The Digital Elites Review (2021) – Does Chuck Nguyen System Work?

The Digital Elites Review (2021) – Does Chuck Nguyen System Work?

If you are wondering whether the Digital Elites money making system actually works, and most essentially if it is going to work for you, then you are going to want to read this to the very end.

I heard of the program a while ago and as I have always done in the past with any program that gets launched, I went behind the wheels of the program to closely study it, carefully examine and wisely determine if it is truly genuine and whether it’s going to make another worthwhile income steam for folks out there.

And what I found out will amaze you!

The digital elites review here is going to uncover for you everything about this program and tell you all the things you want to hear about it. I’m 100% sure that most of your curiosity about it is going to come to complete rest. And wait, you get my final verdict on it to help you determine how valuable this program is going to be specifically for you, and to help you get what you want most, guaranteed!

So let’s get rolling with it…

Business Name: The Digital ElitesThe Digital Elites Review
Website Address:
Owner: Chuck Nguyen
Price: $7 for 7 days trial, then $47 a month
Rankings: 87 out of 100

The Digital Elites Review – Introduction:

If you have been having the burning passion to make money online, chances are that you have seen or probably know someone that is actually doing it, right? And now you are looking to see if it is going to work for you also. And if you have already earned some few bucks online, you are obviously looking to know how you can escalate things to make a full time living off of this online world, am I wrong?

Well, I would like to bring you to the awareness of something very essential before you go any further. People do make online, in fact there are those who earn a living with online jobs BUT many of the people who claim to be doing so, are outright cheats.

They are either trying to lure you into a multi level marketing program they just joined or something of the sort. So you will need to be careful before you pull out your credit card to buy into any of them. If a program doesn’t really show tangible proofs that it works like screenshots of the commissions that some of the members are earning, and all they are doing is to give you plain stories of how they started and have been making money online for the past eight or ten years, then it is highly possible that those are scams.

And if they are not scams they are not good programs that you make a living out of. Well, I don’t say that every program should post its commissions screenshots or the like as there are some who post edited photos, which you will be able to detect instantly.

There is also another way you can identify the genuineness and evaluate the value of a program just by a mere glance or after you’re 3 minutes into the video presentation of the actual program. And I’ll tell you how you go about it. Look into the program’s strategies, understand how it is that they are going to “help” you make money online. And knowing what strategies they work with isn’t that difficult, is it?

If you look at the name of the program or just the terminologies they use, you’ll get a good idea of what you are about to get into. Some will tell you upfront what you will be doing. And once you get to know it, you need to do some background investigation to see if such a strategy has been found to work and pay the amount you are looking forward to making each month.

If you find this too difficult to do, you can just go online and read the personal reviews of the people who have had the opportunity to use the program. They will tell you literally just everything you want to know about it. And from this, you will know the standing of the program in terms of its realness and its ability to help you make what you what you want.

But please I ask you not to jump on any program that is promoted to you, either by a friend or family. You don’t want to get your fingers burnt just by trusting what someone told you, whom you are not even sure of whether he’s done his research well. If you do this you are going to save yourself from the attacks of many scam artists out there, who are only increasing by the day.

Tired of Scams?

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And to help you determine if the digital elites is a real opportunity that you can leverage, let me help you understand it more:

What is The Digital Elites System?

This is a program that is set to helps you make an income stream that will bring you a full time income using email marketing strategy. You will get to know how the owner builds his own huge mailing list in a short time and start earning from it.

You are also going to learn how to capture your audience into the list using free traffic, without having to commit more money into your website in order to make sales on a regular basis. This is a relatively new program and there is no information about when exactly it started operating and some other important information.

And the owner? Who is he? The creator of the program is Chuck Nguyen. He has been on the online marketing industry for almost 5 years now. Initially beginning his online journey in 2012, Chuck had some pretty great failures which took him to the edge of giving up.

He had accumulated a debt of over $100,000 from his friends, family and even his fiance. But as he says, he never gave up but kept refining his strategies until they got to work. He had to learn how to copy write, design a software for optimizing list building and other techy stuff that you would rather not get your hands dirty with, to make money online. And nearly 5 years down the line, he is earning 5 figures a year. (He has got his PayPal account to confirm that)

How Does it Work?

Chuck has entirely focused his money making method on list building, which helps make money in affiliate marketing. By building a list, you get leads that you can convert to buyers, and frequent ones for that matter. And on his sales video, he spells it out clearly that making money in the online world needs 5 key aspects:

• A proven-to-work marketing system – There many forms of marketing online, multi level marketing (MLM), video marketing, affiliate marketing, drop shipping and many others. Affiliate marketing is by far the best marketing there is, and it happens that it’s the one that Nguyen uses.

• Traffic generation – There are many ways you can generate traffic for your business. And they are categorized into two, free and paid. Among the free ones are social media, email marketing, organic search using search engines like Google and Bing. And you can pay for traffic through online ads on social platforms, Pay Per Click (PPC) and many others.

• Email Marketing – In this case, he chose to use email marketing alone to bring him the success he needed. And this is quite a powerful strategy, if you understand pretty well how it works. You can make a fortune out of it. And it is all about getting visitors who come to your website to subscribe to your mailing list. And they can only do so if your website is inspiring, informative and really interesting.

• A Mastermind group – You also need a group of people who have got a good grasp of how this particular type of strategy works. One thing that hasten your failure online, is working on your business without any expert help. When doing it alone, you are more likely to stumble upon many challenges that can literally make you give up. That’s why you see Nguyen providing this “mastermind” group which is going to walk you through most of the work that will only make your ability to generate more revenue limitless.

• Mentor – With the group behind you to help you out with the problems you face from time to time, you are going to need a mentor, someone who will sit down with you and direct your every step, help you understand how everything works, deeply, based on his past experience with what he’s actually mentoring you on. And Nguyen is the man for you here.

All these are meant to help you achieve the 3 most basic concepts of email marketing:

• To capture leads
• And then send emails
• And ultimately make money

And Chuck’s system gives you all the necessary key players listed above to make you successful with your email marketing campaigns. As you get a training for it, from Chuck himself, and all other resources you are going to need to make everything work for you. And these resources, to be specific, are:

• A marketing system that works completely on autopilot.• Assurance of free traffic that is high quality• A strategic approach to email marketing• Chuck’s mentoring and a really helpful community• Huge monthly commissions

Who is it For?

The owner claims that it is best for virtually anyone who wants to make good money online running their own online businesses. And this is here I will have to disagree with him. He’s narrowed down to email marketing, which is a marketing technique to bring traffic to an online business that has already been set up. If you are to use the program you need to have built a website. You need to have known how to set up the framework of your actual website, known how to develop some content and definitely known some other marketing strategies.

And although he does give a training for that, I can say it’s just not enough for someone to really know how administrate or manage his website. As I’ve seen, the focal point of this system is doing email marketing campaigns, and some other marketing strategies for your website to get more visitors and to have them take the action you want them to.

So I wouldn’t say that it’s a program for everyone. It is a system for people who have had a good experience of website administration and have been involved with some few other marketing tactics that, when blended with email marketing, make the most off the campaigns and bring money.

If you want to learn first how to build your own business, from scratch, you may want to check out wealthy affiliate. It is the best newbie friendly affiliate training platform I know of. It shows you how to build a website from scratch, how to choose your niche in seconds, how to create the foundation for your website and ultimately build the skyscraper for it that will get you earning on a daily basis.

And after you are done with the training there, you can purchase this system to help you among things up for the business you will have already built.

What is Included in the Program?

When you look at it from an email marketing point of view, you are going to see that this system gives you almost everything you will need to be successful with this technique, on your website. And to give some insight into what I’m saying, let’s catch glimpse of what is included in the program:

• 9 Step Program – This is a section where you just get to follow the 9 steps provided to make your website stand out and attract visitors who are to willingly subscribed to your mailing list. And this handles the issue of content creation, how to bond with the reader, how to give them exactly what they want and even more of it, and so much more. But this is after you’ve built your website.

• Millionaire mindset – This is where you are going to get your attitude and approach to this business improved. You are going to be well prepared for the things that you will be facing, how to go about fixing the various issues with the visitors with the right frame of mind in order to create trust and integrity, and how to address every aspect of your business that will need your deep thinking and planning.

• The Affiliate Challenge – This is a section where you get to practically challenge Chuck’s system. Here you will putting to the test the instructions that he gives you every single day, for 28 days on your marketing campaigns and see whether they are going to bring in commissions within 28 days. He strongly believes that it always works, and you are there to see and put a stamp of approval on that.

• Monthly Q and A – All the questions you have been asking yourself about email marketing and other certain aspects of building your business are addressed herein. You also get to be part of the monthly Q and A sessions that are usually held to help people with the problems they may have faced through the training or its application on their businesses.

• Recorded Training – This is where all the live training that have been held are recorded and then later made accessible to the members are kept. You get all the training from the first one that was held since this provision was launched.

• Private Mastermind – If you want to get personal help from one of the masterminds in the digital elite membership system, then this should be favorite spot. You are going to get all the personal help you need according to your custom needs.

• Affiliate Syndicate – If you want to see live proofs of the campaigns that Chuck has done and has gotten to bring him a fair amount of money, then rest assured that you will get them in plenty here. For you to believe and get motivated, Chuck has committed to showing you all the recent campaigns that he’s had done for his businesses, the same ones that he’s teaching you.

• Traffic and Commissions – All the traffic stats for your business as well as the commissions derived from them will be found here. You are going to see which campaigns are working better than the others and know how best to make the most of the working ones.

• Support – All the business support services you will be requiring should be found here. If anything happens to your business, you are going to get it fixed here. If perhaps you installed something that broke your entire business, you will get it back with all the mint condition you can think of. The support system is usually very quick and friendly. You get assisted within minutes, if you pose your query within the working hours.

Are There Any Bonuses?

You may find other reviews offering you bonuses which seems quite amazing but rest assured that they are part of the program. This is just a sales technique that converts well and is also taught by Chuck.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• A very informative training in email marketing. It tackles deep things that standard training don’t. And you even get 30+ emails pre-written for you.

• You also get to communicate directly to Chuck, the creator of the program and get personal assistance from him. This means you are never going to remain stuck for days, unless of course you want to.

• You get a very active community that is friendly and waiting to help you. In any case you are having troubles in your online journey, you can write them there and have lots of people give you various answers that give you different insightful approaches to handle the issue.

• The support system is quite powerful. It is quick to respond, gives you practical solutions to every problem and if the problems still persist, they can do it for you on their end.

• The fact that Chuck goes ahead to dare you to work with this program for 28 days and see if you won’t make good commissions with the strategy shows that he is really confident it will work, and has tested it several times. So this shows that his strategies are among the best.

The Cons

• The online community is on Facebook. You don’t get it in the actual program. And this means that you are going to have to open up a Facebook account to access it.

• You don’t get to have a free trial of the program. You have to pay $7 to do that. So if you don’t have the money, you are going to be a little disadvantaged here.

• You are shown some results that are sometimes not realistic to get you powered up to join and start making it work for you too.

Final Verdict:

What striking feature can be said about the program? What is so special about the program? Or is there something really discouraging about it? Well, the program is excellent in terms of the services and provisions it offers for its members. The striking things about it is that you can directly talk to Chuck, which means your needs will be understood well enough and get a better solution from a person you feel has gotten a good deal of experience with “these things”.

And remember, you get a 60 days money back guarantee which allows you to use the program for 60 days, and if in any case you find it not matching the quality of services you had hoped for or not giving what you thought it did, you can have you money sent back to your account, to the last cent, without any complicated procedures. And this shows that you don’t have anything to loose if the program won’t be of any help to you.

But when it comes to newbies using this, a huge loophole is seen since they can’t get their businesses up and running in the best way possible with the training’s, as they are limited.

Get The Digital Elites Here

Is the Digital Elites system a scam? No! But is it good for everyone? Definitely not. Before newbies can use the program, they need to first get a deep training of building successful businesses online before they can get to market them.

Final verdict – Legit but limited for newbies!

Name: The Digital Elites
Owner: Chuck Nguyen
Price: $7 for 7 days trial, then $47 a month
Rankings: 87 out of 100

Have you been using the digital elite product on your business? What is the experience of it like? Do they really pay as they show it in the promo video? Has it actually worked for you? How long have you been on it? We would all love to hear your answers. Please drop them below and we will appreciate it.

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