The Blogging Guru Blueprint Review – Legit or Scam? (2021)

Welcome to my The Blogging Guru Blueprint Review 2021!

The “blogging guru” title struck you in a special way and got you wanting to know more and if it is safe to buy into it and see if you can make a substantial amount of income off of it, right?

Well, Patrick Chan has made a lot of claims and promises about his program. He says that he can help you turn your desire to blog to a consistent income stream.

He claims that you only need to understand 3 basic concepts and you can make as much money from blogging as you wish. He also says that he will walk you through virtually every step and hurdle to make sure you have started earning, and this has actually become a regular thing for you.

But if you take time and look deeply into the claims, don’t they look like those of other self-claimed gurus who ended up ripping people off? The claims are almost convincing enough to want to get help with blogging from Chan right away. Right?

I will be showing you in my blogging guru review if Chan really walks his talk and if he does help folks make it work. By the time you are getting to the end, you will know if he is reliable.

So, here we go guys.

Product Name: The Blogging Guru BlueprintPatric Chan Blogging Guru Review
Website Address:
Owner: Patric Chan
Price: $47 plus a few (optional) upsells
Rankings: 75 out of 100

Blogging Guru Review – Introduction:

I don’t know about you, but I have seen the word “guru” used in so many places that it has actually lost its meaning. Thousands of scams have used it in the name of the best and most reputable figures in the actual industry they try to steal people from.

It has also been used by self-crowned experts who have created half-baked programs, some of which have had to be banned and closed down by authorities. See where I’m going with this? Just by seeing the word “expert” or “guru” used anywhere on the web doesn’t mean that the particular person is indeed an expert.

These are just brands people who create these systems tend to use to create awareness and slyly want to get immediate trust through.

More often than not, most newbies who step foot in the online marketing arena for the first time would be intrigued by the title and be inclined to trust the company from the get-go, which is what these companies want.

But you have to do your due diligence on them before you get any serious with whichever captures your attention the most.

Because I have seen many people fall victim to them, I decided to review this system to help you see what you are truly getting and see if it is something you seriously want to use.

What is The Blogging Guru Blueprint?

This is a system that aims to teach you how to set up a blog from zero to making a monthly income from it, through various techniques known to convert well on the web.

You will be taken a right from setting up your blog to creating content, to getting traffic for your blog and then, you will be shown the many ways you can monetize the traffic you will be getting daily.

I have to agree that the system uses some of the paying strategies out there and teaches very well how to get each one of them to work awesome for you. Although it is something worth taking a peek at, I wasn’t quite impressed with the layout and strategic planning of it.

The quality is great but the means of accessing the quality is a bit tedious and space consuming.

The main face working behind the training and videos is Patrick Chan. This is definitely not a strange face in thePatric Chan online marketing industry. He has made quite some “make money online” programs, some have done well, but others, not quite interesting.

A few of those other systems include WakeUp Millionaire, CB Passive Income and he was also a co-author of Robert G. Allen’s book, Clicking Cash With New York Times.

Yes, the same Robert who was the best-selling author. He has also appeared in many conferences besides great companies like IBM and Google, to mention a few. Moreover, he has been invited to talk in 12 different countries on different issues related to internet marketing. So this is someone you can surely trust.

How Does it Work?

Here, you will be taught to set the foundation of your blog, grow and then scale it. And to do this, you will be using 3 main steps with each step containing a huge amount of work to help with a certain aspect of the business.

I would want us to take a deep look into the 3 steps to help you best understand what you are looking forward to.

1. Setting up the Blog and Sharing Quality Content

This is where you make your initial start. You are going to learn how to create a website on WordPress, how to choose your theme and domain name, and then install it. From there, you will learn how to prepare it for the work that is coming up.

You will then get it hosted in one of the cheap but trusted hosting plans. Afterward, you will start knowing how to get good keywords, learn how to get your blog optimized for search engines to take it up and start ranking your posts.

A few other things you will also comprehend include beautifying your site’s look and make sure the user experience is great for easy navigation. There is so much information in this step that can’t be listed in its entirety. But you will surely learn lots, especially if you are a total newbie.

2. Driving Traffic to Your Blog

This is where things start to get real, you have done all the work in the back end of your website, and now you start seeing good results. This is in the form of organic traffic from most search engines like Google.

You will also learn how to make the most from any form of traffic in the best way possible to make sure you are not leaving any loose ends.

Here, you will be learning how to get a mailing list for your blog, how to create an autoresponder, getting lots is subscribers for your products and social platforms, how to keep them interested, top tactics to send emails that are catchy and will guarantee a high rate of clicks and read.

The stuff you learn here is huge, and the aspects can’t be listed completely. But do remember that you will get a total of 48 video walkthroughs in here.

3. Monetize Your Traffic With Other People’s Products

This is where the magic happens. Now you have a blog in place that is coming along very well; you also have a good deal of traffic streaming in the blog, quality traffic that is well targeted.

With this traffic, you can now do anything to make money, and this is what you are taught in detail. You are shown how to make it work with affiliate marketing, local marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing and so much more.

You will get taught how to approach each of them wisely to make sure you are doing the right thing and making the most of each step. If you are serious with this and see exactly what value you are getting here, you can amplify the strategies and make good monthly income, and possibly supersede what you have wished for.

But you have to be careful with the resources you are getting here. Don’t worry it’s nothing to do with the quality, but the way they are presented. You will have to download all the resources, the videos, and PDF so that you can go through the training.

You have more than 150 videos in training, and if you don’t have a strong internet connection, you might have many problems accessing them. But if you are really determined to make it work for you, this shouldn’t really be a thing to worry about.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, I believe you are seeing the amount of valuable teaching and walkthroughs you are being given by Patrick. And the fun doesn’t stop there. He wants to make it more interesting for you. He has included a number of bonuses you will receive alongside the training if you decide to take the plunge. And these bonuses are:

He has included a number of bonuses you will receive alongside the training if you decide to take the plunge. And these bonuses are:

• The Blogging Guru Plugin App – This helps to make the optimization tasks of your blog a walk in the park. It works very well with the blog and will do most of the daunting tasks for you.

You will only need to install it and follow the instructions to get it set up and from there, things will super easy for you. It will get rid of the junk stuff that comes with every new WordPress blog, it will also set up the meta information for you, install the essential plugins you will be needing, create terms of use and privacy policy, handle all the promotions, call to action buttons and even geotagging.

• The Blogging Guru Locker App – This is a software that will help you skyrocket your ability to make huge amounts of commissions. What it simply does is to help you lock your content and people who visit your website have to join or subscribe to something you want them to before they can access it.

And to does the same for YouTube videos. You can get a YouTube, whether it’s yours or not, lock it and even include links to it to make it personal and have people take the immediate action you want them to when you want them to. This is epic! (If you make the best of it)

• The Commission Miner Course – This shows you how you make commissions a daily thing for you by offering your visitors bonuses for products you are selling. It has been used by the most successful marketers and has worked like magic over the years.

You will learn how to make this tick, and tick the proper way. Other things you will get to know are overlaying bonuses in the merchants’ site, (they say it’s not hacking, but I’m not sure how true that is), 4 tips to get your commission generation process soaring, and much more.

Who is it For?

This program is great for those people who have had the desire to make money online but haven’t gotten a strategy that really works perfectly with tons of insights into various approaches that are simple yet make the biggest differences.

Whether you just know how to use a computer or have been in the industry for years, there is something new to learn which is going to make a huge impact on your business.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This is one of the few genuine digital products on Clickbank I know of. Most of the others are just mere blatant scams after your money.

• You are getting strategies that have been working for more than a decade and still are, to date. And the best part, you get the complete blueprint for each.

• Patrick is a rather popular internet marketer who has gained some reputation over the years through this online marketing industry. So you are being taught by someone who has seen the fruits of the strategies.

• You understand all the ways you can drive traffic to your blog; you are not limited to just one. This means you have unlimited potential regarding traffic if you are sure to implement them.

• Patrick did spend quite some time to create this training. There are detailed training in each step and no half-baked resource. He gave his all in it, without withholding anything.

• The price of the system is really worth the quality you are getting in return. The bonuses and the training are a good indicator of that.

• It is great for everyone, no matter what level of marketing you are at. There are many things that ant marketer would want to learn more about, and this is the best place I can point to.

The Cons

• The support system is very limited. You only get an email to use to get in touch with the customer service team.

• Many downloads need to be done to receive the kind of value offered there, the whole of it. And this may be tiresome and boring if you are doing it on a daily basis.

• Though of good quality, the content has not been systematically arranged for quick and easy reference. You will have to struggle to get to a specific resource.

• Can be overwhelming if you use all the marketing strategies all at once.

Final Verdict:

Well, the system is great. You get so many strategies and how to work all of them out to the end until you start seeing commissions sneaking in on you. You will only have to choose the tactic you feel you are comfortable with and get to work with it.

What I fell in love with about the blogging guru blueprint were the auto responders you will be taught to make and the plugin as well. These things lift most of the hard work off your shoulders.

And remember, there is also a 60 days money back guarantee for this program! It comes with a full refund policy, which means you can get to work with it and see how it goes for you, and if in 2 months you are not happy with the way you are seeing things going for you, you can ask for your money back and get it easily.

Final Verdict – Legit
Product Name: The Blogging Guru Blueprint
Website Address:
Owner: Patric Chan
Price: $47 plus a few (optional) upsells
Rankings: 75 out of 100

By any chance have you tested out this program? What can you say about the tactics, the value of the training and the overall experience? Is this a system you can recommend your friend use? If you have never used it, do you think it’s worth trying? Please tell us what your opinion on it are. Leave them below.

Want a similar program but with higher success rates? To me, support is important. Do you want a program with unlimited support? Want a program with more tools and resources than the blogging guru blueprint? Want a systematic approach of this venture, with well planned daily tasks? Then take a look at my #1 recommendation.

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