The Power of Pinning Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: The Power of Pinning
Website Address:
Price: $97
Product Owner: Melanie Duncan
Overall Rank: 84 out of 100 points

The Power of Pinning Review – Introduction:

Pinterest is a social media platform that has grown its popularity tremendously in previous years. As per Alexa, it has a global rank of 30 and 12 in the USA. These stats are enough to know the popularity of this site and how much traffic this site is receiving on a daily basis.

Businesses who knows the importance of this platform are using this for their marketing purposes and generating targeted traffic to their business that is ready to convert. There are a lot of products out there on the market that guides you how to drive targeted traffic from Pinterest and Melanie Duncan product “The Power of Pinning” is also one of them.

What is Included in the Power of Pinning?

Melanie is an internet marketer and an expert of using social media to leverage business. This course is also a combination of her successful strategies that she used in the past. The Power of Pinning is an excellent online training course that will teach you how to use Pinterest to build your business’ social profile, social exposure, and profitability with them.

If you have not yet ventured into Pinterest, then this course will enable you to take a firm position on this platform and take your pie. Some people are using this social media for pinning some routine images with affiliate links but they don’t know how to use this and leverage business. TPOP is a course that fills the gap and shares with you the most successful strategies that can help you to move your business to the next level.

The whole course is divided into seven modules comprising;

Module 1: Optimizing Your Profile for Traffic and Sales

  • An overview of the whole system that helps you to stay focus.
  • How to create a professional business account that helps you to create a foundation for your business. This is all step by step video tutorials that help you to walk through all this process.

Module 2: Different Strategies for Beating the Competition in Your Industry

  • Strategies to get results from Pinterest in less than an hour a week.
  • Three secret search engine optimization strategies to get you more conversions.
  • Use Pinterest in such a way that no one is using.

Module 3: Strategies for Successful Content Creation

  • Learn how to create great visual content.
  • How to save time while pinning and fostering engagement?
  • How to create visual content that protects yourself from legal and copyright issues.

Module 4: Familiarize with the most popular Brands Who Are Doing it Best

  • Before pinning, know exactly what your purpose are that help you to pin only related to purpose.
  • How to get repinned in order to viral your pins exposure.
  • Using contests for huge visibility and conversions.

Module 5: How to Increase Your Visibility & Grow Your Brand

  • Learn how to sell your services on Pinterest.
  • The best strategy to grab tons of free potential customers.
  • How to use boards that can help you to boost your business.

Module 6: Fastest Way to Getting Lot of Followers

  • Best free ways to get your page in front of thousands of customers.
  • Three steps system for turning your influence into income.
  • How to power your competition’s page?

Module 7: The Secret to Magnifying Your Results

  • Best ways to track your pins and how to use these free tools.
  • Best strategies to increase your sales.
  • How you can grow your business by collecting information.

Things I Liked:

Excellent Training                                           

The product comprises of great training on how to use Pinterest to boost your business sales and revenue. It includes all A to Z information that you need and even a complete beginner can easily interpret this information and implement it.

I have broken down all the training material above and it contains plenty of useful information. One can easily say that it contains most powerful strategies that you can use and gain the benefits of this great platform.

Pinterest is Powerful

The value of this product also gets increase because it is based on the product which is 30th most visited site on the web. Now look at another most fascinating stats that will shock you. When I check this site traffic using similar web then it shows 441 million visitors last month.

It means that it has great potential for all type of business and that’s why a good number of businesses are using this platform are increasing day by day. If you can use it correctly then you can easily get a large number of highly targeted traffic to your site.

Reasonable Price

The whole training is offered at $97 and I think this is not much compared to the advantages you will get by using this highly populated platform. You will be in profit very soon if you start implementing this training thoroughly.

Quality Training Material

Whole training is in video format and great for people who love videos tutorials. Overall video quality and sound is up to the mark and there is no interference while watching videos. If you look at the members area then it is also very user-friendly.

Things I Don’t Liked:

More Focus on Physical Products

It seems to me that the prime focus of this training is on the marketing of physical products and most people who are involved in the online industry tries to focus on servicing products. Though there is enough material on servicing products but still I feel that it would be better if Melanie put more emphasis on servicing products.

If you learn the general skills that Melanie guides in this training then you may easily customize this as per your needs. It is also up to you and your expertise level.

Is The Power of Pinning is a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, it is a good product that really worth your investment. If you follow each and every step that Melanie guides you then you can use Pinterest as a great traffic source for your site. It is not raw traffic rather extremely targeted that are very nearly to convert.

If still you don’t buy this product then you may find some good basic guidelines on the web about how to use Pinterest to leverage your online business. It will be not as good as in the Melanie product but they will definitely help you to know the power of Pinterest. Once you get a good idea then you may go for this product to buy.

If you can afford this then it is a great product for you and your $97 investment will return more in the future. Please, do remember it is not for the beginners rather if you have a good site and you are looking for using social media (Pinterest) to boost your traffic and business then this is the right product for you.

I hope you have liked my review and if you have any question then please ask in the comment section below.