The Buxvertise Scam Review – Does it Work for you?

Program Name: Buxvertise
Program Price: Free + Upgrades
Website Address:
Owners Name: Drew and Jesse
Rating: 55 out of 100

Buxvertise Scam Review – Introduction:

Buxvertise was launched by Drew and Jesse back in April, 2014. He is currently running another program whose name is Traffic return, which is online since 2012. Buxvertise has over 200,000 members and it has paid over $350,000 to its members.

It is basically a PTC site in which you earn money by viewing ads. There are other streams of income as well which you can also utilize to boost your income. Buxvertise is very similar to other popular sites in the industry including BuxP, NorthClicks, InnoCurrent, and JillsClickCorner.

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How can you Make Money with Buxvertise?

There are different methods you can use to earn money. I am discussing here one by one:

View Ads: When you click on view ads you can see that there are different types of ads available 2015-08-04_11-55-44like fixed, macro, mini and standard. All you have to do click on those available ads and you have to view it for few seconds. When you view it then the money will be credited to your account. Most of the ads you can see are those that will pay you $0.001 and some ads pay you more than that.

Daily Raffle: If you daily click 15 fixed ads then your name is enter in The Daily Raffle contest. The more entries you have, more your chances will be to win.

Every Winners will be disclosed daily after server reset and same winner are allowed to win once in 20 days. Your earnings depends on your membership level.

  • Free Members: 2000 Points = $1
  • Buxer Members: 1500 Points = $1
  • Eternity Members: 1000 Points = $1

Wheel of Bux: Another good way to earn is through Wheel of bux. You can spin once in each day and earn different prizes and points. You can easily convert your points into cash. You can earn some money if you regularly try this. You can earn $5 if you are very lucky.

Wheel of Bux

Bux Grid: You can click anywhere on grid and earn different amounts. Most of times you will earn $0.01 and if you are very lucky you can earn up to $3. You have also limited number of attempts.

Refer Members: This is the most important part of any PTC site. If you wanted to earn something good then you have to make direct referrals regularly. Once you have hundreds of active referrals then you are earning good otherwise it is impossible.

You will earn differently depending upon your membership level from you referrals. It ranges between 50% to 200%. You will also get 2% commissions as free member and 5% commission as upgrade member from the purchases of your referrals. Members also receive 2$ for referring members who upgrade.

Other Methods: There are other methods you can use to earn money like completing offers, peanut labs, super rewards etc.

There is another simple method you can use to earn points by sharing your payment proofs in the other websites. Just share your payment screenshots in other websites website and inform Buxvertise about this. After approval you will be rewarded 10 points. You can later easily convert these points into cash.

Membership Levels:

There are three types of membership levels:

Free: Everyone can join as a free member. As a free member there are certain limitations with your account like

  • You can refer only 200 people.
  • 100% of click value.
  • 50% per referral click.
  • Earn commission 2% from referral purchases.
  • 200 Rented referrals.


  • 150% of click value.
  • 100% per referral click
  • 500 direct referrals.
  • 1000 rented referrals.
  • Price: $5 per month.


  • 200% of click value.
  • 200% per referral click
  • 5000 direct referrals.
  • 5000 rented referrals.
  • Price: $35 per month.

 Buxvertise Membership Levels

Buxvertise Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Everyone can join buxvertise as a free member.
  2. Multiple streams of income for members.
  3. Good trusted admin as all his old programs are still running.
  4. PayPal account was created in 2009 and he use this account with Traffic Return as well. Most people knew that PayPal has lot of issues with the PTC sites in the past.


  1. It is still a new site so I cannot trust this site more unless it completed its 2 to 3 years. I don’t recommend anyone to invest because there is chance that you end up losing.
  2. Very low earning potential (yet greater than some other PTC sites). You cannot earn just by clicking yourself. In order to earn good you need to make referrals. Which is not an easy task and you can do so easily if you have your own good site. If you cannot create your cannot create your own site then join the best online platform which teach you everything.
  3. There is also problems in rental referrals in PTC sites which initially clicks well but with the passage of time they became inactive. Same is the caser with this site. Though some people believe that its RR are better than some of others but still I believe that it is a risky investment.
  4. You are very lucky if you can some money with bux grid. Lot of the time you will not earn anything and at the end you feel that you are wasting your time.
  5. Some of other sources of income like offers, Superrewards, Peanutlabs etc can threaten your account because if you will not complete it then there is a chance your disqualify. They may also demand your credit card information which can be very risky for you.
  6. If you are an advertiser then there are different types of ads available but generally PTC traffic is not quality traffic to promote your site.

Is Buxvertise a Scam or Legit? Conclusion:

Overall if we just see in PTC industry then it is looking promising site. They have added multiple streams of income for their members and trusted admin. My recommendation is if you want to join then join as a free member. I will not recommend this site to make investment because:

  • Still it is a new site. It has to prove more.
  • Rental referrals are very risky strategy. About 5% people are making money with this strategy.
  • There are better platforms available which are very trusted and legal. So why you spend your time and money here.

Final Verdict:

⇒ Not Recommended for Investment ⇐

If you really wanted to make money online and build your business then see my #1 recommendation here.

If you have any question please do comment i am more than happy to help you. Also share your experience with the buxvertise in the comment section so that other people also benefits from your experience.

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