The Timing System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

The Timing System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my The Timing System Review;

Business Name: The Timing SystemThe Timing System Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?
Website Address:
Price: $100 – $200
Business Owner: David Williams
Overall Rank: 35 out of 100 points

The Timing System Scam Review – Introduction:

The Timing System is a tool developed by David Williams. It is basically a binary option tool that guides investors whether to buy or sell particular currencies. The tool works on the very simple premise that what other most of the people are doing while trading. If let’s say 70% people are buying then this tool will show buy signal to the investors and vice versa.

As per David, he is very successful with his method and able to bank $963 after every ten minutes. On the sales page he showed how he used sentiment tool to earn money using forex trading.

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How The Timing System Software Works?

The core of the software comprises sentiment tool and this tool send signals to the trader whether to buy or sell currency. This tool actually guides you what other majority of people are doing while trading. The platform uses for this tool is called stock pair which is very famous trading platform online.

Let suppose when most of people buying the currency pair then this is signal for you to do the same because most people cannot do wrong most of the times.


If there is a 50/50 option then it is better to trade on other currency pair that has more clear option. Let suppose you lose in trade then you must increase your trade next time to not only recoup your previous cost but also get some profit.

As per David you may lose one or two trades but you cannot lose too many consecutively as majority of people cannot go wrong and you would be able to profitable at the end of the day.

Stock Pair is very famous trading platform and in order to start you must invest at least $200. All you need to create an account for binary option trading and add funds to your account.

David uses $12 for trade purpose and each trade has a completion of 30 minute cycle. If you win then this trade will return you 77% ROI. It means $21.24 and $9.24 of pure profit. If your trade become successful then simple repeat this process. If you are on loser side then increase your trade to $28. Again wait for 30 minute and if you are successful then you ROI will be 77% and profit you $49.56.

After successful in second step then move to the first plan and start again. Let’s suppose you also lose second step trade then move to the third step. David mentioned up to four steps that you can use to recover your investment and profitable.


Things I Like about The Timing System:

There are not many advantages this system has other than below;

  • The software providing this service is free and there may be some indication for people to know what most other people are doing with the trade.
  • If you look at the support then it is instant via live chat. You are responded within few minutes.
  • All instructions are very step by step and very easy to understand for everyone.

Things I Don’t Like about The Timing System:

Too Much Hype

As usual with binary option, this system also uses too many hype to attract customers to their site. Let’s look at the top of the site where you will find how he made $963 after every 10 minutes. Would this be reasonable? Even the most profitable system cannot provide such type of income.


I have been in the online industry quite a long time, believe me it is not easy to earn regular online income and you need to put persistent effort to slowly improve your stats.

Other than above there are two more things to look at. On the left side there is mentioned that 2,170 users have joined today and over $62 million has been generated by our members. You may be thinking why I am suspicious about those figures.

It is because when I move to site called similar web then I found total traffic of 6000 last month and how could this be possible to generate 2,170 leads in a single day. There is sudden down in traffic since June.

The Logic of Software is Questionable

This really is, because leaving all other historical and prospective information, that is the true information for decision making, and using only majority people signal is very much unreasonable. This is also a truth that most people lose money in binary option so why not move against the flow.

Well, I am not asking to move against the majority but this is the question in my mind. It is better to base your decision on future and past information that is the most important criteria and if you alone cannot do that then there are top regulated brokers that provide you such information but they do charge good fee.

Moreover, I am not convinced by David strategy if you lose trade. Let suppose if you lose it then you need to increase your trade amount. This is even more risky and you can empty your account in seconds.

Let suppose you start with $100 and if you lose then for the sake of simplification you need $200 and then $400 and then $800 and then $1600. If you lose five consecutive trades then you lose $3100 in minutes. This strategy not only requires you must investment but also very risky.

Some people believe that you cannot be wrong most of the times. Initially I also thought in the same way but I have seen people who lose consecutives 8 trades so do the math and see where this figure will reach.

Is The Timing System a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

Containing too much hype and other deceptive promotional material, I think the most important thing is sentiment tool and I find its signal very illogical to trade on. Think twice before risk your money in such risky venture.

Why you are throwing your money in such platforms when there are so many other programs out there that offers you good return on investment at a no risk. It requires your hard work and time.

If you are looking for such an opportunity then my sincere advice is to look at my #1 recommendation.

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