The 12 Month Internet Millionaire Review – Legit or Scam?

The 12 Month Internet Millionaire Review – Legit or Scam?

Business Name: 12 Month Internet Millionaire
Website Address:
Price: $27 + Upsells
Owner: Russell Brunson
Overall Rating: 60 out of 100


On October 9, 2007 Russell Brunson launched the 12 Month Internet Millionaire, in which he reveals the strategies of how Vincent James made over 100 Million Dollars in just twenty three months by selling different products. This interview is 6 hours long and it has showed many marketing techniques that can be applied in practical world in order to gain success.

When the product launched this product became one of the top product in Clickbank and its sales skyrocketed. Russell Brunson is also an expert internet marketer. This course in available in both video and PDF form and you can easily download. 

What is Inside the Product?

In this interview James claims that has earned over $100,000,000 by just selling $60 product and all this is done in 23 months and without having a website. Understanding the customer mind is very important because your main task is to think by letting yourself in the place of customers and think from their perspective and James has showed this how he used this in order to boost sales.

James also discussed various issues that why customers didn’t buy online and how to overcome this issue. Moreover how he used online and offline techniques to boost its revenue without creating or producing his own products.

Pros vs. Cons:


  • Good information on how a person became successful and gives you motivation to work harder. There are different strategies you can learn and implement those in order to gain success online.
  • There are one more thing which is very interesting that he will show you that how he $48 million dollars in one night and tips for you to avoid such things.
  • You will also learn how he started his business from simple basement and convert this into one of biggest companies sin the world.
  • You will also acquire the resale rights of this course.


  • It is not a training that guides you to become a millionaire rather it is a video that tells you how he became successful and it is not necessary that what has happened to James will also be happened to you. Success is very cumulative in nature and it require lot of hard work and it is very rare you became millionaire within such short period. May be this success is specifics to James. But don’t lose heart and all you and I need to work hard.
  • Another bad thing about this video is that James was involved in lot of illegal business and every ethical person cannot do things like that James done and it is up to you whether you just take this as an information or something else.
  • The product is very pricy and it didn’t give you any training but motivation. After viewing the video then you cannot implement strategies that James told you. But you have to invest further in order to implement his strategies.
  • There are different up-sells in the system in the form of Vincent James different books that are very costly.

Who is This Product for?

If you are newbie then it is more advanced than you but if you are advanced internet marketer then you can purchase this product and check how other people became successful.

After listening to complete interview advanced marketers can generate new marketing ideas which can make a huge influence to their online business when applied.

Price & Up-sells:

This product will cost you around $27 one time.


12 Month Internet Millionaire PDF book will cost you around $300 and in order to get the license you will have to pay $797. If you want both then a discount price of $597 will be offered.


In a nutshell, 12 Month Internet Millionaire is a good product to get the motivation from successful internet marketer. If you are an advanced professional and have some extra bucks then this product is worth investment.

Remember you will not be able to make money online after listening to this material. But, it is guideline for you can replicate these strategies in real world to see what will happen to you. I have seen lot of people claiming that this product has made certain improvements in the results. I also believe that if you apply the marketing methods and systems that he explains, and incorporate them into your own business efforts, it should make a difference.

If you are a beginner then this product is not for you and in order to start your business then I would suggest that you read my #1 recommended product that I have reviewed. You don’t need any experience and with the passage of time you will become an advanced online marketer.



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