TooDamnEasy Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: TooDamnEasy
Website Address:
Product Price: $2,000, $6,600, $18,500 Membership Levels
Business Owner: Q
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 points

TooDamnEasy Review – Introduction:

Cash Gifting programs has been around years and TooDamnEasy is also based on same concept but adding MLM structure in this model. Q is the person who is behind this program and this was created back in 1998.

Cash Gifting is the way of providing another person a declared sum of cash. The cash is given purely as a gift without any persuasion. The reason why it is called cash gifting because it is nothing more than a gift of cash.

TooDamnEasy is basically a recruiting program and when you become member of this site by paying initially $2000 then you would get access to different training and tool. Using these now you have to simply recruit new people and they have to do the same things that you have done.

How to Earn Money from This Site?

After becoming member of this site by paying $2000 then you would get access to its member’s area. In reality there is no real product available for the price that you have paid.

This $2000 fee is for initial membership level or the red tube. When you purchased this package you are placed at the top of your own red tube.

  • You recruited a new member – $2000 for you
  • The next two people you recruited your sponsor gets 2x$2000 =$4000
  • Every fifth payment which goes to TooDamnEasy

Other than red tube there are two more tubes – $4000 green and $12000 black that operate in a similar fashion

Well now you have understood this concept and for the system to work there has to be new members. Otherwise there would be no earnings for anyone.

Things I Liked:

There is nothing that I can say it offers tangible benefits to the people. You can make money if you are good at recruiting but in reality there is no real product out there that can be assumed to be worth investment.

Things I Didn’t Like:

Who is Q?

The owner of this program is supposed to be known as Q but no one knows who he is and how he looks like. I think this is a big sign of scam and you can go lot of programs that are much known and all they have very professional about us page along with complete introduction and pictures.

This really adds trust to the visitors. I cannot invest to any site that is asking for $2000 upfront investment but there is no information available about the product.

Very Expensive Product

I have seen lot of great products that offers too much to its members but they are offered at a very reasonable price of nearly $100. But I am very surprised to start this site with $2000 and after that you have to face lot of upsells.

Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme

There has been lot of conversation going on about the legitimacy of the system. I think cash gifting is one of very old method out there. If you send some person a gift then there is no issue with this but when I send this with the anticipation that the same thing will be repeated also in your down line then it will turn into a pyramid scheme.

A Ponzi scheme is a way where you pay people from other people’s investment. They are just changing this into a gift scheme but in essence you are just paying for recruiting other people in the system.

Lot of Complaints

There are lot of complaints you can find on the web. I have seen rip off report and other forums that have clearly showing people issues with this site. The reason is very obvious because when you become member of such a site by paying such a high fee then it is very difficult to recruit someone to this system and you will stuck in the middle.

Full of Hype

When you land on the sales page then you see material full of hype. There is all around you see thousands of dollars in days. How could this be happened and I have been in this filed quite a sometime now and putting lot of effort on my site but haven’t reached at this level. Don’t simply get fooled by such type of information that is just misleading way to get enrolled in the system.

No Real Product

Without product how can you pay for just a large sum of money for this site? You are just prompted in the name of gift but it is all referral commission. I always look at first to the site product because this is what we are aiming for.

Is TooDamnEasy a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

To be honest, it is not a scam but the way it is working I cannot recommend this site to anyone. There are lot of problems with those site that I have mentioned above. You are risking your money in such a site but if you are really looking for platform that a actually work for people then see my #1 recommendation.