The CB Cash Code Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? (2021)

Welcome to my The CB (ClickBank) Cash Code review 2021!

The CB Cash Code Review claims that you can make up to $8,122.24 per day from ClickBank.  Even some of his members have made more than $20,000 in the first week after using the CB Cash Code System.

Thought the above claims look very attractive but does this system work is the question that should be in everyone’s mind.

I also congratulate you for taking your time and doing all this research before joining this program.

Honestly speaking, my review will show you every aspect of this program so that you can make about a wise decision of buying it or not.

So let’s see whether The CB Cash Code is a scam or legit system?

Product Name: The CB Cash Code

Founder: Geroge Patterson Not sure

Product Type: Promote ClickBank’s products using paid advertising

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: None

The CB Cash Code Review

Summary: The CB Cash Code is a George Patterson low-quality product on affiliate marketing using paid methods. The product sales page is full of hypes, fake testimonials, unrealistic claims, and false promises.

Though the training includes some good info but it isn’t designed for the newbies. Moreover, you need a good budget to test your campaigns and make money. There is also a risk involved in paid methods, and that’s why it isn’t a newbie’s friendly system.

Rating: 30/100

Verdict: No

What is The CB Cash Code?

The CB or ClickBank Cash Code is a guide from George Patteson about making money from affiliate marketing. The sales page is full of hypes and claims that can attract newbies very quickly.

The platform he uses in his training is ClickBank while the traffic method which is recommended by him is paid advertising.

The course comprises of 4 e-books in PDF format. These are no video tutorials you can find in the member’s area.

These pdf are;

  • CB Cash Code (main guide)
  • ClickBank Cash Pro
  • ClickBank Book Plus
  • ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

If you are in this industry, you know that this isn’t a new method to earn money. You can find all that info on the web for free. 

What is Included in the Members Area?

As discussed above, you will get access to 4 different PDFs and let’s look at each one to find what George has included in these e-books;

1). CB Cash Code

This is their main PDF guide, and it is 41 pages long. It is all about giving you generic information on;

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to get started in Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Marketing advantages and disadvantages
  • Introduction to ClickBank
  • Potential Issues when creating an account
  • Many more….

2). ClickBank Cash Pro

It is a 50 pages long PDF guide and revolves around mostly on traffic methods. Let’s look at the eight chapters that are included in this e-book;

  • Basics of ClickBank traffic sources
  • Secrets of creating power ads
  • Creating your first advertisement
  • Keyword strategy
  • Advanced keyword strategies
  • ClickBank analytics
  • Powerful keywords for sales
  • Backend strategies for sales growth

3). ClickBank Book Plus

This book is 19 pages long, and it includes a guide on Facebook marketing.

The e-book includes six chapters;

  • Leveraging the power of Facebook
  • Making your first Facebook sale
  • Before you get started
  • Zero cost Facebook marketing
  • Linking your products on Facebook
  • Lessons for success

4). ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

It is a 14 pages long e-book, and includes a guide on personal branding. There are four chapters in it;

  • Basics of building a personal brand
  • Defining your target audience
  • Building your personal brand assets
  • Content marketing as a personal brand

That’s it! Do you think after reading those guides you can make $8k per day?

Definitely not!

A lot of generic stuff and you can find that info easily on the web.

I am not saying that the training included in this system is totally out of the box, but my point is it is not something that is claimed in the sales video.

Tired of scams, see my #1 recommended business here!

Pros & Cons:

The Complaints

1. No Video Tutorials

Do you think people would love those PDFs guides after hearing such big claims and paying $37? 

It isn’t 2005 where people are OK with PDFs format guides. 

People would love to see training in video format that shows how to do things step by step.

If you aren’t confident enough to show your face in front of the camera; that’s fair enough. But you can record over the shoulder video tutorials and guide people step by step.

There is no excuse!

2. Direct Linking Not a Good idea

Direct linking is a way in which you send traffic directly to your affiliate link from Google, Bing, Facebook, and other traffic generating platforms.

Though it is an easy way to send traffic to your affiliate links and when people click on those links and buy products, you will get a commission.

But remember this type of method is allowed in 2008 but not now. Even Google had banned millions of affiliates across the world that was using direct linking.

So you cannot think about direct linking if you are running Google ads.

For Bing, they do allow direct linking but with certain conditions. If you go to their terms and conditions page; they are few, and there is a chance you could mix up things, and the last thing you need is to get ban yourself on Bing. 

So, I don’t recommend direct linking with Bing as well unless you are an experienced marketer.

For Facebook, please also don’t think about direct linking as you could get yourself account banned.

Even there is a chance that you could get your ClickBank account banned as there are few products that don’t allow you direct linking.

I know many people are still using direct linking with those platforms using cloaking, but there are a lot of issues with this;

  • It is against all those platforms’ guidelines
  • It cost you an extra few hundred dollars
  • You can easily permanently ban yourself on those platforms

3. Paid Advertising

After paying for the program fee, you don’t expect to make money online the next day.

You need to set up all the things correctly in a sales funnel and then send it traffic from different platforms.

Paid advertising also called PPC advertising, is a great way to get instant results but it requires a good budget as well.

I prefer to start with $100 a day and closely monitor your all campaigns. If you don’t find good campaigns, the cost can add up very quickly and make you bankrupt.

There is always a risk involved in paid advertising, and if you are a newbie, I don’t recommend this method to you.

You should first start with the SEO, and when you learn all those basic stuff and started money using SEO, then also start to invest money in paid methods as well.

4. Not for Newbies Friendly

Though the PDFs include detailed information, but you don’t know where to take a start and then move forward.

Simply writing a PDF isn’t enough for newbies, the important thing is to show them step by step and how to move forward.

That’s why I am also emphasizing more on video tutorials. If you look at the PDFs, they are arranged in the form of chapters.

You will get the info what ClickBank is, how to find keywords, how to pick products, how to budget your campaigns; but as a newbie, you don’t find where to take the start.

5. Sales Page Totally Unrealistic

The sales page pitch is totally unrealistic and full of false claims just to lure the newbies to buy their products as much as possible.

If making money online is that much easy so why more than 90% failed in this industry.

Everything takes time and builds a business step by step. There are no shortcut and turnkey systems out there. You need to invest money and time to see results.

This demands years of practice to reach a full-time income level.

I am not saying that you cannot make $8k per day, but that is too far away. You should first make your 1st dollar online, then $100 per month, $1000 per month and so on.

Though every ClickBank product comes up with a 60 days money back guarantee and you can refund those crappy products, but the issue is most of the people are lazy and even they started to look at the product after 60 days.

Moreover, you cannot refund every item on ClickBank as you will be flagged as someone who is abusing their system.

So, such vendors make use of this scenario and play with the emotions of the beginners.

6. Fake Testimonials

How bad is it for someone who cheats and gets caught?

The same thing happened for George Patterson. I am not just saying in the air, but I will provide you the truth about this claim.

Let’s look at the testimonials included in the sales video, there is a lady who is claiming about success after using this system, but if you go to Fiverr, these people are selling those testimonials for $5.

Her testimonial in sales video;

Her gig in Fiverr where she is selling testimonials;

Let’s look at another testimonial given by a guy.

See how he is selling his services on Fiverr;

So, if the system has so much potential that it can earn newbies $8,000 a day; why George need to use fake testimonials for his site.

He could easily ask his students to show their account and give a live demo about how they did.

7. Hidden Identity

It was shown in the sales video that George Patterson is the person behind this project. But how can we believe this as there isn’t be a single video or picture about him in the member’s area?

I personally, don’t like those products which have hidden owners and also don’t recommend those products to others.

In the absence of any information, we have the right to say that George Patterson may be a fake person.

This isn’t the first product with this issue. I have also reviewed many other similar products in the past as well, mostly in the revenue sharing industry.

Maybe I am wrong, but we will wait until George shown him up.

Is The CB Cash Code A Scam?

I don’t say it is a scam, but not legitimate either. 

Though the training included in the system is around the legit business model and includes some good information but the system has tow signs of a scam product, i.e.;

  • Fake testimonials
  • Unrealistic claims

However, as it is a ClickBank product you have the option to get a refund within 60 days.

But the issues is if you are regular purchaser of CB products, then most of them are pure crap, and you cannot refund again as again as you will get flagged.

Being an experienced digital marketer, I know exactly what to look for in a product when it comes to making money online.

I know all those methods and already Implemented in the past, but it isn’t for newbies. Systems like The CB Cash Code make unrealistic promises, but they simply don’t deliver their promises.

Those systems are created for two types of people;

  • The creators who make money when people buy
  • Unethical affiliates who promote such systems and earn commission

This is where newcomers stuck in the industry, and they are promoted with scammy products all the times from unethical marketers.

Want to Earn a Full-time Income From Home?

Final Verdict:

You may be thinking about what else we do to avoid those scams and start making money from home.

Honestly, there are numerous products out there that are helping people in achieving financial independence, and I will also share my personal preference as well.

I recommend you to join Wealthy affiliate and start making money via affiliate marketing.

It will not only guide you how to start making money with ClickBank, but you can also use it for other platforms like Amazon, Shareasale, Commission Junction and many more.

Along with it, you will also learn secrets to paid advertising and how to use email marketing to increase your earnings.

If you want to become rich overnight, this system isn’t for you. Rather it is for people;

  • Who are newbies and tired of scams
  • Believes in hard work
  • Looking for full-time income from home

I cannot tell you the time frame, but if you start it today, then you would build your business step by step, and within a year it will be grown up to a solid platform.

It all depends on your niche and the effort you put in. Some people reach their desired goals too early while others have to wait for more than one year.

What’s your thoughts on my The CB Cash Code review 2021 and if there is any question in your mind, please ask me in the comment section.