The Commission Machine Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

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Price: $37 + Upsells
Business Owner: Michael Cheney
Overall Rank: 65 out of 100 points

The Commission Machine Scam Review – Introduction:

The Commission machine is a course that guide you how to use email marketing effectively and grow your business to a large scale. The owner of the commission machine is Michael Cheney and he is a famous internet marketer.

When you land on the sales page, there you can find the promotional video and once you login into account you can see seven training modules related to this topic. He uses a technique called R.A.P.I.D which ultimately helps you to build your own commission machine. It stands for Research, Angle, Provide, Incentive, and Deploy.’

Remember it is not a complete guide on list building but an advance Couse on how to find product and promote it to your list using promotional messages.

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What is Included in the Commission Machine?

Getting Started – In this module you will learn how to use patented R.A.P.I.D formula to build 2015-09-18_23-59-46your own commission machine. It is just an introduction of the whole system that summarize the whole training.

Research – How to find the hidden commission machines online that you can use to earn money? You will learn how to find micro niches and profitable affiliate products that can generate plenty of sales. The focus is on internet marketing products but after watching this you can search for other products as well.

Your whole business is dependent on your niche and profitable affiliate products you choose, so always takes care while doing this.

Angle – There are other marketers that are selling very similar product as you are, but you have to come up with the specific angle that will help you to stand out. In this module, you will learn how to position the benefits of the product and answer any queries people have in their mind.

Providing Incentives – What are the incentives for people to open your emails? This is important because if they don’t open your email then you will not able to earn any money. It is important to learn why people are not using your affiliate links to purchase product.

You will learn different strategies to increase conversions and also how Cheney is using different tools for this purpose. Once you combine angle and incentive together, you will see unimaginable results.

Messages – If you want your prospect to read your messages then learn the insider secrets of creating messages which get noticed, get clicks and get sales. This is not only related to your email list but also for blog posts and fan page posts.

The messages are very simple and short that you will see and learn how it will trigger to increase conversions. Cheney gives you a template that you can use, but he do focus more on the order of the message.

Deploy – Once you set up a commission making machine then it will cranking out commissions like clockwise. All you need to just watch the steps that Michael guide you and copy paste the strategies that you learn.

The No List Method – Well, the whole system is based on building your list and earn money through sending short promo messages. If you don’t have a list then don’t mind because this is the module that guide you to earn money without that. You may be thinking how will this happen? You can run this entire campaign on social media like Facebook and also on the blog.

Things I Like about the Commission Machine

Good Training on the Subject Matter

The training Michael is providing in this product is up to the mark. The business model he is using is very profitable, if used in a right way. I liked this concept and lot of people are struggling to increase their conversion rate. I think Commission Machine, despite its cons that I will mention below, have good training modules on this topic.

The approach he is using is also very unique that is based on R.A.P.I.D acronym. Some training platforms guide you crafting long messages to the list, but Michael focuses more on small messages. The last module is also good for people who have no list, but they are very active in social media and have good fan followings. You can utilize this training and increase your conversion rate even from using Facebook and blogs.

There are some other great things about training include:

  • Training is more likely to be liked if it contains real case studies and this one is.
  • Presentation style is very good and most of them are face to face.


Things I Don’t Like about the Commission Machine


The Golden TicketIt will cost you around $27 per month or $197 for life time and it can help you to access monthly webinars to see the live creation of entire affiliate promotion.

Done for Your Service – It will cost you $97 one time and it includes ready-made machines to deploy.  It includes complete strategy with messages, emails, and bonus items. All you need to do is to simply copy and paste into Facebook, blog, or auto responder.

I dislike upsells and have joined different sites in the past and when I knew that there are other costs involved that give you access to the full system then this is enough for your demotivation. There are upsells in some programs that can be helpful, but it should be disclosed in the main page so that everyone know the exact cost of the system before joining.

Not a Complete Training on List Building

Michael just guides you how to find affiliate product on different affiliate platforms and promote them to your list using emails. I initially think that this product is all about list building but actually this is not the case and there is nothing about how to build list and its components like auto-responder, squeeze page, or opt-in forms etc.

If you don’t know these then you cannot implement this Michael strategy fully and you have to work on social media, which I think is not very profitable compared to other. This is very strange and Michael should include beginner training modules that provide guidance on all topics related to list building.

Is the Commission Machine a Scam or Legit? My Conclusion:

In short, The Commission Machine is a good product on how to improve conversion rate from your list using Michael R.A.P.I.D strategy. Method and the training on this topic are very good but it is related to the very narrow topic and you have to join another platform for learning how to build your list.

Moreover, there are few upsells that need to be considered before joining this site. I prefer this product once you are an advanced online marketer and further looking for some improvement in your business but if you are new then this is not for you. If you really want to do list building course then Income Blueprint X is a better option than this.

What Next?

If you are looking for money making opportunity then see my #1 recommended business. I generally prefer affiliate marketing which I think is the best business model and you can use this to build your online business.

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