Traffic Monsoon Scam Review – Avoid at all Cost!

Welcome to my review;

Business Name: Traffic Monsoon2015-08-04_16-23-01
Website Address: www.trafficmonsoon.com
Owner Name: Charles Scoville
Product Price: Free + Premium
Overall Rank: 40/100 (See cons below)

Traffic Monsoon Scam Review – Introduction:

Traffic Monsoon (TM) was launched by Charles Scoville back in October 2014. Charles Scoville has started several PTC sites in the past and closed that sites like InfinityBux, BuxSecure and others . He is currently running another site known as Adhitprofits and it was launched in April 8th, 2013.

Traffic Monsoon is providing multiple services in the form of Traffic Exchange plus pay to click (PTC). It is basically a service which send your site targeted traffic very quickly. They also share revenue with the members. There are also other sites that are very similar to this including BeOnPush, My Advertising Pays, and Zukul Ad Network.

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How to Earn Money from TM?

There are different ways to earn money with traffic monsoon.

1). Pay to click (PTC) – If you wanted to earn as a free member then you can use this part. Screenshot014Generally free members can get up to 10 ads, each worth from $0.01 to $0.02. If you view all these ads then you will earn up to $0.1 per day. You can check your account two to three times a day so that you can find new ads.

If you are free member you can enjoy 2:1 surf ratio. It means you can surf two websites then you will get 1 credit. If you wanted to advertise your own site then you can use these credits. It is a free method of advertising for you.

2). Revenue sharing – You can use this facility if you wanted to invest in this program. You have to purchase Ad packs. Minimum cost of this ad pack is $50, which gives you 1,000 ad credits plus 20 guaranteed banner clicks with one sharing position.

However in order to qualify for daily revenue share you have to click a minimum of 10 ads in traffic exchange and view websites for 20 seconds each.

Each Ad Pack will share you revenue up to $55.00. Time is not defined in the system, it all depends on number of sales.

Paid member also receive 1 visitor credit in the traffic exchange for each ad view.

3). Affiliate Commission – You can earn 10% affiliate commission which plays a big role in boost your earnings. For example is your referral purchase $50 ad pack, you will get ten percent of this which amount to $5. You will also earn from subsequent ad packs. In order to qualify for daily earnings from affiliate click, you need to surf at least 10 traffic exchange ads every day. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

How TM Earns Revenue?

1). Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns will cost $0.25 per click and if you target your ad to specific location then it will cost $0.50 per click. Pay per Click (PPC) means you pay only when someone clicks your banner.

2). Traffic Exchange Start Pages – It is a plan which helps your site to be the first site viewed by all members. This will cost you $35 per day. It will help your ad to gain lot of attention and stand out first in people’s minds.

3). Traffic Exchange Credit Purchases You can purchase traffic exchange visitors without having to surf to earn the credits. Simply select package below.

2015-08-04_16-14-274). Monsoon Traffic Packages -This plan offers you the capability to promote your website through a myriad of advertising websites and produce improved overall results in gaining sign-ups, leads, and referrals.

2015-08-04_16-18-135). Login Ads  It will places your website in a pop-up window upon login. This is priced at $35 per day and limited to one space.

Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Traffic Monsoon is free to sign up for every person.
  2. Pay to click rates are higher as compared to PTC industry.
  3. Good referral commission.
  4. Reasonable support and help for members.
  5. Multiple payment processors are accepted and first withdrawal limit is $2.


  1. Owner has been involved in the past in different scam programs. His reputation is not good in PTC industry. Though he launched Adhitprofits in 2013 and this site is currently paying to its members but still it is very difficult to say how long he run those sites. I personally don’t recommend anyone to invest this program because of this main issue.
  2. Earning potential is very low for free member and if you are a paid member then you need to invest a large sum of money in order to earn and it is very risky strategy due to above mentioned fact.
  3. Generally the traffic you will receive for your site is not a good traffic you want and it is a great chance that you end up losing money.
  4. Adhitprofits is making loses and traffic monsoon is generating good amount of income and owner is using that money to stabilize its other business, which can be a risky strategy for both businesses.
  5. You can find some advertisements of scam companies in member’s area which is very common in PTC sites. So you should check yourself before joining any program.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam? My Conclusion:

It is not a scam but it is a new program with some combined sources of income for people. I personally don’t recommend this due to the following reasons.

  • We cannot see in the future and only we have previous information about a person. Based on this owner reputation is not good due to lot of past scam programs. May be he come up with new intention but impossible to tell.
  • These types of programs are mostly very short lived and only a very few people are manage to earn from it.
  • In order to earn good you need to invest large sum of money. If it takes two month to reach your $50 to $55 (as it is evident currently) then you can earn $100 in two months with $1ooo investment. Why you waste your time and money when there are other better opportunities are available. There are many programs that you can use like Bring the Fresh or Wealthy Affiliate but i prefer Wealthy Affiliate over any other program due. To know more about this site then visit here.

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I hope you liked my Traffic Monsoon review and if you have any question about this then please comment below.



Hi Everyone! Its great to talk with you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. My name is Yasir and I'm the owner of Online Earning Mentor. I started my first online business in 2014 from this site and now I help newbies to start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training program and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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Ilias - October 7, 2017

Hi Khan and thanks for your review on Traffic Monsoon. I am familiar with PTC websites because I have tried some of them before.

When I read the traffic packages, I noticed that they are too expensive in comparison to other PTC sites. The small packages are on the standard prices but the big packages cost too much.

I agree with your rank, it is not a good opportunity.

    khan - October 13, 2017

    Thanks Ilias for your comment. 

Warren - September 13, 2017

I never mind paying for traffic that I feel will pay off, but after reading your review, I really am concerned that this is just another guy who has folded up his tent and moved to a new town under a new name….with the same old scam. I am really surprised you rated it as high as you did. You must have a good heart! Thanks for the warning.

Gary - October 7, 2016

Traffic Monsoon looks like a total waste of time at best. The owner, Mr. Charles Scoville seems to have a knack for creating these complex schemes.

For all the time invested with Traffic Monsoon to earn pennies, it seems like with the right training a person could use their online time to build a real business.

    khan - October 11, 2016

    Thanks Gary for your comment.

Aless - August 16, 2016

I’ve heard about Traffic Monsoon a while ago and even joined them, but I couldn’t find my way around the website, I guess I was lucky. Many people have lost a good amount of money with their program.
Now I heard they have been shut down by the SEC? Is that true?

    khan - August 21, 2016

    Thanks Aless for your comment. You are right SEC has shut down it and people have lost their money. I hope they will recover but still the situatlion is not pretty clear.

Derek Marshall - February 12, 2016

HI there Khan,

I have heard of traffic monsoon and known about them for around 18 months. The reason I avoid them is, as you have mentioned low income opportunity.

As an advertising network, hell no! seriously bad very low targeted traffic. If good traffic is considered to be laser targeted then paid to click traffic can be considered as street light targeted!

    khan - February 14, 2016

    Thanks, Derek Marshall for your thoughts. I like your comparison and the thing is, people join such sites due to passive income and not because of their product. They forget to think any risk they may have to face in the future.

Daniel - January 9, 2016

In this moment (from late December), Traffic Monsoon it has problems with cash links and free members don’t make money from that.

In late December 2015, they made a major upgrade on cash links server (as they claim). and free users, don’t have cash links from 15 December to 28-29 December. So, no money from free members.

On 02 January 2016, they claim to make maintenance work on cash links server. Again no money from free members.

A couple of free members with a high number of referrals and a high revenue, it has deleted accounts. I don’t know for what reasons.

    khan - January 10, 2016

    Thanks Daniel for your thoughts. This is exactly what I have written above. I have seen lot of complaints of account deletion. It would be a better option to withdraw as soon as possible of your hard earned money.

Tasos Perte Tzortzis - December 23, 2015

Hello there Khan , I have already read some reviews online about this Monsoon program and I am member with them for about 3 months or more.But I have not yet discovered all the features inside because of other businesses.I only used their traffic exchange system , got awful results and stopped immediately.

Some say it is an outstanding opportunity , making it sound too good to be true.

I believe your article is the most unbiased review on this product I have met so far because you outlined all the cons.

The most important part on the cons section is that you don’t trust Charles due to his past.Then all these reviewers that are screaming that Charles Scoville is a decent businessman they might got in trouble spending money on these expensive ad packs.

Everyone was saying that these ad packs of $50 return to you $55 in 7 days.But as you say , time can not be calculated up-front.That makes me really sceptical about Monsoon in general.

Why should I invest $1000 to get 1/10 in return in 60 days?…Too risky for me.

Thank you for this neutral point of view , all my best.

    khan - December 26, 2015

    Thanks, Tasos Perte Tzortzis for your comment. As per my info, a $50 ad pack will take around 50 plus days to return people $55. I think if you have some extra money and want to risk in this venture then you may, but it is a very risky venture.

    I have also outlined other major issues about this program, but there is one more thing that a lot of people are complaining about their accounts get banned by the system. This makes this system riskier because lets suppose you invest heavily and get your account banned then…….

    Again thanks for your comment and appreciation.

Lynne - December 15, 2015

I tried out Traffic Monsoon and I wasn’t very impressed. I was trying it out for traffic exchange to my website. The traffic quality was really bad! Very bad bounce rate, only a few seconds on my website and then to top it off I got booted out and I was called a “Click Cheater”. No explanation or anything, just booted and that was that.
I found that very disturbing, although then again it was such a bad website to make use of anyway possibly it was a godsend?
This was my first experience trying out a traffic exchange/ pay to click website and I don’t believe any of them are worthwhile.

    khan - December 16, 2015

    Thanks Lynne for sharing your information and exoerience with Tratffic Monsoon. The two issues you have mentioned in your comment are major for this site. You get bad traffic that wil increase your bounce rate. Moreover, you get banned anytime. I have seen lot of people getting their account banned after they invest heavily in the system.

Lucas - October 17, 2015

A nice review on Traffic Monsoon. I personally don’t trust Charles Scoville as has had started many of this websites but eventually close down for some reasons.

Plus, the earning potential are too low and some people also complaint that their account had been ban after joining for several weeks. Even if this is not scamy but still dishonest and untrustworthy.

    khan - October 17, 2015

    Thanks Lucas for your comment. The issues you have raised are all very valid and make this system very risky. I totally agree with you that it is not scam yet but it is never advisable due to issues you have raised.

Max - October 16, 2015

Hi Khan,
Happened to stumble into your site. As a newbie to creating websites, and monetizing them I am always looking for new ways to do so.

Traffic Monsoon, I was not even aware of. Great and thorough review. Thanks for doing the research!

Reading some of the rest of your site, Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a great place to start!

    khan - October 17, 2015

    Thanks Max for your comment. I am also looking for new business models and earning methods because I love internet marketing. Traffic Monsoo is one year old site and going well but very risky to invest in.

Neil - October 12, 2015

Great review on Traffic Monsoon, and I have seen many people making money online from this program through Youtube videos and blog posts. However, I was still a little skeptical!

I must say that the traffic is reasonably priced, and it’s great that I can make some money online from Traffic Monsoon. It seems very similar to MAPS, wouldn’t you agree?

Thanks for sharing your pros and cons on this program, and I will definitely take your thoughts in to consideration when deciding whether to join Traffic Monsoon.


    khan - October 14, 2015

    Thanks Neil for your comment here. Traffic Monsoon is growing well, but it is a risky investment. Yes, MAPs and Traffic Monsoon have a lot of things in common and are pretty similar.

Bob Brooks - September 29, 2015

Great review, Have seen that advertised a lot and had considered joining as a traffic source. Really glad I read your review and it paints a clear picture of what to expect for my money. Thanks for the review, would not have connected the owner to other failed sites. Thanks for your research. very helpful

    khan - October 2, 2015

    Thanks Bob Brooks for coming to site and leaving a comment here. Happy to see you get some useful information here.

Devin - September 21, 2015

Great write up on Traffic Monsoon. It seems like everyday I am hearing about more and more online scams out there. I knew there were many, but geez. While this one may no officially be a scam, it does seem complicated and too much for someone like me to want to deal with. Plus throw in the founders bad rep and you can count me out.

    khan - September 23, 2015

    Thanks Devin for your comment. Internet is full of scams and it is growing day after day and one need to be very careful. Traffic Monsoon is currently paying and not a scam but due to owner bad history, it is advisable to avoid such site.

Tom - August 13, 2015

Thanks for this review of Traffic Monsoon Yasir. I see their ads often and have considered joining. You review has helped me decide to stay away from it.

I also glad I found this review because it introduced me to the rest of your website. You have a lot of great content here and I will be reading more.

Thanks again,

    khan - August 16, 2015

    Thanks Tom for your comment here and yes it is advertising heavily by its members because they offer good referral commission and it is still going well but this business model is unsustainable in the long run.

    I am very happy you find my site with lot of hekpful content.

sarah - August 13, 2015


I am a member of trafficmonsoon and used to earn a little bit of cash with it but the truth is I quickly realized it was time consuming, especially if you don’t make any referrals. So I just gave up and focused on businesses that had proven themselves over time.

What they don’t tell you on trafficmonsoon and most PTC sites is that it takes a loooooot of referrals to earn a decent amount of money and even when you do make referrals, they eventually stop clicking the ads because they are not making any money.

The only PTC sites that I have made money with is Clixsense. What do you think of it?


    khan - August 15, 2015

    Thanks Sarah for your comment here. Traffic Monsoon is till now going well but as i mentioned in my review there is a lot of risk involved due to owner history and you are right in order to earn good money you need lot of referrals that can invest huge amounts otherwise it is very difficult to earn good money.

    Alternete course of action is to invest yourself heavily and hope for the best but i cannot recommend anyone to do this because of the above issue.

    Clicxsense is a good PTC site and has been around for years but still in order to earn money you need to make referrals otherwise you are earning only a few bucks per month.


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