The Asigo System Review – Scam or Legit? (2021)

Chris Munch is a person behind this Asigo System and it is expected to be launched in 28th July 2020. It is considered to be one of the biggest launches of the year. Therefore the owner has set a remarkable high prizes for this launch. 

There isn’t a lot of information available about this product at the time of writing this review but whatever is available I will cover in this post. 

Who is Chris Munch?

Chris Munch is not a new in this industry. He is an experienced entrepreneur having a lot of experience in launching different products over the period. Some of these products are:

  • Press Traffic
  • Vidbullet
  • 100k Shoutout
  • Loveclaw

Over the past few years, Munch has been featured on world’s top sites like; BBC, FoxSports, Mashable, Wired, Ghizmodo and many more. 

Apart from Chris Munch there is another popular marketer known as Jay Cruiz who is working with Chris to impart his experience with the newbies.

Both of them have exposed the new way of selling high-ticket affiliate products / services and thus allow people to enjoy overwhelming success.

What is The Asigo System?

You consider The Asigo System program an automated system for selling eServices. The software has been designed in such a way to allow new marketers to create a 5 to 6 figure business by selling high-ticket eServices at a maximum margin. 

The margin may go up to 80% to 90% which you may haven’t heard before. 

It empowers users to build and grow the business of their dreams and meanwhile helping other local businesses scale and grow.

Some of those high ticket items can generate above $5,500 per month recurring commission for each sale you make. This is the power of Asigo system.

You will be provided best strategies and tools that you require to promote and sell those eServices to your targeted audiences and high-ticket buyers.

Buyers of The Asigo System will get a chance to receive access to the; 

  • Asigo software
  • an automated 8-figure funnel
  • lead generation
  • traffic generation tools
  • coaching support 
  • training, and
  • a lot more.

The Asigo platform is easy to navigate through: tech know-how is not necessary.

You get 24/7 basis support, which is a considerable benefit allowing you to effectively adopt this business model and become a successful online business owner.

Pricing and Launch Date:

The launch of the Asigo System is scheduled on 28th July, 2020. Stay up to date with the launch details by visiting Munch Eye.

One thing that caught my attention is its price, i.e., $2997 which I believe is way too high for this product. Also, I’m currently not familiar with the upsells which make this system super pricey.

Final Version:

In short, it is a variant of Dropshipping business model which is more of a plug and play system. Beginners can easily exploit this system for earning quick cash.

But keep remember its pricing structure which is far more high for starters and average marketers. 

Currently, this is the information that we have. For further information, we have to wait until its launch to get in-depth idea about how does this system work.