether this program is worth joining or just a mere Ponzi scheme that is set to suck the money out of you in exchange for disappointment.

I give a clear description of all you need to know about it before you join. So please do pay attention, understand and make the final decision based on what you find out.

Business Name: Traffic Network ClubTraffic Network Club Review
Website Adress:
Owner: George Bonck
Price: $15 a month
Overall ranking: 28 out of 100

Traffic Network Club Review – Introduction:

With the rapid technological advancement in this generation, it is clear that a huge pocket of people is looking for online money making opportunities every day. Thousands of people want to get themselves an extra source of income to support their daily needs. And for that reason, many other people, who would crown themselves the title of ‘online entrepreneurs’ are developing online programs to allegedly create meet this demand for jobs and help people get more income.

But, true as it really is, not all people are well intentioned. Some will come up with half baked programs with no specific working system that the public can leverage to get money. All that will be done is to put a monthly fee, and a few hidden upsells in the scheme and get people to dish out their money just to get but bare hands in the end. So you are going to want to be careful with the program you perceive as an online opportunity, especially if you are an online rookie.

And speaking of Ponzi schemes, should you avoid the new Traffic Network Club? Is it legit or an obvious scam that only wants your money? Well… There is only one way to know that, and that’s by reading this detailed review and getting to understand it full well. I’ve spent a huge deal of time to get to the root of it and came to know much more than what the average researchers do.

All you need to know is here so be sure to read it to the end. And these are the results I got.

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What is Traffic Network Club?

This is an especially different program that works around buying and selling likes, shares, and views of different articles and videos online for some commissions. What they do is that they basically get people to become members and pay a monthly fee. And after joining, they will be making money through affiliate marketing, that is referring people into the program and getting paid, and by helping the company’s clients to get their resources popular on the web. That’s pretty much the gist.

So if you are ready to make money watching 30 seconds long YouTube ads, liking and sharing content throughout different social network sites, then this is the best deal for you. The program makes it clear that affiliate marketing and sort of social media spamming is all that is needed to make a living, lol.

This program has its roots from Louisiana in the United States. And the mastermind behind the program is George Bonck, a really interesting guy. Before he delved into the creation of TNC, Traffic Network Club, he was a marketer of VidcommX in 2014 and was doing the said company’s promotion on influential social media platforms like YouTube and Google plus.

How Does it Work?

Their method of operation is not that complicated. What happens is that as a member you’ll get the option of running a free account or a paid one, with of course the paid one having higher benefits than the former. Once you are done with the account creation, you are going to want to surf at least 5 ads a day if you want to see money adding up in your wallet balance. This means, based on what clients are paying for, you will have to perform various tasks. You may have to spam Facebook with a certain client’s informational articles and videos among many others.

This happens after you’ve paid an initial amount of $25, which will be giving you a 140% profit. Ideally, you will invest the amount and then get to work for it and afterward be forwarded a Return on Investment of $35. There are some other incentives and enticements that the program offers which I will discuss in details later on, in the compensation plan.

Who is it For?

TNC company finds their product fit for everyone who would want to make some profit by spending time on social helping clients market their products and still refer people into the club. But looking at it from the ideal perspective, the product is pretty much for affiliates and social media marketers. What the company wants is people to sell to, that is the clients, and people to help them sell to the clients, that is the marketers. This is a no brainier.

But it is understood when George claims that it is for everyone as nowadays almost everyone is on social media at least 3 hours a day and they don’t get paid. So, wouldn’t it be great to be paid to do stuff you usually do on a regular basis?

What is Included in the Product?

Here, there are no specific products that the club sells, but there are lots of services offered here. And these services are especially useful for clients who are just starting out in the online world and want to get their brand some influence. Some of the services offered here are for:

• Business Directory ads
• Targeted Business Directory ads by country
• Targeted solo ads by country
• Text ads
• Banner ads
• Targeted banner ads
• Solo ads
• Targeted solo ads by country
• Google plus
• Login ads
• YouTube views
• Facebook Shares
• Facebook likes


The Compensation Plan:

There are different ways through which members of the club are compensated. And these are:

1. Monthly Recruitment Plan

This is for affiliates or marketers, so to speak. Here, the members are compelled to refer people into the program and earn a monthly commission. Basically, the monthly membership fee for each member is $15. And if you get to refer a member who buys the $15 membership, you are given a commission of $5 which will be a recurring payment. So get 20 of these referrals and you will be looking at $100 a month. It’s quite an effort.

Also, you are going to get 10% of all purchases of the club’s services made by the person you have referred.

2. Weekly Bonus Pool

This is a payment that comes from 20% of the purchases made by people from the club, and it can be given to all members every week. To be viable for it, you will have to put in extra effort into it by viewing more YouTube video ads for various companies, like and share their content as well on the various media sites as instructed.

3. Referral Contest

This is the enticement I had mentioned a bit earlier. This is a contest to get affiliates more energetic in referring members. It typically involves a list of the top 3 affiliates, the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd, who have made the most referrals to the paid membership every week and who will then be paid $100, $50 and $25 respectively.


Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The method of compensation seems somewhat fair and reasonable. They make more avenues for members to earn without showing the slightest bit of selfishness. (Most programs don’t do that)

• Their enticements are good to get people to the program, and the referral contest is good regarding rewarding people’s efforts.

The Con’s

• This product is not for someone who would want to make a decent living online. The payouts are good although you will have to put in a lot of unnecessary effort just to earn the decent amount of money from it.

• The idea of having to like, share and view ads just to make money, a few cents for that matter, isn’t that fun. If you get $0.01 or $0.2 for a single ad, you can see that it will take a great deal of time and work to hit at least $10. The effort doesn’t really match up with the pay at the end of the day.

• Basically, sharing and liking stuff on Facebook is perceived as spamming, and this is something you don’t want to do as it will get you into Facebook’s bad books much faster especially if you are using your personal account. And remember you can’t have two Facebook accounts to work with the program because this will be going against the terms and conditions of the platform.

• Often when people make investments, they expect the money to work for them as opposed to them working with their money to get more profit. Traffic Network Club requires you to do extra things to see your investments pay you.

• Although the compensation plan appears relatively fair, it can be a hard task to refer people to the club as the public’s expectations don’t quite match up with the plan. The club’s compensation plan is much lower than what people would want to join.

• Clicking on text ads and viewing YouTube ads will make money for the company but the clients who want the content on the ads to make sales and conversions for them are not going to benefit as this is fake influence and popularity. Just because the members clicked on an ad doesn’t mean that sales will happen.

Final Verdict:

After carefully examining all the ways the Traffic Network Club company is using to run, that is the compensation plan, the accounts, the selflessness and the limitations it has for each category of members, and there is a lot to say about it. Should I crown it ” The Traffic Network Club Scam”? or vouch for it perhaps?

According to my vast experience online and encounter with many programs like these, I would say it’s legit BUT, not the best to work with for a long term guy. So you should choose if you like a long term earning potential or a short and limited one, and then take the best course of action.

Final Verdict – For short term success

Name: Traffic Network Club
Overall ranking: 28 out of 100
Owner: George Bonck
Price: $15 a month

If you had an experience with this program before, be sure to tell us your story in the comments section below. Share with everyone what’s it’s like to be a member.

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