The Six Figure Formula Review – A Scam or Legit System? (2021)

Welcome to my The Six Figure Formula review 2021!

The Six Figure Formula claims on their site how a complete newbie had made $7,242.95 per month even he has no experience at all. This lures me to see what is inside the training of this course. So I decided to buy.

I know such claims make you excited, but there are many more things to look into the system before going to buy the product. This is where you need to read honest reviews on the web to make the right decision.

I am happy to see that you are doing your research before joining The Six Figure Formula and it’s good to see you have found my review.

You will get all the answers;

Is it really that easy for The Six Figure Formula to fulfill its promises? Is it worth your time? And most importantly, is The Six Figure Formula a scam or legit?

So, let’s start;

Product Name: The Six Figure Formula

Founder: Shea Korte

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $1 (Trial for 3 Days) + $37 per Month + Upsells

Best For: Beginners

The Six Figure Formula Review

Summary: The six Figure Formula is a training platform from Shea Korte that teaches people how to make a six-figure income from home. The platform specializes in the affiliate marketing business model.

Overall, it is a legit platform and a good way to start your journey. Also, there is a $1 trial access for 3 days and if you don’t like you could send them a mail to cancel your subscription.

Rating: 78/100

Verdict: Yes

  What is The Six Figure Formula?

The Six Figure Formula is a new program launched in 2018, and the concept behind this program is to make money via affiliate marketing.

Though it also includes methods of CPA (Cost per Action) marketing and Email marketing as well, the essence of all these concepts is affiliate marketing.

When I look at the sales page I found there full of hypes;

Free Video Reveals How a Complete Beginner With No Experience Made $7,242.95 His First Month Online!

I thought it would be a usual scam or similar to low-quality products of Clickbank’s e.g.,

but when I look into the member’s area, I surprised to see that there is a lot of useful stuff there.

Though there are also some downsides as well which I will show you within a few seconds the whole concept is very common and legit with some new strategies as well.

  What is Included in the Member’s Area?

When you log in to the member’s area, you will first see the “Welcome Video” where Shea will take you through all the members’ area and how does this system work.

1. Getting Started

It includes five steps that you are required to complete.

  • Step 1: Affiliate ID and Commission Setup
  • Step 2: Set up Autoresponder
  • Step 3: Get Your Links
  • Step 4: Copy and Paste
  • Step 5: Start Promoting

In step 1, basically you are creating a “PayKickStart” account where you will get all of your affiliate commission, and from here you can withdraw to your choice of PayPal/Payoneer/Wire Transfer/Check.

In step 2, you will discover how to set up Aweber and Getresponse. You need to buy either one of them. Aweber is recommended for beginners while Getresponse is for intermediate users.

In step 3, you will discover how to use their pre-made capture pages and sales pages. They will provide you 5 capture pages and 4 sales pages along with a guide on how to set up these on your own domain name.

In step 4, you will copy and paste their pre-written email swipes in your autoresponder. When visitors become subscribers, these preload emails will send to them one by one.

In step 5, you will learn how to bring traffic to your capture page and then shift to the sales page. They will guide you both free methods (Facebook, YouTube) and paid methods (solo ads).

2. Training

i. Basic Training – There are five modules in the basic training. Let’s look at the content included in those modules;

Module 1

Module 2

  • Why is affiliate marketing so awesome?
  • The mentality for six-figure success
  • What holds affiliate marketers back?
  • A closer look into affiliate marketing
  • Understanding your affiliate offers
  • How to find trusted affiliate networks?
  • Getting affiliate network tracking links

Module 3

Module 4

  • How to find good keywords to get started?
  • Standing out from the affiliate crowd
  • Let’s look into native ad networks
  • What about PPC/CPV/CPM networks?
  • What is contextual advertising?
  • Places we should never advertise
  • Getting traffic with video marketing
  • Let’s look into email marketing

Module 5

  • Affiliate Marketing on Facebook
  • A closer look at Facebook marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing on social media

ii. Advanced Training Modules – It consists of 8 modules with 69 videos and covers advanced stuff.

Module 1

Module 2

  • What’s in advance module?
  • Let me show you Opt-Intelligence
  • What’s work on Opt-Intelligence?
  • MarketerPro step-by-step setup
  • Opt-Intelligence step by step setup
  • Autoresponder follow up setup
  • Pay for clicks or pay for leads
  • Why must we use Marketerpro?
  • The special Autoresponder method
  • Track your network performance
  • What Opt-Intelligence ads look like?
  • The “No Follow Up” method
  • The cross-promotion funnel

Module 3

Module 4

  • What offers should I start with?
  • How to write the best subject lines and body?
  • How to get a better response?
  • Do we need to build a relationship?
  • Traditional affiliate marketing or emailing
  • The secret to YouTube traffic
  • How to choose a niche and keywords?
  • How to make a YouTube video?
  • Turn one video into multiple videos?
  • Uploading videos the right way
  • Bulk video marketing with outsourcing

Module 5

Module 6

  • What is PopAds?
  • Let’s get PopAds ready to roll
  • Let’s go beyond PopAds….. PopCash?
  • Let’s setup PopCash campaigns
  • $500 per day bulk emailing affiliate offers
  • How to scale your bulk emailing?
  • What is Rev-share data?
  • $500+/day campaign overview
  • How to setup any SMTP Relay?

Module 7

Module 8

  • Creating multiple Facebook accounts
  • Adding and removing friends
  • Automate your Facebook marketing
  • What about the Facebook messenger?
  • The big picture of affiliate emailing
  • Here’s how to get it all right
  • What’s next? What to do now?

3. Tutorials

This section is also a video series on basic topics. If somehow you could not understand these topics in basic or advance training section, here you will find those in detail

These topics are;

  • Domain Names – You will learn all from registering your domain, cloaking and masking it to set up a redirect from the domain registrar.
  • Website Setup – This section includes setup hosting for your website, adding a domain and nameservers, putting your website live, adding WordPress, and the basics of a website and HTML code.
  • Autoresponder – This section includes a guide on basics of Market Hero, adding SPF and DKIM records, adding a web form to your website, setup stream / follow-ups, how to sending a broadcast in the market hero, and how to check reporting stats.
  • Tracking Setup – You will learn here how to track your links. For this purpose, they will guide you complete setting up ClickMagic and adding Google Analytics to your site.
  • Outsourcing – You will learn how to find part-time workers on Fiverr and Upwork along with guidance on;
    • Finding full-time contractors and employees
    • How to post a job and contract workers?
    • Evaluating worker skills with the test task
    • How to manage your new workers?

4. Resources

The resource section includes all the useful stuff that has been discussed in the training section.

You will learn where do you get access to the landing pages, email swipes pack, CPC affiliate networks, top solo ads, top autoresponders, top tracking services and recommended SMTP Relays.

5. Campaigns

You will find here 16 readymade campaigns which will be opened one by one after every week. So you have to wait for 16 weeks until you get them all opened.

Tired of Scams, see my #1 recommended business here!

  The Six Figure Formula Price and Upsells:

They offer a $1 trial for 3 days with limited access and after that $37 per month. You can cancel anytime.

Moreover, there is a refund period of 14 days and if you don’t like just email them to refund your money.


#1 – 8 Case Studies + 50 Bonus Email Swipes

You will get 8 over the shoulder Case Studies in 5 different niches with everything revealed! Shea used the exact campaigns to generate huge affiliate commissions.

Along with this, you will also get 50 Bonus Email Swipes in 4 different niches!

The price of this upsell is $47, but if you wait there, you will get a downsell price of $20. But you will now only get access to 4 case studies and 25 email swipes.

#2 – Done for You Campaigns

You will get 5 done for you campaigns that you can copy and paste to start making money. These are in 3 different niches. Shea is using those campaigns for making $573+ per day.

The price of this upsell is $27. However, if you stay on the page for few seconds you will see downsell price of $17. But now you will get three campaigns instead of 5.

#3 – Live Mentoring

If you want access to the live help of Shea and his mentoring team, this upsell will be for you.

For a $7 trial for first 3 days and after that $67 per month, you will participate in their live weekly webinars or one on one session on Skype along with participation in the Facebook group.

  Pros & Cons:

The Good

1. Legit Business Model

Affiliate marketing is the business model that this system talks about. It is also my favorite, and I’m using it since 2015 for making income online.

My main reasons for loving this model are;

  • It is perfect for newbies
  • It didn’t require costly investment. You can start only with a domain name ($10 per year) and hosting ($40) per year.
  • You can earn full-time income from this
  • It is like a brick and mortar business, and you can sell it if you like in places like FlippaSedo and Empire Flippers.
  • You don’t require to recruit people to earn money
  • There is no involvement of face to face marketing
  • There are literally thousands of untapped niches which you can target online

Even if you don’t know everything about this model, you can learn it easily.

I also learned this from a platform known as Wealthy Affiliate, which I’m a member since 2015.

2. Offer $1 Trial

This is also a great thing about this product because for $1 you could access this system. Though the trial period is only for 3 days, still it is good for those people who are curious about the course quality.

So, after paying this, you get limited access to the member’s area. It includes complete access to;

  • Getting Started area
  • Basic training
  • Advanced training (1st training module only)
  • Full access to “Tutorials” section

Rest of all other things will be opened with the passage of time.

2. Everything Included

When you look at the training in the member’s area, it includes tons of useful information on the subject.

  • Over 150+ videos with hours of content
  • Monthly Q & A videos
  • Prewritten email swipes
  • Access to useful resources
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group

There is literally everything from;

  • Buying a domain name, DNS setup, and WordPress installation
  • Creating a capture page and sales page
  • Free and paid methods to bring in traffic
  • Setting up an autoresponder and then send them pre-written emails

2. Step by Step

Everything is step by step, and you don’t find any missing link at all. “Getting Started” is a step by step 5 steps method to set up your funnel.

The video and sound quality are pretty awesome, and Shea is actually showing in over the shoulder training rather than just talking about.

So, if you are a newbie, I don’t think you would face any difficulty at all.

It looks likes; Shea knows what he is talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing, email marketing, and CPA marketing.

Even if you are already in this business, there is ALWAYS room to learn more in this game.

2. Useful Resources

Lastly, Shea shows us everything which is best in the business. For autoresponder, he guides us both Aweber and GetResponse, and for tracking, it is ClickMagic.

Additionally, you will get access to MarketerPro which is an email marketing software designed for this course, and it could easily be a paid one.

One more thing I like about this training is that it provides you with a list of affiliate networks which work on Cost per Click (CPC) basis.

This is very rare in affiliate networks as most of them pay you on cost per sale (CPS), cost per lead (CPL), cost per call (CPC) and cost per download (CPD) basis.

I don’t share those CPC networks here because it would be unfair to the owner.

The Bad

1. A lot of Focus on Promoting The Six-Figure Formula

If you go through their entire “Getting Started” module, they have all ready-made solutions for promoting the system itself. Even all of their capture pages and sales pages are designed for this program.

I found more interest in the system when I pick product myself based on my passion rather than someone forcing me to promote only one product.

2. No Content Marketing

The whole system revolves around free traffic methods of YouTube, Facebook and paid methods of Solo Ads.

There is nothing you will find here about how to create a blog and drive traffic from search engines which is the most widely used method overall for affiliate marketing.

I also prefer building a blog and then monetize that traffic which comes from Google. It is a long-term strategy and gives much better results than any other method.

3. Paid Methods Could be Risky

From my experience, I don’t suggest paid methods to beginners. Though some paid methods (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads) can give you quick results, here, the entire focus is on Solo Ads.

It is a type of method in which you are using someone else email list. You are just paying rent to the owner of that email list.

It requires experience to convert that traffic because you have no relationship with them and they will not listen to you at all.

That’s why they are termed as cold traffic, and you need to warm them up before they will hear you.

For warming them, you need to send them a series of emails which must have a lot of value. Once they think you as a legit and trusted person, you then have more chances of success.

4. Fake Scarcity Issue

This is the same technique that most of other scam products owners used to trap simple people.

Who wants to close their doors when it is only created for the people to make money?

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

  Is The Six Figure Formula a Scam or Legit?

The Six Figure Formula is a legit product, and I don’t find any scam signs there.

You have the option to pay $1 trial for 3 days, and if you like their content, you then choose to pay their normal monthly fee of $37.

I found all of their stuff very useful. However, the entire focus of this system is on driving traffic from YouTube, Facebook and Solo Ads. The former two methods are free while the last one is paid.

The risk with these methods is that you are using third-party platforms and if at any step you violate their terms and conditions, you could easily lose your account.

YouTube and Facebook are both notorious for banning people accounts.

That’s why I always suggest starting your own blog because it is in all your control and if you like you could even sell it easily.

Also, you need a good budget to invest in Solo Ads. Good solo traffic comes at a costly price.

They generally charge $0.50 for one click, so you should at least start with $500.

See the image below that i have taken from Udimi, a seller is selling a click for $0.69 and 500 clicks for $348.

You are also a beginner, so there is a period of trial and error which could utilize your extra budget as well.

So, it is up to you whether you join it or not. However, if you are happy with this, go ahead and join this course.

  How I Make Money Online?

If you ask me how I am making money online, the answer is affiliate marketing.

Though The Six Figure Formula and my business model are the same, my entire focus is on driving traffic from search engines. I started this method in 2015 and am very happy with this.

It is a very cheap way to make money online and more lucrative than any other business.

At the time of starting this business, I don’t know any coding knowledge at all, and you also don’t need to worry if you don’t know this.

I will share the platform where I started my journey; it is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It provides you with all the tools and training to start this affiliate marketing business from home.