The Super Affiliate Network Review – (Worth $12,497 or a Scam?) (2021)

Welcome to my The Super Affiliate Network review 2021!

The Super Affiliate Network promises marketers to grow their businesses leveraging the most innovative digital marketing strategies available!

Through their strategic education, ongoing mentorship, and personal hands-on training; their students are making the difference. 

Though such claims get you excited, you should do our due diligence first to decide whether we are going to join it or not. This is where you must read honest reviews on the internet to make the right decision. 

Luckily, you found this one and as I am not related to The Super Affiliate Network so I will share my honest view on this system. 

Is it really that easy for The Super Affiliate Network to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is The Super Affiliate Network a scam or legit?

So, let’s start;

Product Name: The Super Affiliate Network

Founder: Misha Wilson

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $1 Trial $47/month + UPSELLS up to $12,497

Best For: Nobody

The Super Affiliate Network Review

Summary: The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is a training platform that is owned by Misha Wilson. The program trains people on affiliate and email marketings so that they will promote their product (SAN).

The program is very costly, and one of its membership is offered at $12,497. Also, there are some features of the pyramid scheme as well. That’s why I suggest you stay away from this high ticket program.

Rating: 65/100

Verdict: No

  What is The Super Affiliate Network (SAN)?

The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is a global entrepreneur’s community launched by Misha Wilson in 2015. The program gets a lot of buzz in the digital marketing world.

Apart from the global entrepreneur’s community, it is also a step by step training on how to build a successful business from affiliate marketing.

Their mission is to give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed with your online business. They teach all of their members how to make their first sale online, and how to repeat the process over and over and over again.

Who is Misha Wilson?

Misha Wilson is a famous entrepreneur, and most importantly he is the fastest and youngest growing traffic and conversion expert on the internet.

He had his first $5,000 per month just after at the age of 23 and scaled his business to six figures just after one year.

His major success comes through using the affiliate marketing business.

Now he devotes most of his time running his own system, The Super Affiliate Network (SAN), where he teaches other aspiring Online Entrepreneurs how to duplicate his success, and helps them personally with the process.

Though Misha such an experienced person already earning six-figure per month, whether his system SAN is designed for helping newbies or it has some other motto?

This review will get you informed…… so, keep reading.

Misha Wilson

Misha Wilson

  Inside the Super Affiliate Network:

When you buy this course, you will first see the welcome video. Along with this, you will also get;

1. Profit Boosting Bootcamp

Bootcamp is the training which covers three phases;

Phase #1 – Laying the Foundation

It comprises five modules with the names of;

  • Module 1: Strategy Versus Tactics And How to Lay the Correct Foundation
  • Module 2: The Five Pillars to Profitability Online
  • Module 3: The Millionaire Mind and The Subconscious Phenomenon
  • Module 4: The Anatomy of a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Funnel & How to Find Winning Offers That Convert
  • Module 5: Super Affiliate Sales Funnel 

So, the whole purpose of this phase is to get you ready for promoting the Super Affiliate Network.

Phase #2 – Launching Your Business

It comprises up five modules;

  • Module 6: How to Launch Your Business And Get Profitable Fast
  • Module 7: Simplify for Success
  • Module 8: Free Vs. Paid Traffic
  • Module 9: 5 Steps to Targeted Traffic That Converts
  • Module 10: The Popcorn Effect
Phase #3 – Scaling Your Cash Flow

It also comprises five modules;

  • Module 11: The Super Affiliate Ecosystem
  • Module 12: Launching Your Lead Machine
  • Module 13: Followup Mastery
  • Module 14: The X Factor
  • Module 15: Creating Big Revenue

2. The Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0

This is the phase where you will get to know how to bring traffic to your funnel.

They mostly focus on Solo Ads, which is a type of traffic method in which you are using other people’s email list for money.

  • Module 1: The 4 Components of Profitable Solo Ads
  • Module 2: The Vendor Selection Process
  • Module 3: Effective Swipe Copy
  • Method 4: Capture Pages That Convert
  • Method 5: Tracking
  • Module 6: Offer Selection – How to Choose Profitable Offers
  • Module 7: The Magic Slot Machine
  • Module 8: Outsourcing Your Solo Ads

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  Types of Memberships

There are three types of memberships;

1). Basic Membership ($47/Month)

The price of basic membership is $1 for 30 days trial and after that $47 per month. However, if you don’t go through the route of $1 trial, you can start this journey from $37 per month.

That means a saving of $10 per month if you skip that trial option.

With this membership you will get access to;

  1. Profit Boosting Bootcamp (As shown above, it includes three phases comprising 15 modules)
  2. Insider Facebook Group
  3. Immersion Coaching (Monthly Private Webinar Masterclass with Misha Wilson)
  4. Monthly Video Newsletter/Archive
  5. The Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0
  6. 70% Commission per Basic Sale (Capture Pages and Sales Pages Embedded with Your Affiliate Link)

2). Annual Membership ($397 per Year)

This membership allows you to pay $397 per year versus you paying $47 per month at the Basic Membership level.

  1. Profit Boosting Bootcamp
  2. Insider Facebook Group
  3. Immersion Coaching
  4. Monthly Video Newsletter/Archive
  5. The Solo Ad Success Formula 2.0
  6. Your Own Done for You Lead Funnels (Capture Pages and Sales Pages Embedded with Your Affiliate Link)
  7. Done for You Multi-Channel Follow Up (SAN will provide all the emails, host webinars, and make a phone call to your buyers)
  8. 70% Commission per Basic Sale and Annual Sale

3). Pro Partner Membership ($2,497 One-time fee)

It allows you to pay a $2,997 one-time to become a Lifetime Partner. You will get all the benefits of Annual Membership plus;

  1. SANS Pro Ascend to Freedom (Weekly training and replays)
  2. 70% Commission per Basic Sale, Annual Sale and Pro Sale ($1,000 commission of pro sale)
  3. Tier 2 Commission of 20%
  4. One Month Autoresponder Rebate
  5. Advanced Link Tracking Platform for Three Months (Free)
  6. Access to The Private Pro Partners Mastermind Facebook Group
  7. Access to many other courses

4). Maui Intensive Membership ($12,497 One-time fee)

This is an exclusive 4-day mastermind event will be held every quarter at Maui where you can work directly with Misha and his team to help build your personal marketing funnels.

  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. $1 Trial

You can become part of this system after paying $1. Though it is only limited access to few modules, still good enough to see the contents and training quality.

The trial period is also for 30 days, so you have a good time to watch the stuff and navigates around. I have recently reviewed a similar product, The Six Figure Formula, which only provides access for only three days.

I always prefer those products which let you provide free or $1 trial.

Please also remember that you will be automatically charged after this trial, so make sure if you don’t want to proceed, email them and cancel your membership. 

2. Good Step by Step Training

 The training material is of good quality. First, it is in videos format; second, these are in-depth and easy to follow.

It will show you how to…

  • Setup sales funnel properly
  • Bring traffic to your sales page
  • Copy-writing tips
  • Conversion optimization
  • and much more.

So there is a lot of value gathered in the course.

3. Legit Business Model

The entire focus of this system is on affiliate marketing

If you are a visitor to my site, you know I always advocate affiliate marketing as a most suitable and profitable business model for newbies.

When it combines with email marketing, the sky has no limits.

Most importantly, you are learning strategies from a person who has named in the leader boards on most of the programs he works there.

4. Active Facebook Group

I have seen their Facebook group which has over 14,000 members. So, it is a healthy community, and they are very active also.

I have seen regular posts from the people sharing strategies and success stories there.

2. Regular Webinars

I also loved how there are frequent webinars within the member’s area. They also have an archive section where members could access previous webinars sessions.

Misha, along with other experts’ people will be hosting the webinars. So you can expect the value which is included in these webinars.

Since the training is limited, the webinars are one cause to remain with the membership.

The Bad

1. Very Expensive Memberships

After the trial period, you need to pay $47 per month. That’s fine!

But what you will be getting for $47?

You only get access to their training bootcamp section and a few other training materials, which I think is very limited. 

Along with this, you don’t get any tool or other valued items that outweigh this cost.

If you look at my recommended program, which is available at the same price of $47 but let’s look at the things you will get;

  • Excellent training
  • Weekly webinars
  • Free keyword research tool ($35 per month)
  • Free hosting ($10 per month)
  • Website security features ($10 per month)
  • Community help

You will see, only the tools will outweigh the cost in my preferred system ($55 price for the tools only ). Other than this, you don’t calculate the value of training and support.

So, in The Super Affiliate Network, I don’t see anything which compensates for my monthly fee.

So, if Basic Membership couldn’t be justified so how the other membership options can be justified which are too expensive;

  • Pro Partner Membership ($2,497 One-time fee)
  • Maui Intensive Membership ($12,497 One-time fee)

2. Other Associated Costs

It doesn’t end here; you have to bear other associated costs as well in this business.

Let’s calculate;

  • Autoresponder ($20 per month)
  • Hosting ($10 per month)
  • Solo Ads (Budget required = $500 per month)

Solo Ads has its own downsides which I will show you in a few seconds.

I think this is a massive investment from someone who is actually looking to make money online.

I know to make money, one must spend money. But at the start asking such investment is way too much.

As a beginner, there is also a trial and error period so you should also wait for the few more months than a person who is already in this field.

3. Entire Focus is on Promoting “The Super Affiliate Network”

If you go to the training modules and other ready-made things they all are directed towards promoting the system itself.

That’s strange to me….

I never see a legit system that does the same. This may be due to their lack of confidence in the training material included in the system.

It is always to be decided by the person which thing he/she is going to promote, otherwise this limits the number of options one could use.

Moreover, as the system is high price item, so it also makes it tough for the members’ to bring in new affiliates to earn a commission. How want to pay $12,000 and join it?

Even if you look at other high tickets programs, they also become difficult to sell because no one wants to pay such high cost at the start.

To show you some of the names of such high ticket programs, this lets you warn in the future;

4. Courses Are Locked

Another poor strategy used by the Misha is that the courses are locked.

When you complete the first one and then move to the next, it will ask you a password which will only be unlocked after you’ve completed the previous course quiz and contacted your coach.

The purpose is to prevent beginners from going too fast and skip the necessary details. I believe this could also be the reason to trap the members for the next month and get their monthly fee.

Let them members decide at what pace they want to proceed. It could be frustrating for them after they have paid the fee and they have to wait the next day to unlock this.

5. No Search Engine Traffic

In the pros section, I have highlighted their business model of Affiliate Marketing, but not the way as every beginner should approach it.

The training focuses mainly on generating traffic via Solo Ad and making affiliate sales via Email Marketing. They entirely overlook the potential of FREE TRAFFIC to be generated from Google.

Solo Ad is a good way for the intermediate and experts but not for the beginners.

The traffic from solo ads is cold, and not everyone is in a position to convert them into money. It takes years of practice to actually master it.

Search traffic is a hot traffic, and people are actually looking for a solution to their problem, and as soon as they find the solution they will go to buy that product.

Also, if your site become an authority, you will start earning passive income from this. If you like, it could also be sold it on flippa and Empire Flippers.

6. Has Features of a Pyramid Scheme?

I will talk this considering two issues;

  • Entire Focus is on Promoting SAN
  • You’re Not Qualified to Earn High Levels Commissions

Despite The Super Affiliate Network has a lot of in-depth training on affiliate marketing and email marketing; their entire focus is to prompt their members to promote SAN itself and recruit more people into the system.

The pyramid schemes;

  1. Don’t offer real products
  2. People only join them to make money, and they don’t have any interest in their products.

If you look at the SAN, they do offer a real product, but people only join them to make money using their compensation plan. They don’t have any interest in their training.

So my question is;

How many people join them if they don’t offer this compensation plan?

Very few….

Why, because there are many more quality platforms out there which provides even more quality stuff at a reasonable price.

Don’t forget; you can only make a commission from the membership level you have personally purchased.

For example, if you’re a Basic Member and someone joins under you and become a PRO Member, you won’t be able to earn any commission from this person unless you upgrade it to that level.

So, they are just luring their member’s to upgrade their membership and earn more money.

Although they do provide legit training and support, these are some signs of a pyramid scheme as well.

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

  Is The Super Affiliate Network a Scam?

To be very fair, it is not a scam. I must call it a legit because they have a lot of useful stuff on making money from affiliate marketing.

Misha is an experienced guy, and you definitely will learn something good from this course even if you already know something.

However, the product itself is very expensive, and there are even some “pyramid scheme features” as well and don’t forget similar other courses in the past which were shut down by the FTC recently.

I am talking about MOBE and Digital Altitude. So, you should expect everything from those businesses.

I’m sure you don’t want to spend a couple of thousand dollars just to be qualified to promote their products, right?

  How I Make Money Online?

Instead of using someone else email list and then promote them different products, I suggest you build your own.

If you are using someone else email list, such people haven’t any relationship with you and who want to buy from a stranger?

So, to avoid this issue;

  • Start building a website that brings in free traffic
  • Build an email list
  • Sell helpful products related to that niche

I know that sounds like too much for the beginner but don’t worry, as I will be sharing you my #1 platform that I am using since 2015.

At that time I was just like you, and then I start earning 4 figure incomes just through the guidance of this platform.

It is known as Wealthy Affiliate, and you can join it for free.

What’s your thoughts on my The Super Affiliate Network review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.