The Profit from Home System Review – Is PFH a Scam?

Business Name: The Profit from Home SystemThe Profit from Home System Review – Is PFH a Scam?
Business Owner: Richard
Price: $97 or more + Hidden upsells
Overall ranking: 14 out of 100

The Profit from Home System Scam Review – Introduction:

With binary trading taking its root in the online world, it has become so easy to use this technique to rip people off mercilessly as most scams that are popular rarely use this method. The profit from home system has ventured into this business with a binary trading software that it claims to be giving out for free and taking a step further by helping people making thousands of dollars every week with it.

With a lot of complaints gotten from people who claimed to have used it and some people saying that it is legit, like Laura Smith, it might prove to be a difficult task to determine who’s talking the truth and who’s not.

And after a thorough research on this product, I have written my own review of Profit from Home System based on what I have gotten the first hand off this product. So be sure to read keenly and see what is actually happening, with photo proofs to back up my claims, and take the necessary precautions as others are doing.

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What is the Profit from Home System?

It is a home trading binary options system that is meant to leverage the fluctuations in prices of different products in given time limits and betting on one side based on your anticipations after which you win or lose depending on the outcome.

When you enter this website, you are welcomed by a lady called Laura Smith who shares her story of how she was struggling to pay her bills and raise her kids. After looking for jobs as far as Twitter, she meets up with her childhood friend, Richard, who gives her the chance to benefit from a trading software he recently came up with.

The truth of this tale? None! First off, there is no one by the name of Laura Smith, the lady’s real name is Leanna, and she’s an actress in Fiverr. She is paid money for every gig she does. That is one red flag.

Many binary options trading software schemes are getting their videos from Fiverr and branding them in a way that brings out the actor or actress as a major contributor to the system. Leanna is still selling gigs up to date. How can she be doing that yet she makes thousands of dollars in minutes? 🙂

P.S. you can check her out on Fiverr account whether it’s true.


Now look at Fiverr;


And more is to come!

Who is this System For?

This website is meant to help everyone who wishes to supplement his or her income by taking one to sixty minutes of their day’s schedule to bet on the direction of the markets and earn. It is as they call it, “taking advantage of the fluctuating market to earn lots”. But does it live up to its hype? I don’t think so.

What they are actually doing is to take advantage of the less informed people to suck as much money as they possibly. They use binary options which they know most people aren’t aware of its operation and the risks involved to manipulate them into joining and then jumping on their credit cards soon after, to make frequent withdrawals without the owner’s consent.

From what I have seen, this product is really meant for people who think they can get rich overnight and are willing to go as far as committing to buying programs they don’t know of, nor how they work. They are just set to making money without getting bothered about the means and the demerits.

How Does PFH System Work?

The breakdown of this product is quite simple. You only have to get registered with the software by joining PFH and then activate the application on your phone, from there leave things for the software to handle. Profits will be streaming in like crazy! Or so they say.

They claim that their software can make 80% to 90% accurate predictions of the market thus guaranteeing you frequent success in your bets and more profits. Behind this simplistic view of the method of operation are many hidden charges that will make you more annoy later on. Just to start with, they do offer trials as it is with all other systems, but the trial isn’t free!

What happens is that they will let you in with the free registration but catch you when you want to use their software. You will be required to pay a minimum deposit fee of $250 to run the software. Notice, that’s the minimum deposit, so it can go up to any amount provided it’s above $250.

If these people were really genuine, they would have the initial deposit at something close to $20 or $30 to fetch more people into the program. But because they know the software doesn’t work as they make it appear, they will take the slightest opportunity to steal from you soon before you the real truth. There are other similar programs that are doing the same way to cheat people like Online Wealth Markets, MoneyBot and Free Money System.

What PHF System Doesn’t Want You to Know?

If you have a good look at their disclaimer, you will get all the reasons and facts to deem this program a fake. Firstly, remember they said that their software can make predictions that are 80% to 90% accurate? Well, that can never happen, to start with.

No software in the world, even created by all software gurus and skilled experts, can ever predict the market situation. And more to that, here are other astonishing facts to will see in their disclaimer. I highly suggest that you click on the disclaimer of their website to check the authenticity of what I am about to expose to you:


  1. They don’t guarantee you any success, either in the ideas, they bring forward to you or the sales materials they present you. (But they said their software guarantees up to 90% success? What happened?)
  2. They are in no way responsible for your actions. Meaning if you mess up and lose, it’s your bad. (They were supposed to help you, but now they are leaving you.)
  3. I quote, “We do not purport this as a get rich scheme” and on their homepage, they make it clear you can get thousands of dollars in a day, what happened to that also?
  4. What they disclose on their website as their earnings are just but mere opinions on what the website can make NOT what they are actually making. This means that the figures you see are not real, but they just write to suit their own needs.
  5. The level of income you will be earning through their software will entirely depend on your effort, ideas, creativity, and techniques. They make it clear at first that the software runs on auto drive, yet they say that your effort and techniques count?

These statements in the disclaimer are not made visibly clear in a way that you can pay attention to rather they are hidden in the disclaimer and printed with a small font that people will struggle to read, especially the visually impaired. What this system knows that many people don’t bother reading terms and conditions of any product or program. They take advantage of this to protect themselves in case they are taken to court.

Pros and Cons:


There are no benefits of this product, so we are going to head straight into the cons.


  • The fact that the owner of this binary options trading website, Richard, chooses to remain anonymous is somewhat fishy. And leaving it all upon “Laura Smith” to take the bigger section of its marketing, raises a red flag too.
  • The minimum fees are too much for someone who is looking for an opportunity to supplement his income. If you are looking for a way to add more to your regular income, it means you are not able to have the money cater for all your expenses not to mention add an extra $250 to your budget.
  • The ten minutes countdown that they give to people isn’t real. This is just a marketing strategy used to impact pressure and urgency into people’s minds to make them do what the website owner wants with immediate effect. If you happen to refresh that page, the timer will start from 10 again, try it and see.
  • Having no guarantee of getting paid regularly is enough proof this is not something you will want to work with. You don’t require to gamble your hard earned money; you definitely want to invest it somewhere that will bring more return on investment if you are to spend money on such programs.
  • The seal guards that they post on their website are fake. They claim to be full certified, business and security verified and scanned for security reasons by Trust Guard. All this is lie! Real Seals from Trust Guard are click-able, but these aren’t, they are just photos placed there for show.
  • In some of the complaints brought forward by the people who have been involved with it report that the website owner and his team have a way of getting your cell phone number and email, and they keep calling you and threatening you for nothing. And they call from different numbers, so be wary of them.
  • The regular charges without your consent can be very irritating. How can they charge your card for services you didn’t receive? Furthermore, they don’t have a money back guarantee as they lead people to believe. When you call their customer service representatives, you won’t get to them and will end up broke if you don’t cancel your card with your credit card service provider.
  • The support has completely failed. In fact, I would want to think there is no support team at all.

Price and Many Upsells:

The fact that they let people in for free raises an alarm putting into consideration the fact that doesn’t reveal how you will be making money exactly. They just give you testimonials from members and vague figures of their recent income from the software.

Also, paying to work on software you nothing about for $250, isn’t that worth it and knowing that you are not sure if they will come back leave alone making profit, no one who is serious about making money will be willing to take such a risk.

Final Verdict:

After all the information gotten from this binary options website, from the high deposit fees to the complicated procedures of canceling membership and stopping the billing, this website final verdict is that it’s an open scam and everyone who minds their well-being ought to avoid it.

Final verdict – Scam!

Name: The Profit from Home System
Overall ranking: 14 out of 100
Owner: Richard
Price: $97 or more + many hidden upsells
Recommendation: Keep off! A scam!

Had a rough time with this scheme? Share your story with the world. Please drop your comments and reviews below and I will be thankful. If you can be thorough, it will be highly appreciated.

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