The Affiliate Challenge Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Business Name: The Affiliate ChallengeThe Affiliate Challenge Review
Website Address:
Owner: Andy Luong and Andy Nguyen
Price: $1 (30 days trial) and then $37 a month
Overall ranking: 75 out of 100

The Affiliate Challenge Scam Review – Introduction:

Affiliate marketing has been around for decades now, and billions of people have been making money as much as a full-time income with it or more. The strategies it uses are fairly easy and straightforward to work with, yet they still bring in great profit.

In the effort to share with the world the deep secrets behind successful affiliate marketing, many affiliate marketers have attempted to bring into existence countless programs and training, many of which don’t really serve their exact intended purpose. Others have done pretty well and have helped thousands of people reel into online marketing and make a good deal of money.

And among these two categories, where does the affiliate challenge program lie? Is it the program that overwhelms people with too much junk that people fall out of a passion for it, or it is the kind that really has the people’s concerns and worries at heart and are doing their ultimate best to address everything in the best way possible?

This affiliate challenge review is dedicated to giving you a deep look into this program and get to help you know whether it’s really worth the shot or not if it’s just a cheat or a worthwhile opportunity.

So without any more delays, let’s get into things here…

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What is The Affiliate Challenge?

This is an affiliate marketing training program combined with list building created by the two renown marketers, Andy Luong, and Andy Nguyen, who have been taking it for a couple of years now. These two experts have gotten to understand the affiliate world inside out and have made up their own proven to work strategy that has been paying them off over the years.

Launched in April 2016, this product has promised both the affiliate rookie as well as the advanced affiliate marketer to power up his skills and get the notion of the whole affiliate marketing thing.

It starts with a 30 days trial with the lowest price ever, to give the internet marketing aspirant a good base of knowledge of the program and help them decide on whether the affiliate challenge website is the one product that he or she was looking for all this while and whether it’s the best fit for his desires.

It gives a step by step walk-through of how to start into this marketing perspective, from the idea to the launch and far much beyond that. Also, there are other subcategories of affiliate marketing addressed to help the well-advanced marketers who don’t want to do marketing the “usual affiliate marketing way” still make the most of the site.

How Does it Work?

Different provisions and features allow you to make some good figures every month in this product. So depending on your taste and liking, you will want to work on what interests you the most. You get a trial of the program at a whooping $1 for 28 days and then if you deem it fit to work with, you will be required to be paying $37 each month to access it. Some of the best-featured training they offer you are:

• The super affiliate academy
• Lifetime case studies vault
• The affiliate challenge
• Intensive product launch academy

You can choose from the above and work with any of the training with full assurance of earning money if you put into practice exactly what they teach.

Who is it Meant For?

The affiliate challenge is simply meant for anyone who has got a knack for online marketing and is at any level regarding experience, and that is the newbie level, intermediate or even the advanced.

What happens is that in affiliate marketing, you can never stop learning as there is so much to know to get ahead in the game. So Andy spells out all the different angles from which you can approach this technique to make more money regularly.

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What is Included in the Product?

Affiliate challenge comes in handy for every goal oriented person who wants to have accomplished something in a short time. There are lots of courses to suit everyone’s needs and expectations going by the diversity of the online market.


And to expand more on that here is what the two Andy’s include in the courses:

• Affiliate Challenge Access – This is where you get access to the step by step instructions on how to get your new affiliate marketing business up and running. Through videos, you are taken through the whole of the aspect of affiliate marketing, choosing your niche, getting affiliate programs that work best for your niche and all that. This is “the thing” for starters.

It is a 28 days course an includes all important stuff of affiliate marketing and list building. Let’s see some of days an its course:

Day 1: Introduction to affiliate marketing
Day 2: Picking your niche
Day 3: How to look for affiliate products to promote?
Day 4: Criteria to finding a wining product
Day 5: What is list building and why you must build one?

and so on…..

• Lifetime Case Study Vault – This is where you are shown some specific campaigns and projects worked on and how they made the hard work become successful. You are taken through various affiliate programs and how they turned out after invoking a little effort into it. There is a video that shows how Andy made $10,000 from Clickbank products and $985 from various affiliate promotions and much more. You can check them out yourself.


• Blogging Program access – Here you are given the whole gist of blogging. You will learn about content creation, content curation, how to get your website index, ranked in Google, which carries 95%of all traffic and streaming the same traffic into your website. The idea here is that you create a blog based on the niche you like most and then you are taught how to make money from it.

• Intensive Product Launch Academy Access – This works best for people who have or are still creating their own products and want them sold. If you happen to be one of them, you’ll get taught by Andy how you will create a good impression for your products on your prospective buyers and then have the buyers gain interest in them. From there, they’ll show you how to convert the buyers into customers.

The Bonuses:

There are some extra enhancements done on this website to help you get an even better experience. These extra features are what make the whole course stand out from the many other same programs in the market. And they are:

1. Nicheology – When you click on this, you will be taken to a place where you will be given the most fundamental 2016-05-25_22-34-57concepts of building a niche site. Ranking the site fast and having the site promote other products in your niche will help you gain authority fast and thus increase the level of income you will be getting from that site.

2. Viral Business in a Box – The basic concept behind email marketing is building up a huge mailing list. The money is usually in the ‘box’, and this module will help you know and get deep insight into building the box and having an immense amount of traffic on your site and then make more conversions and boost your sales. This is something that will pay you off for many years to come if you understand how well to work it out.

3. Strategy Call With Andy Luong – This is a great way of contacting Andy, one of the owners and getting a good direction on how to go about your business based on what you have in light to time, money and effort. If you want to work with a low budget, he will show how to optimize the free ways to get traffic and boost your conversions, but if you want high budget, Andy will help you leverage the paid methods of traffic boosts to make even more revenue.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The 30 to 40 minutes long videos are so informative and detailed. They show clearly from one step to the other, how to undertake a certain task in the best way without leaving any loose ends. What they work with is perfection, which most certainly is what has been rewarding to many marketers up to date.

• Their strategy call system where you get to talk to one of the co-owners of the program over the phone and get a well laid out strategy you can work with using what you have, is kind of phenomenal, keeping in mind how busy they usually are in keeping the whole program on the right drive.

• Their Facebook group is very empowering, and the answers to questions posed by members and aspirants are usually dealt with quickly which shows a lot of commitment by the owners. Most programs out there don’t seem to bother with helping people out there to understand how to take on affiliate marketing.

• The way they have addressed the main beneficial angles you can approach affiliate marketing from is well covered, showing you exactly how to sell other people’s products as well as your own. They mind all people with various needs. This is quite encouraging.

• Their product is reasonably priced. Unlike another website who have their eyes on the members’ money, this program gives the member the best deal, in trying the product out (at only $1) and in the membership fees ($37a month). Their low rates cover all people who are interested from all walks of life.

• Their earning while learning method is wonderful as they help one learn to form the market itself. Learning while applying is perhaps the best way to approach this marketing technique as it gives hands-on experience and also helps people build enough confidence to face any niche.

The Cons

• Getting to contact Andy might sometimes be difficult as many people are trying to get advice from the same person. And keeping in mind the fact that the members are quite a number, it can long to really have him on your line.

Final Verdict:

With all that we have seen can we crown the program as the affiliate challenge scam? I guess not. This product is nothing short of legit. The owners have put in the effort to help to the best of their abilities, to give the young upcoming marketers get a good foundation for their businesses and boost their efficiency as well as increase the figures in their paychecks.

If you are thinking of trying out this product, you can go ahead with all the confidence you possibly have because if you don’t get satisfied by it even after having invested your $1, you can get back the money as they offer a 28 money back guarantee.

So considering all these brilliant features, the effort, the sincerity and the freedom in this product, I can officially declare this program legit! It is entirely worth the money and the time you are thinking of investing into it.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: The Affiliate Challenge
Overall ranking: 75 out of 100
Owner: Andy Luong and Andy Nguyen
Price: $1 (30 days trial) and then $37 a month

Have you any questions about the Affiliate Challenge program? Shoot them below. I would love to hear from you and rest assured that I will get back to you in a few. Cheers!

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