Traffic BlackBook Scam Review – The Paid Advertising Secrets

Business Name: Traffic BlackBook
Website Address:
Price: $197
Business Owner: Chad Hamzeh
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100 points

What is Traffic Black Book?

Traffic is the most important thing if you want to get success online. There are different ways you can use to get traffic to your website. One method is using search engine optimization and other method is using paid advertising. Traffic using SEO is the cheapest and more stable method than paid advertising. The biggest problem one can face is that ranking through SEO takes time and additionally it requires technical knowledge which most of the people don’t have.

Due to the above reason trend has now changed and people are using paid advertising in addition to ranking through SEO. Because there is an investment involved in paid advertising so before using this one should have a good knowledge of this otherwise you can lost money easily.

To cater this need different programs have launched that are providing training on this topic and some are good and some are bad. Included in this there is a program known as traffic black book which has a good reputation in the industry. So in this review I tried to disclose both positives and negatives of the system and my conclusion in order to help my viewers to take corrective action.

Traffic Black Book was launched by Chad Hamzeh back in 2013. The purpose of this program is to show strategies to members on paid advertising in order to boost your business. Traffic Black Book has recently released their second version.

What is Included in Member’s Area?

There are different training modules in the member’s area;

Module #1: Basic of paid traffic and why this is the quickest method to move your business to the next level and how to shift your mind to paid traffic.

Module #2: Understanding organic, paid and warm traffic and which one is the best. You will see live case studies that have used by Chad and can view everything about landing page secrets, funnel, sales videos, exit page etc.

Module #3: Mike Colella a strategic planner in PPC advertising guides you about the paid industry, markets that you can target and return on investment. He also shows different successful strategies and guide about app that lets you track THOUSANDS of profitable ads all across the net.

Module #4: Here you will learn about banner advertising and creating high converting landing pages. You will also see different case studies here and learn different successful elements of banner ads and their creation.

Module #5: A complete guidelines on how to track your paid advertising, return on investment and monitoring every click and conversion.

Module #6: You will learn four major methods of PPC like Google, Facebook, Big advertising networks and Direct to site buying. It helps you to drive targeted traffic to your site that actually converts and increase ROI.

Module #7: What is retargeting and how to use this in order to increase ROI? Julian Farley guides you in this modules and disclose different strategies.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Excellent training on paid advertising that can be easy to understand as each module is divided into step by step videos. Information is of very high quality and is at par with current trend. Most importantly Chad shows real case studies that can be very easy to understand.
  • The program didn’t make false promises or over hyped its product that shows the owner is an ethical guy.
  • Price seems high but it will access to life time and there are quality of information you will learn there. There is also no up-sells in the system.
  • What other paid advertising programs missed in their training, Traffic Black Book incorporated it thoroughly.


  • There is a lot of risk involved with paid advertising even with quality training. So you need to be very careful about what you are doing. Though this risk can be minimized by following each and everything that Traffic Blackbook teaches you.
  • This is a paid strategy and you need money in order to implement. First you have to pay for this course and then in order to implement this strategy you need budget. Chad recommends to begin with at least $500. This will make your cost $697 and with such a risk involved it should be start with extreme care.
  • It is most advanced course out there and if you have no previously knowledge then it is very difficult to understand most part of it. It is better you must be advanced internet marketer to implement this strategy.
  • Organic traffic using SEO is the best method to promote your business because it is free, stable, long term and have more ROI than PPC advertising.

Price & Bonuses:

Price of the product is $197 and in order to implement the strategy you need further $500. So, your cost become $700.

There are certain bonuses that are offered to people who purchased that product. It includes

  • Complete traffic black book (Value $497)
  • Peter irresistible offer creation (Value $47)
  • Solo ads basics (Value $97)
  • Power of press release (Value $47)
  • Cold traffic ($47) 

My Conclusion:

In short Traffic Blackbook is an excellent course on paid advertising in which you learn best strategies to implement this in order to move your business to next level. As I said earlier that paid advertising is a very risky strategy but this course helps you to minimize this risk and even you can earn very good amount if you are successful.

Moreover in order to reduce further risk you must be an intermediate or preferably advanced user in internet marketing because it is not for newbies. If you have budget then my suggestion is you can use this program to boost your business but this should be in addition your normal campaign i.e. search engine optimization (SEO).

My suggestion to everyone is that you if you want to make money online then start with my #1 recommendation which is best among all other sites and first create your business using this and earn money from it. When you have regular income and want to further boost your business then join traffic black book.

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